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So I personally don't search every single vehicle I see because I can't be botherd to do so. Either way I luckily found some pretty rare loot. Not Amazing loot like Expedition parka, but I found a Cowichan sweater in a locked trunk. I think you can find baclava inside a vehicle but I am not sure.


So is it worth it to search every vehicle you see? Because sometimes I can see a car in the far away from me. What is the loot hoarder players opinions?

(Note I was playing Pilgrim when I found the Cowichan sweater)


Also I found a flying bullet when I enterd Crossing Thomas hall. I thought I was being shot XDDD



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The trunk not so much. But there can be good loot in certain cars on the seats. Both chance based and guaranteed per loot table. Matches, rifles, toques, heavy hammers. Candy bars or jerky is also pretty common

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