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  1. I agree somewhat. I might also add that I think the rabbit skin hat should also have a higher warmth rating.
  2. A sled or travois has been something requested a thousand times before, it’s just something I’m not for. With the new technical pack, the moose hide satchel, and maintaining the well fed buff, you can carry up to 99lbs of gear, which I feel is plenty of equipment for traveling region to region. Adding a sled or anything else to increase carry weight beyond what’s already in game would take away from the need for weight management. It’d even be difficult to travel with as it would slow you down and you can’t have it equipped while climbing ropes or whatever. Also unless it’s a equ
  3. Rock tripe (Umbillicaria) is edible and has been used throughout history as a famine food when boiled.
  4. Something I've been hoping for is for cattail heads to be used in crafting, mainly as added insulation. Maybe the down could be used to modify socks to increase there warmth rating. Cattail down could be something required for the bearskin bedroll, instead of cloth.
  5. That's actually a very good idea
  6. I agree. I also would like to see the rifle be a more effective long range weapon. Right now range increases with skill level, which I also disagree with somewhat, I think more realistically rifle stability should be affected instead. However, I understand this is most likely the case as it seems the bullet travels based on the center of the screen. I'd also like to see some basic bullet physics to compensate for this longer range, nothing as extreme as say Arma 3, but something like trajectory being affected by wind. I doubt bullet drop would become a serious factor due to the size of the cur
  7. Reminds me of this video My only concern about cougars are them becoming game ruiners or just reskins of wolves. If they just came out of nowhere and attacked the player, it'd piss of alot of people lol. Hence why I think they should give some audible warning (a hiss or a scream) and attack based on line of sight. They would also have a morale system similar to timberwolves. Imagine going through an area like ash canyon at night and you hear this blood-curling scream, then frantically look all around and then finally see just a pair of glowing eyes coming towards you. It then tr
  8. I love the idea of timberwolves moving to different maps over time, presumably in search of prey (aka you).
  9. Could be something to cool to find in a ranger station on maybe a new map or something. Basically I imagine it being a tougher version of the existing knife, that doesn't lose condition as fast. Maybe a bayonet for the Enfield, although I find it unlikely that Canadian Rangers would carry one. It'd function like a spear would and be useful for only wolves or timberwolves, especially if you've run out of ammunition.
  10. I think this is a fundamentally good idea, would help especially with the lack of bandages in the long game. Bandages used for sprains should be fine to reuse after maybe an hour. For and after bleeds though is a different story. Dirty bandages though shouldn't be useable in my opinion, you should have to boil them in potable water first before they could be used, granted with condition lost,. Plus considering all or at least most bleeding injuries in game come with infection risk anyway, a dirty bandage should just cause immediate infection.
  11. Great idea, I like reading conspiracy theories so this would be something right up my alley. I assume you're referencing HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) based in Alaska. It's a popular target for conspiracy theorists who claim the US is trying to weaponize weather. Notably it created the first artificially produced aurora back in 2005. It should also be noted the weather weaponization has been something done by the US military before, notably during Operation Popeye where cloud seeding was used to flood the Ho Chi Minh trail. The military ended HAARP back in 2014 and sin
  12. Hallucinations were an idea I’m sort of open to, regarding the topic of added mental health effects. However I don’t want to see a sanity meter in the game. To me it’s a mechanic I think would detract from my immersion, but I digress. I’d be down for something like auditory hallucinations or simulated tunnel vision for long term starvation, dehydration, or cabin fever. Subtle things like the survivor breathing heavier from anxiety or the growling of the survivor’s stomach sounding more like the growling of wolves. Tunnel vision where the peripheral vision on screen becomes more blurred overtim
  13. @Mroz4k Thanks for commenting, sorry for such an exhaustive list. In all honesty I actually appreciate the bluntness. You made alot of great points so I'll do my best respond to some of them for the sake of furthering discussion. 1) To clarify, I was thinking that maybe being at starving for 24 hours or ravenous for 30 hours would work before starvation risk sets in. I must've missed typing that in the original post. I further go into some of my thinking in a prior response. What I'd really like to see is the system working off the average calories consumed and average calories expended s
  14. Using them as auditory navigation aids during blizzards is cool. I definitely like the idea if recycled cans are used to make them.
  15. I like where your coming from, however I think it’d make the game way too tedious. Despite me usually wanting realism, the way all the clothes just magically fit is just one of the things I chock up to it just being a game. Plus I’d hate it if after searching everywhere for a pair of mukluks only to find a pair too small lol. Also great title.