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9 hours ago, BareSkin said:

I nearly died around here once, I was so sure to find at least 1 house... lost a lot of health to hypo this day.

It's certainly a long journey from DP barefoot and without a bedroll.

Day 5


- Not bad at all, health somewhat under half.

- It's a bit early so I shredded a bunch of curtains until light.

- Brown sky, negative 38 and wind, not a drop of food left, pull up your panties and move it.

- It would be nice if those fishing huts had fishing rods.

- Salty crackers and a maple leaf hat, I'll take it instead.

- Two wolves travel across the ice in parallel, intimidating.

- Luckily I need to turn in the opposite direction on the bank to a busy area, cars and houses surrounding the gas station.

- One of these homes can be entered, a good one, pork and beans, summit soda, granola bar.

- A sports vest, at last some upper body clothes, one bandage, fuel book and another storm lantern at 50%

- Since the warmth bar turned full stepped out to open all mailboxes, run around burned houses and peer into cars, I can open the fuel tanks? All right, anything for me then? nope

- What's at the gas station? food! candy bars, herbal tea, soda, jerky, tomato soup, pork and beans, so far the food is generous.

- Getting simple tools is nice too and a sewing primer, how nice to have three books on sewing and not a single sewing kit.

- Matches, daaaw, you're going to spoil me, and a couple of cans, great double my water boiling production.

- Check the remaining cars and head back to the comfy house.

- Failed to repair the storm lantern, no more metal.

- Drank soda and read kitchen wilderness for an hour

- My pack is too heavy, let's organise a cabinet, I should really learn how to take notes, it's difficult to remember where everything is stashed

- Eat crackers and granola bar before a good night sleep.

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“Survival is the celebration of choosing life over death. We know we're going to die. We all die. But survival is saying: perhaps not today. In that sense, survivors don't defeat death, they come to terms with it.”
Laurence Gonzales, Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why


Day 6

- That is some stormy wind shaking the house, not even going to check.

- Ate 2 candy bars and finished reading the wilderness kitchen. It sounds calmer now.

- Left wk book and picked up a sewing book before heading out

- Soooo, what's across the road? a ruined house, another ruined house and one to be entered

- Rawr! Woof! Don't trip over yourself in a hurry to eat me, I'm too close to a house

- Peaches, beans, candy bar, herbal tea, newspaper in a bathtub, everyone loves reading in the bathtub

- I hope the wolf isn't guarding this house, peeked out, seems clear, back across the road to warm up in another house

- I believe there is a trailer uphill, that's the place to go, just be careful of the bear cave nearby

- Just a piece of reclaimed wood, I'll take it

- Negative 7 only? that's extremely warm, I'll take advantage and climb the rope

- Careful through the forest to the road, yes, there is the wolf and he's heading along the same course, I climb uphill and head parallel to him hiding behind the boulders

- Eventually a mountain blocks the way and I must climb onto the road, I have outpaced the wolf, he's behind

- It's difficult to see the tower among the pine trees, climbed some boulders to scout, there is the tower. Crunch! Ow, my ankle

- Gather beards and rosehips anyway as I go

- Climb a million stairs. It's -1C at the lookout, the bed offers zero bonus. Boo!

- Let's get the fire roaring and check what's in here, another cotton scarf

- Hurray! It's what I always wanted! A hacksaw hidden under an armchair and more matches.

- Let's even use the coal to build 4h fire and sleep off the injuries


Night 6


- Big windows show a curtain of smashing snow outside.

- Crafting four bandages and every stack in the inventory

- Cooking everything too, strange, I thought I had two herbal tea boxes

- Ding! you become more skilled in cooking, which is the first skill to reach lvl 2, precious extra calories, this canned food can be boosted

- Used more coal, I wasn't planning on camping here part of the day and full night, it is too cold without the fire however

- A chocolate bar and jerky before 6 more hours of rest.

- I feel relief having survived Desolation Point. My demise will come inevitable, but being safe even for the briefest instance brings comfort.

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Day 7


- The blizzard stops, so far so good, rest another hour, still strong wind, heat up herbal tea for warmth and go go go

- Negative 34C, the nearest shelter might be the mine, go there before I become popsicle

- Negative one at the mine entrance, grabbing lantern oil, emergency stim, driving gloves, simple tools, then head deeper where it's +5

- So much coal, coal is very welcome, the passage is twisted and has bountiful nooks

- Prybar #2, I'm very happy with both prybars, both came at 99% then work worn boots, that's a great shoe update, metal scraps, jerky and more matches

- The wooden stairway goes up, a green box on a nearby landing can't be reached from here, I think I see another tunnel behind it

- Broke 2 green crates along the way

- Heads up, there is a Pleasant Valley exit ahead

- I want to check the side corridor first, I've seen one branch off and suspect it goes to the green box, it actually does and not in vain, yummy jerky

- Made a stash of extra items like a prybar and coal, still half kg too heavy

- Whelp, I recognise Pleasant Valley by a pleasant blizzard, gtg anyway, without the bedroll the fatigue will kill me

- I would have loved to camp inside the mine with a bedroll and wait out the weather

- Since first you need to go along the wall and then turn left to reach a well marked highway and follow this highway, I have hopes of not losing the way, but I'm never sure on directions

- This is super dangerous, health owie, walking walking, come on you can do it, oh here's the road, I should be good unless I turned in the opposite direction along the highway

- You're at the crossroads! It looks like these crossroads are lucky for me because I see a house

- One reclaimed wood, a lot of metal frames and crates, no bed, at least it's warm enough to melt a few icicles off my ears

- Has the wind calmed down? Snow falls in big flakes, the sky is dark but not a blizzard and another house across the road

- There is a bedroom! The kitchen has food.

- It shines, it bites, it opens cans! dum di dum all I had to do was travel four maps

- Failed again at lantern repair, got it done 2nd try, 52% feels much safer than 23%

- The long suffering jeans I have taken off to preserve have finally bitten the dust, been wearing undies all along since wolf attack train wreck

- Dug into my supplies and slept with the magic help of the herbal tea

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Day 8


- The night blizzard sure failed to stop

- Ate peaches and jerky to finish an entire sewing book

- Still hearing awooo, a few 15mins crates won't occupy time well, all right I will take the beating and run across the road

- Three hours to hacksaw a metal shelf, let's do it for 8 metal pieces, still windy, busted two green crates

- No awooo? Peek out to heavy snowfall, let's check the cars while I'm warmed up, one of them has driving gloves

- Return to the bedroom house, tear up 9% driving gloves and put on my new ones

- Let's satisfy with beans at 600 cal, it's a bit short but I haven't found any food today and have burned up a lot for activities

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Day 9


- Let's go check what's across the bridge; another resource house and -1C inside boo

- Checking cars and getting hypoth, so fast? boo!

- Leap into a rural store, still cold? Wait, where are my clothes? oh took them off last night because all of them are in bad shape, no wander my rear is freezing

- Finally, my first sewing kit! I'll hold on to it just in case. Purification tablets, fire accelerant, soda and candy bars, more matches!

- There is no bed, too bad bed, I'm going to have to run back across the bridge to sleep off the ailments

- Moderate snow when I wake up, this is the blizzardville, I'm going to follow the river bank

- Maple saplings to the right, I think hacksaw works on them too not just hatchet, three of them and a deer ahead

- So this is really what I wanted to try, build a fire next to the deer and while the fire is warming up hacksaw the meat off, it's about 20mins activity

- Placed the meat onto the stones to cook, now I'm allowed to drop the coal in, hurray it's plus now even outside

- One piece of deer is small, about ten mins cooking, grabbed mushrooms on a stump nearby and collected cooked meat

- Harvested one gut, the other meat piece is almost cooked, the deer is next to a cave so I check the cave and find advanced guns book, umm I guess it's fuel on Loper

- Picked up my meat, I have taken health penalty harvesting the gut from something else which isn't cold, maybe hunger or fatigue, I'll eat this 118 small meat piece and drink soda before taking a hide and the second gut

- Two guts, a hide and 880 cal left for dinner, I think it was worth some health loss

- Grab the torch and head back to the house, hypoth sets in when I'm already at the bridge, perfect!

- I'll celeb.... bear!! Oh no! He's on my porch! I can't go around him, now he's looking my way, now he'd heading my way slowly!

- The guts might be attracting him, run to the store and drop the guts, saplings and deer hide to cure

- Bad weather sets in as soon as I close the door, it's too cold in the store and fires aren't allowed

- I very much hope the bear moved on. Sneaking cautiously over the bridge, the visibility is poor

- He's blocking the bridge on the other side, can't tell if he's heading this way or away

- Oww my poor health banged by fatigue and hypoth, if I don't reach a bed soon... I have maybe five rl mins

- Sliding dangerously down the steep river bank, if it doesn't let me climb the other side I'm screwed

- Pant, gasp all right I'm on the other side, still must climb this rock to scout the area, can't run head first into that bear

- I've lost him, where... where? ok I'm just going to make a run for it, I can either die to a bear being eaten by him or die to a bear trying to go around him

- Chaaarge! phew! owie that's like 15% at least I'm safe

- Wait I miss clicked and ate peaches instead of deer, um, ok ill drink herbal tea too and eat part of the meat piece

- I have earned a good night sleep.

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Day 10


- woke up early and repaired the hacksaw after one fail

- let's go brrr -40C! dive into the store for the guts and hide but it's too cold to warm up in here

- skip along the yellow highway road to the contemplation bridge

- hay stacks and barn to the left, i hope the wolves aren't out to play to smell the guts

- negative 3 inside, shucks, start fire in the barrel and boil tea while it warms up enough to drop coal

- everything warms up significantly even on the second floor it's warm enough

- the first level has a hidden prybar, soda, a book stay on target, simple tools and a whetstone. let's raid the second floor

- All right game, I am not happy with you. I haven't mentioned this, but few days ago when I entered the coastal, the first car had a pink coat in the trunk, the game crashed when I exited the car. I had to re-do the segment and there was no coat. Today, one of the 2nd floor lockers had 99% ski jacket in it. The game crashed as soon as I pulled it out. It was gone when I re-loaded.

