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At the moment, The Long Dark is a walking simulator. Frankly, it is long and boring. However if you add a van or a vehicle it would make transportation and movement MUCH easier.

Obviously, you would have to use jerry cans to fuel it or you could siphon the cars in the area to get fuel. There can only be certain spawn locations, ie. the garage in Coastal highway or the barn near the farmhouse in Pleasant Valley, and you would need to have a vehicle in each region. The van or car could start on bricks with other parts missing (condition could me randomised) and you would have to scavenge parts from the cards and pickup trucks around Great Bear Island to restore it.

Maybe, you could use the back of the van to store things and maybe to sleep in, like a mobile home. There could be a key in the same building as the vehicle and you would need it to start the car, or you could hot wire it (which could be a risk as you could electrocute yourself). The vehicle could break down if it runs out of fuel or a part breaks. And you would need to source parts and fuel to fix it. There could be buttons for windscreen wipers (during when it snows) or for headlights (helpful at night or during blizzards). If you damage the hull you would need a welder and scrap metal to fix it. Maybe if a tire goes flat, you would need to find a spare wheel.

I believe implementing this feature would better the game and make it a fun experience. 

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While I agree with the usefulness of running vehicles, there may be a few things you may not have considered about having running vehicles in this game.

The geomagnetic disaster seems to have rendered electricity inoperable unless it's during an aurora. I would assume the vehicle's batteries would be dead without an aurora, much like the flashlight, and would also need to charge. When it is very, very cold the batteries may not be able to produce enough amps to crank the starter. Then there's the problem of maintenance and also the finite resource of fuel(which, in this game, is not gasoline as far as I can tell).  

All things considered, this would definitely give somebody a better chance of surviving, and the added mobility would be a plus. Plus, who wouldn't want to drive the tractors around in PV?

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I am almost 100% certain that hinterland has no intention of adding cars to the game 1. Because it breaks the whole story lore they’ve been writing for 4 years 2 All electrical systems are fried due to the storm and 3 half of the maps don’t even have roads and the ones that do the roads are either blocked by abandoned cars, have fallen trees on them or have chunks of them destroyed meaning that travelling by car would be totally pointless 

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Only issue with that is that the event that caused everything to break down in TLD killed anything that used electricity. Apparently simple things can work though, such as lights(which also means simple electrical stoves should work too, but they don't) but complex things which require good timing like an engine just don't function anymore.

Of course I am saying that when they have added buffer memories. I guess cars would probably work during an aurora, at least for a while before the gas becomes unusable in less than a year.

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