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  1. Go on the easiest setup under custom but make sure wolf spawns are set to interloper. Learn how to move around twm while sleeping. If anything make multiple trips. Bring full supplies and find a place to drop them that way when you are comfy getting around you can have a spot with backup supplies either on your way up or back down as a pitstop. only carry the bare min when going up. That spot you have as backup there you can grab on the way down. But make sure stuff that you place there is stuff that you dont mind losing or is at the bottom of the list for being needed.
  2. Did you restart your system? Like fully power off and unplug for a few mins to discharge any power left in your computer? How about a system restore to the day of or day before doing the alt f4? is every single process of the long dark stopped via task manager? When you did the uninstall did you do a scan to remove fragments after the uninstall to make sure everything was gone before re-installing the game?
  3. Thanks admin. I always try to change passwords on sites on a regular basis (not all sites on the same time frame) Since i mention this the lock outs have stopped and ive ran scans so maybe i just got unlucky and the problem was my end. Thanks again.
  4. Hello fellow survivors. My current wishlist i have only 1 thing on it. A way to combine all the little bottles of fuel into 1 can or into a jerry can. In a lot of my playthroughs i end up with enough bottles filled to half to burn down all of great bear. It would be nice not to have 100s of bottles from fishing or from finding them and/or finding multiple lanterns and breaking them down. It would be nice to have that to clean up the spam of bottles. Also if possible program a way to add a combine to anything and everything incase of future adds that might give you items that could have been combined.
  5. Man dont remind me of wisconsin weather. Its so bad where i live right now that i wish i was the survivor in the long dark just to escape it here lol.
  6. aww then that makes me think this is just a lingering after effect of that and Thanks admin. I been doing scans on my computer just to make sure it wasnt a trojan attempting to hack me from my side.
  7. Anyone else having problems like that? Seems lately in the past couple of weeks it has happend 2 or 3 times. Makes me wonder. why would anyone hack a forums account? Really like oh you hacked my account omg. Like it doesnt take that long to make a new one but still makes me wonder why. Just seems like someone doesnt have anything to do.
  8. Im not vegi or vegan irl but Ya I guess what they say is true if you are a meat eater and had to survive like in TLD I promise you that you will turn vegi or vegan. For me in game i try not to kill unless its my only choice. If i manage to spawn in somewhere and i get lots of cat tails or can food or candy bars i would avoid it. The noises the animals make in game do make me feel sorry for having to kill them. It had brought me to the point that i am questioning if i should go semi vegan or semi vegi (still eat/use meat or other animal parts) but as little to none at all.
  9. If this comes out before the end of the summer i will glady have your babies. I can not wait. The thought of episode three has me shaking with joy. Also can not wait for the next survival update. Man im super gitty. By the sounds of it you are in the final stages of episode 3 or about to hit it. I really hope you get it out before august. ^.^ 3 cheers for hinterland hip hip hurray hip hip hurray hip hip hurray ^.^ Bonzi! Bonzi! Bonzi!
  10. Hey guys. I am wondering, What has been your weirdest or luckiest kill so far in game? For me it was with a bear. I shot it from a spot it could not reach so it ran but ended up in a running away loop on some rocks so i was able to sit there on top of the rocks above it and snipe it with a bow while it sat there running in a 10ft circle. I think it was both my luckiest and weirdest kill ever. meat did last me a while though ^.^
  11. Ive noticed that to. More so when I shot a wolf or deer. I will keep on them but it seems like the second they go over a hill or around a rock and i loose sight of them for a second or 2 they are no where to be found. When i do find them dead on the ground they are like 2-3 full run distances away. Either they have warp tech that works or hinterlands gave us some magic animals.
  12. Hell changes you. It changes who you were. It changes who you are. It changes who you could've been and the possibility of it making you bitter & resentful is enormous. but it doesn't have to. it can pave the way to greatness. Because if you've been in and made it out of the pits of hell... You are not weak You are not a loser. You are a badass. A survival badass.
  13. I second that. If they dont remove the overlay atleast replace it with the dancing jeremiah that they had in the update post in march.
  14. Hey Guys. 2 questions for ya 1 ties into the other. 1. Was there anything you added/made that you wanted in the game but after added it into the testing phase you realized it doesnt fit right or just doesnt seem right for what you are aiming for? 2. The things that dont fit right or seem right for what you are aiming for has their been any thought after removing them like making them into a mini project or possiblely become games themselves in the future?
  15. Who is the voice in the video? Who ever it is you should do a video of just talking randomly. you got one of those asmr voices. Was hyper when i saw the update but the second i started listening and watching the video i went completely lax. Also wooohooo to the update. Time to push further in my interloper save. Prob just start a whole new one after test running the new features.
