Zombie animal out break

Tohono O'odham Man

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On 2/20/2019 at 10:30 AM, Tohono O'odham Man said:

zombie viruse

First of all, Chronic Wasting Disease is NOT a zombie virus. It is a prion disease (meaning its caused by a protein that's been folded all weird.) Hunters have been aware of it for many decades and have been controlling the population via hunting and sending in carcasses for examination. This has been semi effective at slowing its spread and helping research. 

They're not zombies, they can (rarely) become aggressive in later stages and yes it can spread via a bite but for the most part theyre just suffering from their brain and spinal chord being broken down over the course of a few years. Unlike Mad cow disease, humans have not contracted it yet even after eating the infected meat.

So unless you regularly come in contract with infected deer and eat them (Colorado has the highest concentration in US) you most likely won't become patient zero. 

Im not saying it can't eventually spread to humans, but rather saying it won't be the "zombie" outbreak you think it'd be.

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