- yeah great thanks for stim and can of beans and for nothing, you owe me 2 jackets on interloper, game

- it's still midday, i don't think i want to stay the night and sleep in the truck

- yellow tractor outside has a granola bar, onwards to the farmhouse and a very soft bed

- the guts are 15% cured i'll feel better once i drop them some place safe

- i think it's best to take the bridge and then cut across to the farm, not seeing the wolves

- hi farm; the day warmed up, but after so much running the fatigue is an issue or i may have travelled more

- the farm has another vest in better shape but they cannot be doubled, still looking accusingly at you game, a hoodie as second sweater is welcome, more driving gloves and mittens, the mittens are a bit better

- herbal tea, hurray, i feel like i need to use herbal tea every single day for additional recovery, canned food and candy bars, wow i actually have enough food to hide some in the fridge

- i'm warm lets go out and check the car, a pack of wolf is hanging around moderate distance away, found more matches on the bench next to the fire barrel

- getting cold, basement time, whetstone, quality tools, matches and hacksaw, i still need a hammer, i wander if it was at riken after all, it's very complex to go there and check, if it's not that would be a bummer

- a lot of fatigue, return to the house and check the second floor, another book on sewing, this is the 4th one, another sewing kit is most welcome

- this is amazing it's 0 outside, i bet if i sleep a couple of hours it will change so i'll just have to do the regular night cycle

- deer meat on the menu and rest


“We were playing a game against an unknown and unforgiving opponent. The stakes were terrible—play well or die—but we didn’t even know the ground rules.”
Nando Parrado, Miracle in the Andes


Day 11


- I know another deer I can skin

- lots of snow and very early heading out, a pack of four wolves in stretched like a caravan, one of them is extremely close to the farmhouse

- i hope the cave is not occupied by the bear, hypoth sure gets me before i reach the deer

- started a fire next to the deer and set water to boil

- can't add coal yet and fire isn't enough to warm me at -9, harvested rosehips while it warmed up, then returned and harvested one big piece of meat

- added coal, set the meat to cook and drank summit soda mostly for calories to prevent more health hits then removed the hide

- grabbed meat before it burned and grabbed the guts, it's windy and the warmth bar didn't even fill completely while harvesting deer

- began cooking herbal tea and ran to the cave to drop the hide and guts

- almost died of fright upon receiving badge, i thought it was the sound was a wolf jumping around a tree to eat me

- set new cup of tea to boil and crafted rosehips, set more tea to boil and ran off to collect mushrooms that grow next to the cave and picked up four feathers

- took turns crafting mushrooms and boiling tea in parallel

- the weather has improved, i never like wasting clear days, i am tired nonetheless after this activity, i'm concerned if i climb the rope the fatigue will hit me badly

- uh no, not going for it, grabbed a torch and drank a cup of hot tea for the road and grabbed the guts with hide form the cave

- if those four wolves are still that close to the farmhouse i'll be puppy chow, or the bear, the bear also likes hanging out there

- lets not smell my guts all right? made it to the house

- oh bummer i wanted to drink mushroom tea but drank herbal, i really wanted to save that for 10h block

- i also forgot my cooked piece of meat! i dropped it into snow next to the fire because i didn't want it to attract anyone while i was sitting in the open

- all right i will drink mushroom tea and sleep 2h because fatigue hurts health too and then see what i can do, maybe break some green crates and i'll hope to find my meat tomorrow


“We were playing a game against an unknown and unforgiving opponent. The stakes were terrible—play well or die—but we didn’t even know the ground rules.”
Nando Parrado, Miracle in the Andes


Night 11


- woke up prior to 10h mark at 49% of cabin fever, oh shoot, the moon is still out

- what should i do? run outside and... that's unholy! blizzard! -51... -58... -64C!! got hypoth risk at the front door under one min while wandering how to save my hide

- run back into the house and through to the other side where the shielded porch is, it's zero in here, cabin fever goes from 51 to 52% ugh! it's considered indoor... nooo!

- death inside and death outside

- snow shelter? i'll freeze in it too, but maybe slower than standing flat out

- need more cloth, on the second floor upstairs... gah! 54% !

- run around the house, where is that fire barrel?? at least i have accelerant to get the fire in one go!

- can't add coal yet, the snow is blinding, let's build shelter... come on come on! i must place it close enough to the shielded fire! so hard to find a spot near... it keep showing red, hearing a bear sound while doing this

- 45mins for shelter, let's hope i'm not icicle by then!

- got it! ewww! it's -28C in shelter even next to the fire... come on coal save me!

- warmer, warmer! above zero! saved. my health is so beaten. thank you coal

- the sweater is 17% i guess i'll repair it, i had grabbed some extra cloth


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Day 12


- that is one dawn i may not have seen

- i'm pretty sure if i go even across the road to pick one mushroom my health won't be able to take it

- i'm not fatigued at all

- i guess i'll eat and sustain the fire while hiding in the shelter and boil water

- the cabin fever risk is extremely sticky, it miserly went down to 48% after a chunk of the night... there should be several hours discount for sleeping in blizzards

- while i do have a good stash of coal and firewood i can't say i'm prepared to use all of it to sustain a fire full day and night, and i have other plans for coal like harvesting deer carcasses, unfortunately it's not warm enough to do this with a regular fire

- i literally have nothing to do, the books are indoors too

- eat and sleep a bit and pass time, horrendous waste

- the day is not too terrible after that blizzard, i let the fire go out to check the temp, it's zero and counts against me...

- i'm going to repair my 38% hat and see if that helps, it does i'm at +1 now

- as the evening comes the temp drops again to -1 waited until warmth meter expired and then went indoors

- not tired, busted a chair and tore curtains

- the cabin risk is gone, took full day outside to get rid of it, i sincerely hope i won't get it again by sleeping 10h indoors


Day 13


- it's snowing heavily but no way am i staying inside

- there is a barn which i want to check, this new badge lets me sprint more, which is extremely useful

- very nice there is a barn and a deer half inside it, this means i can build sheltered fire next to the deer

- as i do so a wolf comes by and heads directly for the spot where i'm crouching behind the fire

- the wolf sticks his nose into the fire and runs off yelping, maybe i should build a second fire behind me, this barn only has two walls, i'm so paranoid he'll walk around and get my back

- drinking tea and coffee mostly for calories, woke up around 40% health only and it's obviously beaten by a cold trip, i have to keep eating during the day to prevent other health drains, cold does a good job at decimating

- picked up three crow feathers and began cooking coffee, the wolf loves this barn, he keeps walking circles around it and rubbing his back against the walls

- all right i can add coal and harvest, also set water to boil

- grabbed all i can, the day is on decline, come on wolfie shew shew, walk far far away on your patrol route

- i can see him from the barn angle, when he's relatively far i run for it

- used sprint to the full the turned around walking backwards, i think i gave him the slip, no pursuit

- let's go back to the farm, eat a good chunk of deer meat and rest


Night 13


- I can't time my rest well. I keep aiming to sleep 10h to recover but always wake too early around 6-8h mark fully rested. the fatigue starts beating you at certain level but that's before you are 10h of sleep tired. so you have to lose health to fatigue to get rest health, something is screwy here

- it's sounds very quiet outside.. umm... wow -38C but it's equally cold daytime too and it is bright, a starry blue night, very beautiful

- i'll dip into my fridge supplies and grab supplies in case of a blizzard

- i'm going for it... i want to climb to the signal hill...

- hop hop hop there is my deer meat! nobody swallowed it awesome

- rope climbing sure takes a lot out of you

- i keep missing the signal hill turn to the station... oh there is the tower! let's go inside and sleep off the fatigue plus cold




Day 14


- i wander if this station has any clothes for me, pried open the lockers

- there is a ski jacket, soooo, somebody's feeling guilty, i don't forgive you, this one is 23% and that one was 99

- soooo health still wobbly, i don't need to travel far to take care of a deer right outside the fence

- oh i'm out of tinder plugs heh there is a cardboard inside, i'll tear that up to get 3 of them and clear up the space

- it's also good to break things because sometimes there are items behind them, not this time

- it's sort of windy, a tree sort of offers a windbreak

- harvested the deer, went inside to drop the guts and hide, still fire burning and daylight left

- i really don't want cabin fever, might be better to sit by the fire

- i'm going to repair my ski jacket, got it done once and raised to 52% i should repair again

- whoa there! it's only 45min repair but the wind blew out my fire and gave me medium hypoth risk

- brrr! at least the repair was successful i'm going to have to hide inside

- blizzard sets in as soon as i hide at the station

- search the rest of the cabin. yay! that's where the heavy hammer was hiding, tricky spot too under a grey item that masks grey hammer

- fairly generous on food too

- heavy weight, i'll hide the prybar in the locker among other stuff and keep the hammer to fight off the wolves, prybar is a magic key for things opening and can't be repaired

- bust a chair, i hope this will let me sleep enough, now rest


Day 15


- hearing powerful wind outside, what's this? a metal shelf worth over 2h of work, let's cut it

- that sounds like it subsided, skip hop over the snowdrifts, the cave and hunters blind aren't that far actually but its possible to run into a bear or a wolf on the way and it's so cold that you do catch hypoth just one way there

- going to build a fire between the deer and the tree, can't guess windbreak because wind direction changes, failed once starting a fire

- it's not too hateful, while the fire is warming up for coal gathered feathers and checked a frozen guy next to the deer, 7 feathers that's good, also grabbed mushrooms

- i am seeing a wolf, he is relatively far but i am concerned meat and guts will lure him in

- drank coffee and ate sardines to preserve health then took the hide and guts off

- while the deer meat was cooking checked the cave and gathered mushrooms, the cave had salty crackers

- ventured to the hunters blind too, it had a field dressing book

- got lost on the way back to the deer, oh shoot i don't want the fire to run out, all the rocks in this area look exactly the same

- oh i got, i see crows circling, i know which way to run, got back with 4mins left on the fire and dropped cedar log into it

- i'm going to craft many mushrooms i gathered and make them into tea

- poof! 6mins left on the fire? booo you wind, in 15mins of crafting it blew out over 1h worth of fire

- the crows dropped more feathers while i was cooking. i got 10 from this trip. let's get out of here, the wind is very cold and makes walking difficult

- i'm seeing this wolf again, he's far but i think he did pin me due to guts because he is walking on intercept course

- i'm going to try to evade him and walk instead of sprinting because if he gets close i'll sprint then

- managed to get around him by walking an extra circle to put boulders between us

- dropped hide and guts and went back out, i have 3 rosehips bushes right outside the fence and keep walking past them

- the moon is part out, i'm going to eat a candy bar and read an hour and then have my herbal tea plus deer meat and sleep

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“what you were
will not happen again.
the tigers have found me
and I do not care.”
Charles Bukowski


Day 16


- this is good! i did nail 10h and health is around 70% that's great!