  16. Sounds like everyone pretty much has the same wishes along the lines of regions animals and crafting.
  17. Hey everyone TheUknown is back with another one for you. question 1. What type of music do you listen to while in survival? Do you have different playlists for different things? This type of music for hunting or that kind for gathering? question 2. Hinterland grants you 3 wishes to have something added into the game. But they are genies. You ask for 1 million bucks they will give you 1 million male deer. So wording is everything. Note the first thing you wish for would be the the thing that is added. The 2nd and 3rd wish are there incase it can not be made to work. what would you put in? what would you alter? For me music wise I tend to play 70s-early 2000s music while playing. Not loud but loud enough to hear but not to drown out animal noises. For the 3 wishes. My first wish is a 2 in 1 as well. First part is Make the regions bigger. not like 2x bigger but maybe 1.5x bigger and to add in 2x the amount of regions. (i know they are adding a new one with the new chapter when ever that gets released) and Way more crafting/building options in game. Like building a new building or restoring any burnt out ones. and traps for wolves and bears and rabbits with the ability to breed the rabbits (higher survivial mode the harder it is and more resources it will cost to build) 2nd wish would Be npcs in survival maybe a wondering merchant that appears 1 time a week in one of the regions and will take any thing you have in exhange for stuff like cloth or matches or leather. Any other npcs would be kinda like grey mother. Help them with food and wood and you will get something for your effort. pretty much side missions that you can do every x amount of days to not be op or to take the survivial out of the game. 3 Some type of follower animal. like save a wounded wolf and it will act like a pack mule after crafting a harness/side pockets for it. can carry like 10lbs or so. Could also be trained to hunt down rabbits and deer and will bring back like 50% of the meat at best but the body of the animal wont be found. This would turn the feeling of alone in the world into the whole i am legend type of feel. So let me know what you listen to if anything and what you would wish for. cheers.
  18. @kristaok Ya i know. Im just hyper for the update. like you i also cant wait. cant wait to see how our choices pan out later in the game. What we did at the farm how that choice will come back to bite us or not. If we stocked up grey mother or not and finding out she lives because of it or dies because we didnt fill up her food or wood. i am just gitty about it all. even more so to see this astrid chapter. The wait is making me pull out what little hair i have left on my head.
  19. Ok i know you dont want to give oh this will be out on this day time of eta but is there anychance you can tell us if you are like 60% done with the stuff. that wont be an eta or anything and will prob settle most people down knowing how far along you are with the update.
  20. I like the ideas in theory but i agree with kristaok on his points. But for 6 i could see that as a passive thing if you build it indoors put in snow and it passivally melts so would be nice to have if you are out hunting and what not and you dont have to worry about it melting/boiling away. as for 7. Some one mentioned they wanted a sled of some sort to haul things. Your idea on a holder and the sled idea could be made into 1. Outside of that 7 doesnt make sense unless you want it as a visual because why use a stick only container or stone only thing when you can just choose a house and make this dresser a fire only thing this wardrobe a tool only thing etc. in my opinion everything could be made into the game if they are changed to fit in. but it would be under the op type stuff or under the dont use if you dont like it type of thing.
  21. well im glad i gave you the idea. been doing this since i started playing. Pretty much run rabbits and deer into wolves and i noticed if you are quick enough with the killing you wont loose any meat on the deer or rabbit.
  22. One golden rule outside what everyone has mentioned is this: If there is a deer and wolf near by dont waste arrows and scare the deer into the wolf and just kill the wolf to get meat from both the deer and wolf. Less chance of loosing arrows and if lucky can 1 shot the wolf and gather tons of meat for pretty much no effort.
  23. Damn Move over terminator. The new overlord has arrived.
  24. Hey admin Not sure if possible but why not release like a beta version of each set of updates So those of us that can not wait can test drive them tell you about bugs and such. it would Help both sides the devs and us. Might be something to look into.
  25. Sorry if this would belong somewhere else if so please move it. As the title says this is one of those what if questions and i would really love to hear what people would do. You were brought into the land of long dark. Of course you will choose if you are male or female and such. But you will be in the world of long dark and must abide by the rules there. That does not mean you can not get a car to work or there is no chance of taming a wolf or that you couldnt raise a rabbit farm. You can do all that you can do anything you can do now but under rules of the world. The people from the story mode would also be around so you could talk with grey mother torture a certain person at a certain farm choose to be a nomad or choose to rebuild. So what i am asking. If you were stuck in the world of long dark with infinite respawning of yourself what would you do? Of course just because you can respawn dont think that you can do whatever you want whenever you want. The only added rule ill put in is simple. You will remember everything every ounce of pain all memerioes are vivid to the point of torture. You can not kill the grey mother or will or astrid they will be in the case of SAO be immortal objects to us. Also stuff like ammo/animals respawn but to an extent so it will remain survival so no being able to have 1000s of rounds for the rifle or enough arrows to kill every animal. You will be able to create things within reason so no nuclear power stuff but you will be able to create explosives create eletronics etc. So no sci fiction stuff allow so no ufos but normal stuff in our world you could most likely do. For me I will prob choose to be female since ive always done so in video games so i would do it here as well. I would choose to start off in milton and find a way to get a truck or car working. Since based on what hinterland provided it seems a near emp type event disabled all power but didnt destroy it hence near emp event. Seems to have overloaded systems i would cover all of milton looking for parts that are usable to fix up a car/truck. Prob a truck assuming that some trucks are disel it would be simple to switch one over to bio diesel so the use of animal fat would prob work as fuel. I would travel the lands looking for those alone and alive and hopes of bringing them together. as well as find a way to breed rabbits for food and find other ways to farm food. I would try and tame a few wolves for a sled team incase of the pass between milton and other areas you cant really use a car until managing to clear the tunnel. I would also try to fix up some of the houses after getting those alive together. Now my question to all of you. what would you do? would you hold up in a cave and suffer? would you help those alive?