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  1. @Nordique I really love these. I definitely think it'd be nice to add more edible or medicinal plants or fungi, or better yet, more uses for existing flora in the game. Some more examples could be: Bryoria or horsehair lichen could also be used to create primitive bandages, as an alternative to nonrenewable cloth ones. Using cattail down to insulate clothing like socks, increasing there warmth rating. Would add more usefulness to cattail heads after fire starting level 3. Rock tripe (Umbilicaria). A famine food found throughout North America when boiled. Was notably eaten
  2. @ManicManiac Could make it so scrap metal can be harvested from recycled cans.
  3. I always try to be Jeremiah Johnson in game so why not take it further. A DLC setting for survival mode based on the 1800's mountain men. Instead of crashed pilots we could be lost fur trappers, starting with only a knife and some ragged buckskin clothes. It could completely redesign of most of the existing maps, removing of course much of the buildings and the roads/railways and reverting them to full forests, making them familiar but with new features. There could still be abandoned cabins or trading posts, maybe Native American villages to be found giving some subtle backstory to the early
  4. I like the 5th and 7th ideas; water freezing and making guidelines for blizzards. Water freezing sounds interesting but I like to imagine the player's water doesn't freeze because he/she are using arctic canteens, like this one: Carried water could freeze based on the player's warmth rating. Maybe the arctic canteen could be an special item found at places like the ranger station in BR or the signal hill in PV, that keeps some of the player's water from freezing. The idea for making guidelines incase of blizzards or heavy fog sounds good, however I doubt many players would ta
  5. I gotcha. I also don’t really use the spray paint either in my runs, mainly I try to memorize locations or use notes. I believe rock caches show up on the map automatically as a map icon (I might be wrong). Spray paint icons also show up on the map, except some don’t show during low visibility conditions which doesn’t make sense and should be addressed imo. Personally, I like the current UI setup, although I would like to see journal a little bit more streamlined to be easier to navigate.
  6. There's a notes section under the journal menu. Also with the added spray paint you can spray paint different symbols on things that show up as markers on your map.
  7. Alcohol actually further complicates 33% to 73% of hypothermia cases, and is the dominant cause of death in urban cases of hypothermia. Alcohol causes vasodilation (the widening of blood vessels) of blood vessels near the skin, which gives the feeling of warmth, but if actually causes heat to be lost, and also negatively effects the body's natural responses to cold, such as shivering. So being drunk in cold is a terrible idea irl.
  8. @ManicManiacI sincerely apologize if I insulted you, it wasn't my intention. I was trying to make an analogy to our contrast in viewpoints. My mistake. That's fair. I also don't want the game to become Green Hell. Two very different games from what I understand (haven't played Green Hell yet, I hear that the nutrition system in it has definite downsides that need to be addressed). I agree with @Mroz4kthat any changes to gameplay should be thoroughly tested before implementation, which is the current model Hinterland has been using for adding new content. I'm not suggesting Hinterland
  9. I mostly disagree. I see the concern in the game potentially becoming an overcomplicated mess with the addition of new mechanics and I do believe the simplicity on which the current mechanics are based on is part of the appeal of the game, however I also believe that in order for TLD to compete against other or future games in the genre, it must continually evolve it's mechanics or add new features to keep players playing. I don't believe that the OP's suggestions or my suggestions for changes to the hunger/calorie system would turn the game into a dreaded "nutrition simulator," I think those
  10. I really like all of these, in particular the true lumberjack perks. I really think TLD needs heavier starvation penalties and could benefit from some sort of nutrition system as well. The only question I have is will this body type system replace the existing Well Fed buff? I think this system would work great as visual cues for the player seen in the clothing/affliction menu. "Natural weight" being the vanilla look of the survivor. "Malnourished" the survivor looks more gaunt; face holloed in a little, ribs showing. "True lumberjack" the survivor is jacked from those gains.
  11. A simple solution would be to make the pine bough beds something we could craft and then place in one location. Shittier than an actual bedroll or snow shelter, but at least you can rest in a cave if you have nothing. The game already has bough beds placed in some caves so I don't imagine it being too much of a stretch for them to make it a crafting item. It's something I can only see effecting new players starting a interloper run though.
  12. Yeah, definitely poor planning on my part. I didn't have enough firewood or birch bark tea, or energy consumables though, nor anything to build a snow shelter. I was climbing ropes down the summit and I had to escape a bear attack by climbing back up, by then I was too fatigued to move so I decided to sleep a couple hours. Then the blizzard came and wrecked my shit lol. But in this game you die and learn.
  13. It'd definitely be convenient if you fall through ice or if you sleeping on a ledge on the Timberwolf mountain summit while, unbeknownst to you, a freak blizzard rolled in while asleep leaving you to find all your clothes frozen solid and your bearskin bedroll ruined, only to fade into the long dark before you can even strip off your boots and coat. Yeah I'm still feeling that last run
  14. I thought of some ways it could work, so here's a better explanation. Starvation could become an affliction after 3 days of being ravenous or starving, that could cause your fatigue and freezing rate to be possibly doubled. You could cure it by bringing and keeping your calorie intake up to mean your calorie expenditure. This should penalize the famous starvation exploit. A nutrition system could expand on the Well Fed buff. The Different foods could have different nutrition stats along with the current calorie counts showing fats and proteins, both have their plus and minuses, and
  15. Starvation would cause you to become colder, as you're loosing fat insulation. You could lose a degree in temperature as you starve (not sure if that's the case irl). Fat could become an important mechanic, as it is in real life for people living in arctic conditions. Different foods could show how much fat or protein is in them along calories, allowing players to better balance their diet. More fat providing the aforementioned insulation, while more protein providing less fatigue. Too much of each having their own negative effects.