- the moon is still visible and still too early. i can craft and maybe read 1h if it lets me

- i can eat this small piece of deer meat before reading... oowww awww! food poisoning? it was at 70% tarnation!

- at least i have mushroom tea... i'm not even the slightest bit tired oh that just great and i need to sleep 10h... at least the sickness is giving me really quick fatigue

- lets use the hacksaw on this metal box and toaster to get tired

- ugh misery slept in three or five hours bursts to get rid of the poisoning... got it done by evening... there went my good health once in a blue moon

- the skies are evening pink and the temperature holds at -11C windless

- i can't say it's safe to travel at night but i am on the wrong end of the cycle and 100% not fatigued and shame to waste this evening

- i want to check the frozen pond, going to take the hammer not prybar, i think hammer is good for ice breaking too if there is any fishing gear, grab all my food, drink coffee for the road


Night 16


- crossed the river and reached the pond before the sun completely went down

- started a fire in the fishing hut to warm up, it's actually +2C without any coal considering saving the coal then

- nice i found work gloves at 92%

- found a newspaper and a guide on survival. i'm going to bite a chunk off the deer meat and read an hour to warm up before checking the pond

- wow i sure am warming up slowly, read 2h more until the bar is full

- drank a cup of warmed up coffee before peeking out, there is modest visibility and heavy snowfall outside now

- went up bank to harvest mushrooms and ended up walking around the lake instead of back to the fishing cabin due to poor visibility

- bumped into the picnic table and found a camper on the bench who has summit soda and four crow feathers around him

- i see the dock from here, went to it and checked the fishing boats, also empty, now i can see my fishing hut

- blizzard picked up as soon as i entered it

- ate the rest of the deer meat and drank tea to finish reading the entire book

- began crafting mushrooms and boiling all sorts of teas

- ended up using a piece of coal after all, the temperature began dropping

- i hope i am getting good outdoor hours for spending all night out

- the blizzard subsided only at sunup


Day 17


- collected rosehips and cattails around the lake then hid in the cabin to warm up, windy and -42 though began warming up

- i'll walk around the lake a bit more to see if i missed anything before heading back, drinking more coffee to fight off the fatigue

- ended up walking farther than anticipated, crossed the river under the bridge and walked to the mountains where i bumped into a small and bare cave

- rushed back to warm up at the hut, i think i'm done here or the fatigue will get me

- it got warmer -16C and fairly good with clear skies, grabbed a torch for a walk

- bumped into one birch sapling during the return trip to the signal hill

- yeah yeah it's noon but fatigue

- tomato soup paired with summer soda and cattails for desert

- 10h worth of good rest


Night 17


- sounds nasty outside but my health is over half so yay

- i hate using pass time button but i have nothing to do

- drink some tea because it's sad how health crawls down when passing time and sleep

- most of the night passed, not hearing awooo, light my storm lantern and step out, meh heavy snowfall not too friendly

- pass another hour and try to sleep

- i have a lot of stuff, two deer hides and four guts still not cured to signal all wolves, i won't be able to use the rope, so i will take the long route


Day 18


- minus 42C? nope not going out there, tore apart the mittens and repaired my sweater then slept under an hour

- still ewww at -38 i guess i'll take it least the weather decides it's too good and traps me for another day

- rushing as much as possible and keeping rotation around for wolves but got hypoth real quick anyway

- there is a group of five birch saplings at the bottom of the hill that runs into the highway, picked up a couple of sticks

- oh there is a deer across the river, i super want it, there is also a wolf crossing the same river around the bend that raises his head like he can smell me

- hmm ok i will drop the guts on the bank behind the tree and then go on the ice and build a fire, the deer is by the mountain in a niche so there should be two way windbreak

- it is windy regardless, the wind lumps an hour off my fire but then calms down and lets me take off everything without freezing, just one feather here

- i am worried about the wolf sneaking up on me around the boulder, i actually heard a bark but it may have been my neighbour's dog

- i'm going to drop the guts and return to the highway to follow it past the grey car to the start of the river at the long curve

- taking a torch with me and dropping wood into this fire, i hope to return to it to warm up before rushing back to the farmhouse

- the grey car has mittens and a granola bar

- the frozen guy on the bank has sardines in his backpack and a can of dogfood, also three feathers and a new torch

- grabbed rosehips as well, this side trip was very much worth it

- returned to my fire which still burns and crafted rosehips and then boiled tea

- not going to boil water because i'm dragging 7.5L and it puts me overweight, i did leave 1L at the signal hill too

- now i need to grab 6 fresh deer guts and slip past all wolves that frequent the farmhouse field

- um... where are my guts? i left them by the tree? right? i hope nobody ate them, there they are, higher uphill

- i'm going to cling to the mountain side of the highway until i hit the side road that runs to the farm

- this means walking on hills, good thing i have that rosehip tea because there went my ankle, decided to cure it in case i need to run from the wolves

- if they do go for me i'll try to drop decoy, hopefully it will drop the guts and not my deer meat

- i do spot two long distance away, their course is towards the side road where i'm going

- used up sprint as much as possible and made it back

- dropped everything to cure, i have three cured deer hides too at this point and about six guts too

- food and sleep! i've been eating cattails and drinking teas during the day too while taking the deer hide off because i have taken a big chunk of the cold penalty and didn't want to accumulate with hunger

Day 19


- this is good! my health is around 70% yay!

- sounds like a big blizzard outside. i would like to craft some deer skin items. reading a sewing book prior will be helpful

- i'll just eat these sardines and ... awwww owww! you are kding me! food poisoning? come on! they were 54% booo! i am officially not allowed to have over 70% of health, then the game thinks my living is too good and literally tries to poison me

- i'm not tired too since i just woke up. ran around the house in the blizzard and dived into the basement to break two green crates, crying over the health i'm losing

- i'm tired enough now, rushing back to the house in the same blizzard, at least it's not the good weather i'm missing

- how about a nice can of dogfood and a cup of anti-poison tea before hitting the hay


Night 19


- woke up healed, miserly quarter health and not tired at all

- blizzard out. crawled through it to the basement and broke a green crate to get tired

- went back to the farmhouse to sleep

- checked how many cured deer hides i have. 3 and more than enough guts

- crawled into basement again in bad weather. too dark to craft

- go back to the house, pull all extra clothes from the closer and shred them. i have more leather and just 2 cloth

- grabbed tea from the fridge and went to the basement


Day 20


- wanted to craft rabbit traps and set but it's horribly cold and i'll freeze even if i'm close to the house

- began working on deer pants 2h at a time and drinking teas

- one sewing kit used up with 47mins remaining also got hit by the cabin fever at 7%

- disposed of the kit and used a new one to finish the job

- hurray! i have deer skin pants +2 warmth. i need +40 since it's -40 every day


Night 20


- checked on the snow shelter by the fire barrel. son of a blizzard! it's at 7% !#%@$% it was almost 80!!

- oh that's just great i need 3cloth to fix it. i have 2. started a fire and shredded socks

- added coal and fixed the shelter

- warmed up pork and beans. ate them and slept 5h

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“I want to keep my dreams, even bad ones, because without them, I might have nothing all night long.”
Joseph Heller


Day 21


- this is why i shouldn't play late in the evening. instead of curtains for cloth i shredded socks. a useful and no duplicate item. it just completely went out of my head

- health terrible under 25%

- went to craft traps and then froze my butt off running off into the field to set them

- i sincerely hope they'll trap something because the food shortage is nipping

- since i have guts and metal crafted two fishing rods as well. put two sewing kits into the basement craft bench for serious item crafting and kept one hook for mending

- warmed up at the farmhouse and went to a river behind the farm to find food after dodging a bear

- isn't there a single cattails must have ran a mile. finally spotted rose bushes on the bank and grabbed them. and found one cattail and ate it

- i believe this path leads to dodger's cabin. the wind calmed down somewhat and -17C is fairly decent these days

- found sports socks which i shredded yesterday in 10% condition. thank you game. failed 3 times on repairing these socks pooo

- there are many sticks around the cabin. i burned up almost all my wood getting rid of the cabin fever yesterday

- gathered mushrooms and beards too and then went inside to warm up. not to mention hardcore fatigue

- fixed my ski jacket and vest after shredding all curtains

- ate my last box of salty crackers and slept 10h


Day 22


- still dark when i wake, thus, craft rosehips and mushrooms. also left 3 rose bushes right by the cabin so i could gather in the morning what's closest

- grabbed them and started a nice fire. set water to boil and hid in the cabin crafting more mushrooms until coal can be added

- repaired work boots outside since the coal makes it bearable

- began boiling teas. ding! i'm cooking lvl 3. five more calories for me per cup of tea

- repaired wool socks while the water boiled. what do socks have against me? i keep failing on them

- got to run back while the weather isn't out to murder me. it's fairly far to the farm

- drank heated tea and picked up the torch. cut across to the river and found a few more cattails before climbing the bank

- three wolves patrolling... wait a minute that's the red barn. i'm on the wrong side

- hurried cautious of those wolves to a connecting bridge

- tea effect ran out and the torch is out. much much colder now. hypoth risk appeared

- another wolf is patrolling very close to the farm. he's going in the same direction as me and gradually he's cutting an angle between us

- kept inching along and then sprinted to the house

- repaired the undies while getting warmer. the hook is down to 20% i'll keep it for fishing and get the other one

- ate cattails and ran out to check the bunny snares. both empty. moved them farther away to a hill and grabbed a few sticks

- hurried back to the farm. it's relatively warm so tried a snow shelter

- health dropped into red when i reached it. +3C. ate a cattails and slept 1h. +1 i don't trust another hour went inside

- ate my last cattails and drank reishi teas. if the bunnies don't catch tomorrow i'll starve

- slept 10h flat

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Day 23


- health around 40%

- hearing some scary bear creaking outside but can't see him

- shelter 3mins repair. so cold i get hypoth repairing shelter for 3mins

- went into the basement. got a new fishing rod and repaired undies and blue hoodie to warm up

- ding! got mending level 2. yay!

- cabin risk fever 20% oh great

- going to check on rabbit traps. a pack of three wolves is out. they're between the farm and the traps

- got hypoth before even reaching the traps. the wind is horrible

- the traps caught food

- the pack perks up and all three begin heading in my direction nose down as soon as i pick up first rabbit

- grabbed both, reset traps and ran for it via wide field circumference before they came about

- too windy to light a torch. failed 1st fire attempt. got the other

- hide in shelter it's +9C without coal

- harvested one rabbit by hand. set it's meat to cook and used hacksaw on the other to get the meat

- set the meat to cook and removed then hide. then set the last piece of cook and removed the gut

- dropped two pelts and guts at the farmhouse

- the weather isn't too terrible. hated up a cup of rosehips and hurried to a river behind the silo to search for food

- since warmth not halfed ran past some tails and eventually saw a barn on the left bank

- fir log in the barn and empty adventurer. great many rosehip bushes around

- over half cold bar and dropping time to run back. might pick the tails tomorrow

- came back to shelter. +1C without fire. i'll sty put since the health is really bad 15%

- it gets a bit colder and fatigue is full red

- hope cabin fever doesn't get me again time to eat my bunny rabbit and sleep


Day 24   


- blizzard in the morning. the last deer hide is conveniently cured

- crawled into the basement and put in 2h. sounds quiet

- -33C and snow nah i can wait for warmer weather

- three more hours of work then ate a leftover bunny chunk before venturing out

- -20C the wolves aren't sleeping. their pack of three ventures close to the farm continuously

- they're forcing me to take the outer field all the time and help hypoth

- only one bunny got caught in the trap. put the other trap in a slightly different location

- ran for the snow shelter. it needs repair every day

- used the fir log found at the barn to cook one rabbit, it's only 513 calories and then boiled rosehips tea which also comes from that location. boiled water on leftover time

- it's zero in the shelter once the fire goes out. i play cards 2h until it gets cold and then go inside

- eat rabbit and drink two cups of rosehips for enough calories then sleep


Day 25


- another blizzard morning. finished crafting a second pair of deer skin pants. hurray i have two pairs of pants

- used heavy hammer to bust up a table. repaired my vest

- the moon is more than half way out when the blizzard subsides into a very dark evening and heavy snow

- i'm not tired, thus i took the opportunity to check the rabbit traps regardless. i have nothing except tea left. i must have dinner and pelts

- the first trap has a bunny but the second is unlucky. i moved that trap again and hurried back

- among snow i spotted one wolf. it's safe to guess the entire pack is out. if any of them ambush me i won't see them coming. the visibility is low

- made it back and harvested the rabbit inside. i'm low on water too

- it's a good thing i used a torch. three fails before the stove fired up

- broke one small crate and failed twice on repairing a sweater

- i have three cans and a pot. cooked 2 rabbit pieces on empty slots and used the rest to boil water

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“Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell.”
Edna St. Vincent Millay


Day 26


- The wolves aren't around the field. The bear scared them off. It is strange I am beginning to think of these creatures as my society with their own quirks and structure into which I inadvertently fall. Humans were not meant to be alone.

- Checked the snares and got a bounty of two rabbits.

- The bear doesn't seem too interested in my stinky lines but I'm worried about the wolves. They may have migrated to closer to a farm or on the other side.

- I hear a suspicious sound next to the farm and figure it's best safe than sorry. Skinned both rabbits inside instead of shelter

- went out to build fire and cook rabbit

- climbed a snowdrift holding a torch to survey. there is indeed a wolf hanging around

- i have to keep finding sticks to repair the shelter daily

- my position is precarious. i rely on snares and luck. if there is a blizzard or they don't catch i have a small supply of teas maybe to wait out a day then i starve to death

- the wolves recently seem interested in clinging closer to the farm

- i'm going to finish crafting three bunny items and leave pleasant valley


Day 27


- one bunny in the snare today

- the wind is not friendly

- after warming up checked the spot where i ran past the ctails. found small batch of three

- hid in the shelter +5C and played cards an hour

- wind stopped. -9C outside seems a shame to waste weather even if i do have fatigue

- the bear is rubbing his back against my farmhouse

- went around him and ran for the river where his cave is. since he's visiting me i'll visit him

- passed my traps and saw another rabbit in my other snare

- at the river found 6 ctails and an empty dead guy on the bank

- ran back grabbing sticks and picked up the rabbit

- the river really is far. got hypoth all the way when i was at the river

- the fatigue is big preventing me from moving fast

- when i reached the farm the cold dropped my health into red

- dropped the rabbit not harvested on the doorstep

- grabbed a 350 leftover rabbit dinner from yesterday and topped with cattails before sleeping 10h

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Day 28


- morning blizzard. pelts and guts aren't ready to be crafted

- wasted time hanging around the house and breaking furniture with a big hammer

- i don't have food to read even if i have a number of books

- when the blizzard passed late afternoon checked the traps and found one rabbit

- skinned the rabbit inside to get warm

- hid in the snow shelter and cooked all of it

- the sky is pink with the smudges of green. aurora is coming

- rabbit dinner and sleep


Day 29


- another blizzard waited out by starting to craft my mittens

- i have a bad feeling about cabin fever

- collected my single rabbit in the afternoon and got a lvl 3 harvesting skill

- the weather got bad while i was hiding in the shelter

- went inside and got cabin fever in one second 20% risk

- why does it always happen when there is a blizzard outside?

- checked the corner for accelerant nope

- sigh went to the fire barrel and got the fire going in one go luckily

- hiding in shelter in a blizzard waiting for cb to go away and cooking

- sure i'll repair my socks. these socks aren't so good. 0.2C at max and 0.1 below 60%

- repaired hacksaw twice

- ate 170 cal rabbit chunk and slept 2h

- fever risk finally gone. waited for the fire to run out and rushed inside to sleep 7h


Day 30


- begin by repairing shelter

- since it's so cold dived into the basement to resume work on bunny gloves

- checked weather after 1h it's not any better but i need to get out or i'll get cabin fever

- followed the highway towards the far river until i saw a barn on the left

- empty adventurer and simple tools beside him

- grabbed a few sticks around the barn for extra bounty and ran back because i already have hypoth risk

- the wind and snow got real nasty. dived into the basement and ate a ctail. i need health to make another trip later to check the rabbit traps

- finished work on the rabbit gloves. the work gloves aren't too bad but they get soaked instantly

- heavy snow and bear is eyeballing the purple car by the farm for living

- hurried to grab the rabbits. luckily there are two

- on the way back the bear was heading for the farm and i had to go there too. dodged inside under his nose

- skinned one rabbit inside to get warm

- the other rabbit got skinned in the snow shelter and it got into negative just when i finished

- i am fatigued better turn in for the night

- dropped bunny meat into snow by fire barrel

- i have a cooked 518 cal piece from yesterday

- ate it and two cattails then slept 10h

- It seems i have survived one month on the Interloper! Hurray for this modest victory!



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"Can you go years without talking to another human being? What about untold months snatching your meals from the forest floor and sleeping in muddy pits? Sanity is a spider clinging to a fluttering thread of web unaware of the fingers reaching for it, catching it, plopping it in my mouth…"


-- Heroes 4


Day 31


- The Pleasant Valley is vast. Snowy. And desolate. I still think it surreal that in its entirety not a single other being trespasses its boundaries. Had there been even one, I would have gone to horizon to meet them disregarding the wolves or bitter cold.

- With these isolate thoughts, started my morning by fixing snow shelter and dived into the basement to check what I need for the hat

- i'm glad it only takes three and a half hours

- used one gut to create 2 lines and picked up two hooks from the drawer. i'll have crafting to do when i'm sitting in a shelter

- from basement dived into the farm. the required ingredients are cured

- the day is pretty good in terms of no wind and clear but so cold

- maybe it will warm up if i spend an hour crafting

- hiss i have a magical washing machine in the basement that makes broken sewing kits disappear

- got about half of the hat done and checked weather. even colder. finished the hat

- happy dance i have a hat

- oh bummer. i can only have one crafted hat as an outer layer. oh well at least my other hat is a good one. i have a maple leaf hat that close to the bunny one. i replaced the red scarf with the bunny hat

- checked rabbit traps. got one rabbit. can't see wolves and bear. i bet they're waiting for me under my bed

- grabbed a new torch from the closet since the old one burned out

- harvested rabbit in the shelter. it's warm enough without the fire

- crafted two fishing rods before cooking the bunny rabbit

- ate and slept



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Day 32


- crafted more hooks and lines. this will be useful once I begin Coastal fishing

- blizzard. gathered all my items to check their weight and compiled a list of stuff i will leave behind

- busted a chair and shredded a couple of curtains

- repaired maple leaf hat

- ate two ctails and read 2h of field dressing book

- it's night i'm not tired. tried busting a chair, requires light. sigh

- go out on the porch and ran not leaving the porch until got cold. the night is nasty

- finally tired enough to sleep a bit over 9h


Day 33


- woo! the bunny diet is good for me. over 80% health

- there is one place i want to visit but it's far and health costly

- the day seems clear if cold -24C so i decide to go for it

- i cook a cup for rosehips tea and mushroom tea and drink for warmth before taking torches and moving out

- managed to carry the torch all the way to the river where it got blown out

- gathered cattails and turned up the bank at the waterfall heading for the Three Strike farmstead

- there is a deer in the barn whose hide i want so I can repair boots or pants

- there is a fire barrel too but the deer is two steps out of its warmth range

- tucked a regular fire inside next to a wall, it has shelter from the couple of sides if drafty so i hope it won't get blown out

- took more health beating waiting for my last piece of coal to be added

- got meat first and cooked it. ate the small piece to preserve health

- removed the hide. since i'm warmed up i ventured away from the barn and gathered food

- came back cold to harvest the guts and warm up while doing so

- crafted mushrooms and cooked them too

- this made me plenty tired

- returning slowly and carrying a stink line

- realised i'm on the other side of the field but much closer than making a separate run to my bunny traps

- i'm not seeing the bear or the wolf luckily

- both traps have scored bunnies

- full fatigue sets in when i pick up bunnies and both traps since i'm strongly considering leaving pleasant valley

- crawled from the traps to the farmhouse without any sprint

- still cannot sleep

- i have managed to preserve a lit torch so i make fire at the barrel by the farm

- grabbed meat off the rabbits and cooked it

- too tired to take bunny hides of guts

- snow began falling. picked up a torch from the barrel and went in to sleep

- two matches used today but i have food and getting that skin was important

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Day 34


- a clear morning. hid in the snow shelter and skinned two bunny rabbits

- I am leaving great many things behind at the farmhouse, but I am still bordering weight limit

- drank water and went a bit under 30k before moving along

- crossed the river and then followed the field alongside the highway to the red barn

- while i was skinning rabbits the weather changed to wind and snow but i'm determined to keep going

- it's difficult to tell in this heavy snow but i think there are wolves hanging around the red barn far too close for comfort

- after hesitation decided to press on without warming up towards the crossroads

- this did give my health sound kicking but i made it without being eaten

- the stashed jerry can was a delight since my lantern was out of fuel

- picked up a small lantern fuel too

- rechecked the whole house, found ruined jeans and tore them for cloth

- picked up a number of unread books. this increased the weight a lot but this was a run for stuff so i have to suck in up and carry tomorrow for a long stretch

- drank a cup of tea and some water. i am low on water

- then ate cooked rabbits caught a day ago before sleep


Day 35


- woke up in good health condition. i'll need it. drank the rest of my water which filled up thirst bar only a quarter

- the morning is freezing -36C but two pairs of deer pants and my rabbit hat with gloves make it so much better

- i had hypoth by the time i spotted a roadside cave and mushrooms

- found 3 coal in the cave and started a fire to warm up and boil water

- since there were bunnies, i set my two traps to see if i get lucky in a couple of hours but had no cigar

- as soon as i left the cave and rounded a boulder i saw a wolf crossing a road

- danced around him at safe distance waiting for him to go away. got hypoth simply waiting for him to leave before i could advance towards the transition mine to coastal

- i do have marginal sprint but it's slow going uphill that gives health a sound beating even though i drink a couple of teas

- at the mine entrance found a big stash of coal and another crowbar not noted in my notes

- since the wind was kind enough to not blow out the torch i carried from the open cave, i used it to light the way

- the coal in the mine respawned and i got a big pile while walking. this however mounted 41kg on my back and i lost sprint

- hello coastal, welcome me back please kindly. it does with sunny weather

- crawling but crawling downhill. i hope i don't bump into a wolf at an intersection

- health around 20% and dropping, seeing the safe trailer ahead getting closer turtle slowly

- reached the trailer without kicking the bucket and dropped off a lot of weight into a drawer and blue box

- searched the trailer and found 3% granola bar

- it is evening but the sun is still up, my fatigue and health are bad though

- ah YOLO! chomp a baaad granola bar! i lived! hurray! top off with ctails and 10h nap

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“Into the eternal darkness, into fire and into ice. ”
Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy


Day 36


- woke up with 20% cabin fever threat. of course i would. it's still kind of nighty, no tip of the sun rays showing

- meh gotta go. i have big plans for the big fish!

- immediately lost my way outside and optimistically rolled downhill without the road hopefully to the fishing hut and not into wolf's mouth

- when i reached the log area the aurora fired up in the sky

- cabin cabin? there it is. it even has a cedar and reclaimed wood

- froze my bum off waiting to add coal before setting water to boil and wrecking ice with the crowbar

- fished until afternoon and caught less than one fish per hour. sigh. cooked four fishes one of them about 150 cal only

- i'd like to go to the bear patrol island. shuffling feet slowly hence the extra weight

- a wolf far in the distance takes interest of one stink line and follows

- tried going one way around the island and saw the bear, had to backtrack while freezing and climbed the other side uphill

- dropped fish and extra weight and went out to grab more wood

- spotted a guy and fishing boat, both empty

- went to the nearest fishing hut and dropped off coal and wood there

- a blizzard rolled in while a was looking around

- only grabbed 3 branches, not the epic most loot

- ate two fish and slept 10h like always fairly beaten up by nightfall

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Day 37


- Since I have a hammer and 17 metal and cloth, I would like to go to Desolation Point Forge, but this dangerous venture is not for an empty stomach

- Hopefully more fishing will help me out

- It's still dark and the frost is biting when I make a rush leapfrogging off the bank past the bear to the nearest fishing hut

- The stove fires up after giving me hypoth but I keep optimistic and dip the first line into the icy water

- The first two hours end up empty and the first rod snaps. While I have a fair amount of rods, the absence of food is troubling. I need more than filling my stomach for a day. I need a full stomach for a trip and I'd like to depart tomorrow.

- The ice glows pink and the sun is climbing higher. Through a doorless way I spot a wolf crossing between me and the island.

- The fish become more merciful and I begin catching after adding more coal for the fire duration. I catch a moderate amount. Another rod snaps.

- The sun is setting when I begin the cooking spree. The fish is too small to cook and fish at the same time since it would burn in 1h.

- When I'm done the sun is gone beyond the horizon and the island outlines vanish in murky dusk. It's unpleasant. Brown. Plump snowflakes are dropping from the sky limiting sight even more.

- I've eaten a great deal of it, but I shouldn't have taken the fish with me.

- I couldn't have stayed at the fishing hut for the night either hence the absence or bedroll bites.

- I finally make out the bank and set foot on it. Both site and ears straining, I keep moving with fatigue dragging behind me like heavy shackles.

- No vigilance was enough. I hadn't a second to offer a fish decoy when silently a sleek shape that blended with darkness launched for my throat.

- I have been dragged into wilds beyond.  


The Long Dark


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Warm and bunny like congratulations to everyone who during this and last week celebrates Easter. :) Good health and fortune to you.

To get back to my Voyager game, my survivor was at the Mystery Lake at the campsite area. I have a lot of days to cover and she has unlocked a number of achievements which I've been using for a while in my various Loper games.

Day 109


- Explored the Clearcut area. There are two wolves guarding a few birch saplings. Funny how close they stay to this birch. It's like, 'stay away from our trees human we marked them!'

- got stuck on some boulder and had to take a very unpleasant leap to get unstuck, i think this counts as a fall, sprained my ankle and got bruising along with torn clothes

- almost tempted to ninja the saplings but i think those wolves are trained against ninjas

- wind and snow are saying 'we want a blizzard soon' thus headed back to the campsite

- i found a new wilderness kitchen book by the stove that needs reading

- what do i have? sardines? lets have that and read.

- out of calories, blizzard started btw, chomp another can of sardines to read... food poisoning, i've been waiting for you

- have my anti poison meds and sleep 5h


Night 109


- tore up a sweater

-  finished wolf meat

- slept 7 more hours

- still moon up, i'm not tired and i'm out of water

- 22% herbal tea yes lets cook that once we boil some water

- charming stove fire bleaks on the ground


Day 110


- let's go hop hop. there is moderate fog but travelling is possible

- passed the clearcut and crossed into the hills area eventually reaching a pond where the hunters blind is, grabbed two cattails

- there is a deer but i don't want to mess with him due to wolves, plus it seems you don't heal during food poisoning because my health is around 85%

- kept travelling over some hill and bumped into 5 birch saplings... uh... aren't these the saplings i didn't want to go near yesterday due to two wolves? uh oh better grab them and run for it

- found another birch sapling later on, i don't need saplings i need to get out of here before i get wolfed

- this fog is so very helpful in the forest. huuurrayy! that little cabin. entered and grabbed one fuel book since i used mine at the trailers

- while i seem to have a map of ML in my mind where which cabin is, whenever i'm taking a path in that approximate direction i end up elsewhere

- kept walking around in circles until i reached the hunters cabin

- the snare caught a bunny, what do you know, reset it, grabbed a knife to harvest

- still have daylight left, went to check that cave

- it's a long one filled with coal, eventually i reach an exit into a river area crowded by mountain banks

- mountain town, this sounds very impressive

- there is a purple waterfall that has bleaks dancing along the mountainside, very pretty

- gathered all cattails eventually reaching a cliff and a rope down. i'm fatigued and it's getting late turned back and by nightfall reached my cabin

- two granola bars for supper and sleep


Day 111


- i'm going to take most of the food that can expire and search the mountain town, it seems amazing

-  the snare napped another bunny, it seems i need to watch it for it to catch, harvested the bunny and got lvl 4 skill! hurray!

- grabbed my four bunny pieces too

- still foggy, the meat smells, started a fire right beside the rope to cook it and boil a bit of water then slept

- the fog passed, i'm slightly too heavy, ate the smallest rabbit piece and went down

- not really seeing anything too exciting, a couple of signs pointing me backwards say climbing area

- whaaat? a rope going up? hmph couldn't we just have a straight sticks bridge

- pant gasp that's a lot of stamina

- i haven't seen this area before and it's super duper cool

- searched a picnic area and some kind of office beside it. that office is a sneaky trap, it does have a bed but it has no door, is cold and a fire can't be built

- keep going. i am finding food here and there, not in the best condition

- a gas station, that's extremely promising, interesting I need to break the door down to enter

- leaving everything but the food behind and then leave the station to follow the road

- the town of milton, fascinating, it has many creaky sounds similar to a bear, very scary because i'm fatigue, carrying over 35kg and moving very very slowly, if anything decides to wolf me i'm grounded

- this is a classical ghost town, it makes me sad, melancholy, who used to live here?

- entered the first house which allows entry

- it has no bed, the second floor is empty and an upturned picture frame shows a woman and a child

- it does have a fridge, i sort out the food and leave the best quality

- failed at reading due to fatigue, ate extremely fishy sardines, they didn't get me, the fishy dogfood did

- used my anti poison pills and slept 12h


Day 112


- i am both excited and saddened by this town. a new place to explore

- follow the street to a mansion where i find another wilderness kitchen book, stop searching the mansion half way, i want to explore

- hearing wolf howls as i travel, it begins snowing harder and harder while i pass three cars along the road and see a wolf not too far crossing

- made a hook to avoid him and saw a church. can i enter it? went around all four walls until i saw the doors

- st christopher's church. it looks like someone made a fort here with the help of the holy word and a rifle. three extra bullets are always helpful

- a campfire and a makeshift bed, this looks like a safe location to hole up in

- i don't trust this weather. it threatens blizzard. went back inside and finished reading my previous wilderness kitchen book. i have one other left

- checked the weather. it got better. i continued following the road but along the bank closer to the mountain. i have a feeling it might be wolf trapped

- walking with a mild sense of alarm. the snow might get worse again. i'm hearing three wolves orchestra

- a trailer appears by the road, in the distance i'm seeing a wolf

- nothing remarkable in the trailer. the double beds have one crooked mattress. possible to sleep but uncomfortable

- made exit and began walking parallel to the road but  keeping to the mountain

- another cave i can enter. i rather like the thought. it is semi-dark but enough light to walk the corridors to the new exit

- hushed river valley. brrrr awful associations. i know this area. i haven't been beaten worse anywhere else. even the moose went nice on me in DP

- still a few hours of daylight. i'm tempted to turn my tail and run to the wolves

- no way i'm starting exploration on declining day. as if to lure me in the skies cleared completely, blue and yellow colours

- ate a can of pork and beans before reading until daylight faded. hid in the cave to sleep


Day 113


- i can't say i'm excited about this area. it's all mountains and hills. i'm concerned about not being able to climb back up to the exit

- kept following a narrow ledge across two tree bridges. heard a wolf bark below the tree bridge. hearing howls but not near me

- eventually reached a campsite and a deer. the backpack also has a piece of moose. i don't want to stop here for lunch and i have enough food. the mild fog and the lack of wind hold steady

- reached a rope at the place called many vista falls and went down only to encounter another rope going up!

- this is such a bother. drank a cup of coffee and proceeded with a difficult climb

- bumped into a cool catche on the next level. the find made me carry too much weight

- ate a can of condensed milk and got a food poisoning. this is not good. turns out this ledge has a second rope going high up and i'm stuck between ropes

- i do have anti poison pills but these were my last two. slept a few hours since the weather isn't killable, i was too fatigued anyway

- i suppose i can try the second rope, bumped into a wall of shrubs that demanded to be chopped via hatchet only

- the chopping plus poison drained my stamina and forced me to sleep off the rest of the ailment hours

- there is smoke coming from the neighbouring mountain. i wander if another lonely survivor is roasting his mushrooms above the flames


Night 113


- the weather very much is about to spoil. climbed half way up the rope to a ledge and the blizzard set in

- climbing rope in a blizzard at -21C that's pretty wicked. warmth bar dropping rapidly

- have no clue where to go either from there. kept clinging to rocks in hopes of a cave and eventually stumbled upon one in pensive mista area

- the cave has some coal and cedar logs. even inside the cave it's -6C so i stated the fire asap

- sorted through loot while waiting for the coal to be dropped in

- dropped the coal into the fire and slept. rope climbing is a draining activity

- eat and sleep



Day 114


- left the cave and marched on until i reached a lake, a frozen guy has some clothes, not taking feathers. don't want weight and i have enough

- the trees have familiar moose markings on them

- what do you know, there really is a moose. i don't see any safe position i can shoot him from so i sneak around the lake circumference and head up a path

- got two sprains sneaking around the moose. used painkillers on the ankle, the limp is bothersome uphill

- eventually the path leads me to another cave and rosehips. some birch and maple sapling are around but i'm not taking them either for the same reason as feathers

- finding four mushrooms stumps is important. i should boil the reishi tea at the earliest opportunity. i'm eating a lot of iffy food and i'm out of anti poison

- the view from the top of the mountain ridge into the hushed river below is amazing bit the weather soon begins to spoil

- hide inside the cave and tore up junk clothes

- didn't make fire. used a spare bedroll i found in this peak cave to sleep

Day 115


- woke up too early and read the entire kitchen wilderness book. less weight

- nothing else up here. i'm going to have to sneak past the moose again

- the weather is lousy, heavy snow, got around him at the waterfall area and found lake cave

- there is a dead wolf with a knife in its side and a fallen adventurer, cured guts and a hide are deeper in, the adventurer has a field dressing book

- another blizzard it got really cold -4C even in the cave. used cedar log and 2 coal i brought for fire

- chopped bushes by the entrance and heard the moose moo at me. am i stuck or what i think the moose is guarding this cave and will trample me if i try leaving

- since i've gained a sprained wrist during the track, slept 2h

- the storm subsided into a mild, chilly fog

- read one hour until the fire burned out and then peeked out

- had to backtrack and go around the entire lake, the moose mooed at me annoyed a couple of times but i sprinted away

- gathered some cattails eventually crossing tree bridges and found more of these bushes that need to be dealt via hatchet

- cool! there is a spot where i can climb down clinging to roots and the pack can be overweight

- there is an exploration cave by the waterfall and rosehips

- have 116 rosehips. crafted them and also mushrooms

- went in and walked with lantern light until i bumped into a rope

- dropped my bedroll and slept after wolf meat dinner


Day 116


- since i can't climb this rope i'll go out and explore around the cave

- blizzard. ate a can of peaches and read to the end stay on target

- dropped all extra weight at the cave and wolf pelt to cure

- weather better. went out to go around the cave and saw a wolf heading in my direction

- turned instead to the river, got onto the opposite bank and saw more hatchet bushes

- wasted hatchet on them since the area behind them was entirely bare

- came back and gathered cattails and then climbed the roots

- kept walking until i reached a rope down. that's a super long rope with two landings

- saw some mushrooms that need to be gathered and eventually bumped into a cave where i stayed the night


Day 117


- bumped into a wolf as soon as i left the cave early morning, he bumped into me too and figured i'm good breakfast

- shot at him and while he ran circles around me scared gathered mushrooms

- saw another wolf eating a deer and went past him to check a frozen adventurer then bumped into another exploration cave that has a deer in front of it

- dropped extra weight and went on to explore. bumped into a few ponds and gathered stuff around it

- eventually made a wide circle and entered another open cave. so far i found an extra hatchet of notable things

- saw more wolves along the way. they don't seem to have wide agro range but there are four or five hanging around this area

- on top of a small hill found a very cool spot. a snow shelter by a campfire. found an improvised hatchet, which is nifty, always found full hatchets before, a rifle leaning against a tree and a box of ammo. left the rifle where it is. too much weight, but thanks for ammo. i can use it against 500 wolves per sq meter

- rolled downhill and came back to the deer cave. received two sprains right at the cave entrance on a flat ground. what even was that

- i guess i'll eat and sleep then


Day 118


- used several flares to explore the caves, tried charting them but i think they run in circles and i got lost regardless

- kept bumping in to a circular cave where a fallen adventurer has bow and arrows along with a back pack

- made exit where i started at the deer cave entrance and went to the spot where yesterday a wolf chased me off

- the wolf was right there and tried pouncing me again but a rifle shot convinced him to run off

- went through while he ran in circles and crossed a tree bridge to another cave which has many rosehips

- went through this cave as well and found a cave exit to the hushed river, found an adventurer at the cave that has a brand new prybar plus other items

- left extra weight at this cave entrance and went back, ran out of flares and used my lantern

- i can look around the cave where i saw rosehips as well. there is a line of thorn bushes which i cleared to a hand climb

- there was another thick line of bushes that has to be cleared twice past it and dual climb

- i'm a hundred percent fatigued and it's late so i'll try climbing that dual rise tomorrow

- went back to the cave, drank 2 sodas, bit off mre, and topped with water before 12h sleep


Day 119


- followed a series of hand climbs and minor waterfalls to a lake

- isn't this the moose lake? part of the cattails are gathered

- stumbled into an area with two stumps, i feel like that's where i tried to go from the cave but a wolf cut me off

- tried looking around but didn't find a path to the cave nor saw a wolf

- ended up accidentally climbing all the way back to the bottom

- headed for the rope area and got wolfed, sneaky bugger just hid behind a random snowdrift and gave me some injuries

- wolf ran off and i began a very long track climbing

- got to the 1st ledge, slept an hour, got to the second ledge and slept 3h, go the last chunk done

- now i am sure there are two ways down. followed a hand climb to my cave

- there was a dead wolf when i first found this cave so i grabbed his meat and hide which was faster my hand than hatchet

- made fire to boil water and two cups of mushroom tea against poisonings, also cooked wolf meat

- made a cup of herbal tea too since health took a beating then slept 11h


Day 120


- the wolf conveniently kicked the bucket next to the tree bridge

- went out and made a wide circle around the area to ensure i haven't left anything behind in any of the caves

- stopped at the exploration cave. there was another corridor i didn't check. i have collected more flares

- ended up walking under a stream of water and getting drenched to hypoth

- the corridor branches off. one branch has taken me to a hidden catche which had yellow earmuffs and the other branch was an exit under a waterfall that too will drench you

- backtracked to my spot with loot. went out to skin the deer. i'll cook the meat tomorrow

- ate pork and beans and slept

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Day 121


- heavy snowfall and my load is very very heavy, got no sprint, barely shuffling my feet

- super slowly dragged my stuff to the cave where the wolf attacked me

- i am hugely concerned. i dropped 3 packs of matches and a stim in one of the caves. for the life of me, i can't find where. i do locate all my other junk no problem though

- dropped deer meat at the entrance. i suppose i can take the flare and run through to the hushed river exit to sleep on that side

- i don't understand this cave system at all. kept going forever and ever until i bumped into a bountiful adventurer nook

- another bedroll and a book on wilderness survival and more food and goodies

- keep going until i bumped into a cave rope

- way way too many items. dropped most of them and went up

- it's a different exit with rose bushes around it

- since i'm light went exploring and recognised the area. the line of bushes can be chopped to a tree bridge

- wow i can see the entrance zone from this bridge but there is absolutely no path down

- bumped into lonely cave and found another guns guns advanced guns book

- i thiiiiink there is some kind of snow slope thingy that can be tricked down with a risk of ending my very long run

- time to head back to the cave and think about it

- at the cave dropped all my spare items and went down the rope with just mre on me

- ate it and made a fire under the rope since i'm out of water. wheee! i'm a fire expert now!

- tore old fashioned parka then slept


Day 122


- picked up everything left under the rope. it ended up under 30kg and climbed

- i have 74 cattails so picking them all up was very lengthily and dull

- stepped out brrr!! i don't want to travel negate temp with 40kg on my back i'll slowly freeze shuffling around like a turtle

- read wilderness survival for three hours and tried again

- deadly stunt here folks! don't do it at home! er that is if wilderness if you home. rolling down eighty degree hill

- oooo i actually did it and crawled all the way to the linking cave between mountain town and hushed river

- i really don't want to drop a billion harverstables. i think there was a container somewhere in the cave

- walked all the way to the exit to milton, no crate in sight

- since i walked that far i might as well crawl to the trailer

- got semi-lost on the way but ended up accidentally sliding downhill onto a road and saw the trailer which has a green box

- this is good for organising, medkit is for medicine, green box for bigger items, a workbench for cloth and such

- i may have the time to return to the cave. left almost everything books included and went for it

- went through the cave to HRV and built and a fire

- once the water boiled slept 2h outside until it got chilly

- dogfood and rest


Day 123


- trying to avoid getting stuck harvesting, passed cloudstop falls and stairsteps lake where a tree hollow had a can of dogfood

- the wolf is hanging around the lake leisurely and i hurried to a different bank where i found more bushes to chop through and a hand climb

- bumped into an adventurer who had a hatchet and a fresh candy bar

- another hand climb down and a hidden catche by a tree, some decent peanut butter

- wait a minute i walked in a circle, this is the stairsteps lake

- went through it and follow the hills over a tree bridge and down steep banks

- hushed river? there might be that cave nearby where i had a stash

- here it is actually. bow and arrows, but where in the world are my matches? seriously i lost like 40 matches. that and books were my biggest reasons for exploring this teeth and danger zone

- tried mapping the cave again and eventually reached the cave exit where i had a tangle with a wolf

- the wolf is gone. i bet anything he's waiting to sink he teeth into my ankles

- checked every inch of the corridor back and forth. no matches. i really don't want to but i have to go to that cave that used to have deer at the entrance

- i always, always get lost looking for it. the area has many similar elevations and boulders similar to where the cave entrance is hidden

- bumped into the open cave at the back of the map. checked it too just in case. nope

- the weather is spoiling. i'm going to rest

Day 124


- back again to looking for that cave in heavy snow

- spotted a wolf not far busy eating a rabbit. that will keep him busy

- after much stumbling finally found the cave. lit the lantern and checked every inch along the corridor. nothing

- while i did that a blizzard started so i slept one hour. still yuck. crafted everything i had. much better

- found a way back to the cave. at least i can use the magnifying glass to start a fire to cook the deer venison and boil water

- i'm afraid i can't just drop this issue. i'm going to have to climb that huge rope tomorrow

- peanut butter dinner and sleep


Day 125


- blizzard morning. tore up a red scarf to repair snow pants

- where is my small chunk of wolf meat? i can read a couple of hours and sleep

- weather looks good enough to climb. ufff this is even worse than timberwolf. there are two landings and you must sleep on each least you want to fall very far down

- going up and then doing the hand climb down

- lit the lantern and checked every tiny corridor nook. no matches. just my old campfire and fully read stay on target. this will teach me to drop matches even if i'm carrying 200kg

- bleh blizzard again. began reading when

- POP! and fanfares! I have received a purple book badge! hurray hurray

- going to stay the night at the cave




Day 126


- this is getting dull always the morning blizzard. read field dressing book, slept

- snowy-fog nah finished reading the book and slept. dropped the book next to stay on target

- mild fog i'll take it. stopped on the lower ledge even on the way down to rest and scout for predators

- didn't see them predators but when i reached the tree bridge i got wolfed

- ufff this one was naaaaasty bit a hefty chunk off my health and damaged severely many clothing items. hat down to 4%. i guess i'm lucky not to zero

- i have an extra bedroll. tore up the 55% one for cloth and repaired all i could. need leather for gloves and boots

- ate my big piece of deer meat, drank herbal tea and slept


Day 127


- woke up when the sun was half way to the sky, but some nasty greenish fog

- thirsty, no water, no branches either. tried chopping a limb nearby. you need light to chop firewood? bugger that

- went back to the cave annoyed and played cards. health hadn't reached hundred after sleep and thirst didn't help

- waited for daylight to find the pack of crows and the wolf that gave me the trashing

- took his hide and meat, chopped up cedar limb and had a nice cooking session

- fired up a flare and tried charting the caves again carrying all my stuff. ended up at the rope spot. i suppose i could try that downhill session again

- the stamina is uncomfortable at the spot where it dropped to 29kg but i'm not tired to sleep full night

- slept 1h and it didn't really help

- ate a full chunk of wolf meat and slept as much as i could


Night 127


- woke up in pitch darkness and had to use the lantern to sort which items i can take up. lantern fuel is very low

- climbed the rope, dropped the items and climbed back down again for the rest, then went up once more

- wasted more lantern to collect everything and find my way to the exit

- not a starry night. the rope climbing did make me tired and health is beaten. ate a small chunk of wolf meat and slept about 3h


Day 128


- a brown coloured blizzard ewww made fire and began cooking teas in my inventory

- a moderate fog comes in. i'll take it. there is a new wolf coming towards the cave. luckily there are two paths leading from the cave and he is not on the one i need to take

- i made. hurray!

- the cave between mountain town and river is semi-dark. i suppose i could make it without light but i don't wan to squint

- used a flare to comb through carefully and found another flare

- followed the road to the trailer where i had leather and repaired mukluks

- the fishing hook is 19% and i still want to repair gloves. i could use the guts to make another but i rather keep them for crafting other things

- another thing i need is lantern oil. my lantern is flickering

- i probably should stay in mountain town and search for both the sewing kit and lantern oil before returning to the hushed river

- the green box is stuffed full. dropped the coal outside by the fire barrel and began boiling water

- it's too foggy and late to travel

- got 4L grabbed a brand to light the trailer and wolf meat for supper. slept


Day 129


- i don't remember what i left at the church. might be the items i need. going that way to find out

- i can harvest a torch for a useful stick. i didn't know that. fun

- the wind outside sounded nasty and turned out bearable. -2C and mild fog. it is fairly decent to travel

- went inside to drop off a few items. stepped out and it's moderately snowing plus wind

- went for the church. by he lake spotted a deer and a group of birch saplings. took the saplings after hesitation

- grabbed two guts as well. i have 2 and i need 4 for a wolf jacket. the wolf is howling nearby. i know he's close to the church

- heavy slanted wind and heavier snow. feels like another short term blizzard incoming

- a good trick. drop a ruined can of dogfood into a backpack and it magically disappears

- dropped the guts to cure and birch saplings then tore up some junk to pass time

- not a significant weather improvement. checked a pink car and a truck nearby. don't have a prybar. found edible granola bar

- there are deer walking around calmly it seems the wolf is away

- used the clear road to go to milton where the big mansion is

- crossed the bridge and saw a wolf hanging around like a boss at the town center

- snuck into the mansion behind his back. a box of ammo under an armchair and a sewing kit in the bedroom

- repaired gloves then swiped an old candy bar for a new one

- that wolf is going to be a problem since i still need to find lantern fuel

- a credit union is across the street. no credit for you. you have no fuel and all your choc bars are past expiry date

- searched a million deposit boxes. who stores money in them? try storing chocolate bars

- the post office down the street has a bullet and frontier shooting guide. the long dark wants me to wander in the dark!

- in one of the houses found a storm lantern partially filled. harvested it and refuelled mine

- it is dark, a good moment to test my currently lantern. this house has a nice bed

- ate some old choc bars, soda and slept


Day 130


- the lantern is about 80% full. good enough. i'm going to head back to hushed river to retrieve the rest of my stuff

- didn't get half way down the street when angry bark bark. sprinted towards the mansion. hill making me go slow and hearing antsy breath on my heels

- phew i got away. going to drop off extra items like the prybar

- it's a good thing the mansion is up on the hill. scouted. no wolf. went for the bridge past the church. on the way the snow and wind picked up and got moderate when i reached the trailer

- a soda and 2h of advanced guns to wait out the weather

- better. got to the cave and went through. i may still have time to travel. tried reaching a stairsteps lake and ended up at misty falls instead

- sigh forever lost. took the rope down and began walking when out of nowhere a wolf jumps my bones near twin sisters falls

- ate half of my health and ran off. at least he didn't tear my clothes much

- walked in circles occasionally bumping into this limping wolf. which one of us did he do a favour by trying to eat me? no one. how can you explain this to a silly canine

- eventually bumped into the bear and cubs falls. i hope there is shelter. fatigue fully blow out and the moon is climbing over the horizon

- dragged my feet up the bank and in between the prickly shrubs spotted an excellent valley cave

- soda and salt crackers in a backpack. a flare gun and two shells next to a frozen adventurer, a campfire with a couple of cedar logs. good place to stay the night

- ate my last big chunk of wolf meat and slept 3 to 6h long pieces


Day 131


- stumbled around the entire area pointlessly seeking a way up, found a landslide and series of waterfalls

- found the wolf that attacked me far away and skinned him

- at the end of the day retreated to the cave and chopped up fir firewood.

- the only way out is by rope it seems. what a pain. like always i have too much weight

- have to leave though. the hatchet is down to 18%

- cooked 5 wolf pieces by 800 cal. stuffed myself full since i won't be able to take them all and slept

- DING!! an incredible, epic, very much wanted badge appears! ooooh! i think this is a good one! is this the +2C bonus to survivor? this is a lifesaver on Loper if I can activate it




Day 132


- all right let's find some long rope and get out of here

- this rope is horrendous won't recommend it with 28kg never mind 30

- stopped on the first ledge and built a fire from the fir log that was there. it is zero so it's dangerous to sleep, which is absolute must at least 3h

- made it to the second ledge and slept 1h without fire since the temp rose to 5C

- the view is amazing no matter what

- sooo where am I? this is familiar territory. pensive cave. the firewood is organised in a manner i'd do it

- i should stay the night. organised a campfire and boiled water as a blizzard started. sorry kitchen wilderness book. i need you to wait on fire to add coal

- the cave a few coal pieces which i added and slept carefully 4h and then a couple of more checking temp when the fire went out. then slept 5h more since the temp without blizzard seems safe


Day 133


- early morning, venture out whistling a merry tune when... WHEN!

- a MOOSE! a moose fell out of the sky for nice little me very conveniently

- yep it seems to have fallen off a cliff right beside my cave and it's not frozen!

- hello and thank you my lucky stars! there are no predators here either to contest my steak

- ate a big chunk of wolf meat before work

- i can do it! 1 hide, 1 gut, 39.5 kg of meat! equates to 14.5h of skinning! mwuhaha!!


- lost 40% of my health for that bwuhuhu!

- i think i was using the hatchet and not my hands for the last part because it's down to 12%

- oh boiiii all my hatchets are very far away

- i can't move! dropped the meat except several pieces and ran for the cave

- ate a can of tomato soup, and a can of pork and beans before sleep



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Day 134


- dedicated time to find enough sticks to cook the moose by hand because my hatchet is down to 9% after i chopped 1 fir limb

- i need A LOT of sticks!

- came back in the evening

- drank two sodas and a candy bar before sleep

Day 135


- travelled all the way to Monolith Lake is search of the precious sticks

- the moose is gone. it seems that's the same one. maybe it climbed the mountain all the way to ninja attack me but tripped and fell in the dark? nobody messes with the long dark

- went for the peak cave. i believe i had left a stash of firewood

- 3 cedar and many sticks, plus i found bushes on the way. very useful

- dragging my feet very very very slowly with 41kg of firewood

- by the end of the day started a fire

- mwuhuhu!!! 12h fire made of sticks only! i got over 200 sticks!

- i had left a huge pile of moose meat next to the moose because i couldn't move

- had to run out and get it during one of the cooking sets

- got sodding lost on the way literally around the corner due to green viscous darkness and climbed around the entire mountain top to relocate my cave. at least nothing burned


Day 136


- cooking moose is comfy because each chunk is 1h and 5mins long. i can nap on my bedroll 1h to stay off fatigue

- sometimes boiling 1L of water too next to 1 moose chunk. doing it in pairs due to two campfire slots

- also had a pile of meat at the cave entrance. avoided getting lost during retrieval

- finished cooking my moose without using the cedar logs awesome!

- boiled water for the rest of the day and night


Day 137 - 147

- it's raining moose! hallelujah!

it's raining moose! aaaaall day!

- the moose hide cured. it still weights 5kg


Day 148


- removed my hat so it doesn't get ruined so fast

- the cave coal re-spawned


Day 149


- returned to the Monolith Lake and discovered Banner Falls

- climbed the central island

- last time the moose didn't let me explore it thoroughly nor pick all cattails

- heh i have 62 tails now over 3kg

Day 150 - 151


- a very cold night. slept 2h cuts. almost started a fire


Day 152


- health has taken greater damage from thirst + hunger

- all moose pieces were 900 cal and my cooking raised them to 1080 cal

- i drink full and eat one whole piece before sleep each day. then i don't drink or eat until the next night

Day 153


- normal health hit

- aurora night

- the mysterious fire across ravine is still burning


Day 154 - 155


- tried using my rifle as a telescope to scout a path to the mysterious fire

- got nothing

- the bedroll is starting to wear out under 50%

- the stretched out moose hide on the cave floor looks more comfortable. i wish we could sleep on the cured moose or bear hides without crafting them into bedrolls


Day 156 - 167


- out of water

- the cured gut got ruined

- picked up all remaining moose meat to check the weight. it will be too heavy since i need to carry the moose hide too

- started a fire to boil 8L of water

- i used 1 match per 30 days. that's efficiency!

- occasional aurora here and there

Day 168 - 169


- brrr! morning blizzard. -2C even in the cave

- put my hat back on

- either my clothes are getting worn out or the weather is getting chillier

- i should really finish eating my moose and leave as soon as possible. this cave is becoming nippy

Day 170 - 174


- more aurora shining

- the moose is gone. packing bags and getting off this mountain

- no i'm not. it's freezing! and this wind is pain in the windbreaker




Day 175


- -10C brrr! waiting for -2C if i understand correctly the explore cave behind the monolith lake is connected to the upper landing while i need to go the other way

- checked one dead end path beside the cave

- choc bar plus mre chunk before staying at this cave for the night


Day 176


- -17C no way hose.... -5C fine...

- wolf heading straight for me in a narrow passage. shot first before he asked questions

- there is a safe way to the river but i don't have time to look for it because the scared wolf can reset. jumped from the bank and receive minor bruising and torn clothes

- found the path which has multi roots climbs that leads to a lower cave connect to the rope and exit from hushed river valley

- used the flare to light the way. i must have burned ten of them to explore this area

- had to drop items at the circular cave by the rope and drag the loot up in two trips

- i'm not leaving the area yea. dropped extra weight to explore the second path that leads away from the cave. the right path is to the exit

- walking with the rifle out. i've seen a wolf on this path last time

- no wolf. found thorn bushes. the improvised hatchet broke cutting a path

- woooohoo!!! my curiosity is a happy cat! I found the source of the mysterious fire! it's a small wood pyramid

- too bad the adventurer who built it will no longer be able to tell me about it

- he has a most timely and new hatchet for me

- what's this hanging off a tree? it seems hushed river wishes to make amends! lucky stars! i spy with my all seeing eye a moose-satchel at 82%!!!!

- how can i equip it. it's in the inventory but i'm not seeing the bonus

- turned on the clothes menu. turns out it is an accessory type. removed one of the earmuffs

- a piece of ruined moose meat is by the campfire. doing a happy dance since the skies clear and i can use sunlight to make fire

- wanted to cook the ruined meat to check if i can eat it but it's not possible to place it on the cooking slot

- making water instead and tearing clothes found at the campsite

- fatigue in red and dusk. i should return. lost sprint half way

- at the cave used the remaining daylight to mend a couple of worst off items

- two granola bars for dinner and rest






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Just read all this. Very much enjoyed the writing and was fun to see you're progression :) Although I do not know exactly what classifies as NooB, I am going to go out on a limb by saying you are way past said status :toque:. I Don't think I have played TLD in weeks since coming to these forums because of the wonderful writings and things and stuff N such (hmm why is that sentence a Deja-Vu?) Anyhoo thanks for writing and I am looking forward to more loper adventures:)

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@ogreranger Thank you! 😃 It's great knowing someone enjoys my scribbles. I wasn't sure if it was getting too long and readers were becoming bored with it. You need to play moar TLD. Which modes do you favour?

Day 177

- leap-frog down the hill to the cave connected to the Mountain Town and all the way back to the trailer

- started a fire barrel flame because i can use the mag glass

- only wanted to heat old tomato soup but ended up boiling a big stash of water and using up coal from a collected pile

- pulled extra items from the 15kg box to place all the hides inside otherwise they will spoil, especially the moose hide

- dropped extra hatchets and can openers and all onto table surfaces and shelves

- since this trailer has a workbench i need to think about crafting

- the moose satchel requires leather to fix. leather is scarce if i want 500 days

- since my boots and gloves require leather to fix too, i must craft boots and mittens

- since my stone aim is even worse than rifle, i have to use one gut to make a snare

- i don't really know where in this area i can snare bunnies yet

- anyway, topped the day off by crafting mushrooms and rose

- eat my tomato soup along with the last chunk of mre. sleep


Day 178


- going to explore the highway past the hrv cave connector

- spotted an area where two bunnies and hopping and then saw a peaceful pond with many deer and cats

- past it a wolf is guarding the road. tried climbing rocks past it but had to backtrack and sneak

- went uphill as soon as i could and saw a deer. i want to harvest it but that wolf will be on me

- behind it there is an adventurer nook

- saw a car parked on the road. i don't have a prybar

- another small path down to a landslide and a river that runs under a bridge. there is another deer i don't take until i find a safe spot to harvest

- a pink car is buried in snow, inside i find a box of ammo. left another rifle by the car

- climbed the bank on the other side and saw a tree bridge. the tree is crooked. i was concerned about falling off and couldn't cross

- decided to find a way to the bridge. it's swarmed with many cars. almost bumped into a bear

- watches his patrol route from the car. he doesn't make displeased sound but comes to my car and rubs his back against it before resuming his back and forth guard route

- i get out of the car and take two shots at the bear, which he actually ignores, the third hits and i see a splash of red

- i hide in the car and wait. the bear doesn't come to the car

- i get out and spot him slightly off the road in what looks like a very shallow cave. there are big bones beside it

- the bear is not moving. he's laying down. not standing, not sitting. as in on his side reclined position. i wait wait wait. he's not twitching

- is he dead? i approach and poke him

- i shouldn't have done that

- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

- at least with a wolf you can fight back

- he let's me have it and then since i'm in his cave he lets me have it again!!!

- the screen goes black. i see infection and blood loss. it takes me a very very long time to straighten while in the blurry fog i see him slowly walking away

- used bandage on the bloodflow and put in emergency stim to sprint back to the trailer

- the highway wolf gives chase as well just when the effect wears out

- a rifle shot makes him run off and i stop to use the antiseptic ... which was suppose to be in my inventory and it is not?

- eegh 69% risk and rising

- beards are growing nearby. luckily 4 of them. grabbed 3. crafted and applied on the spot

- then ran back to trailer to examine the damage

- hat and earmuffs ruined. i'm glad the moose-satchel is all right

- repaired a couple of clothing items before dark


Day 179


- my stash of hats is elsewhere. repaired a brown hat found in one of the cards and put in on

- since i already had spare earmuffs put them on too after repair, snow pants need another repair they were down to 28%

- i hoped that my boots and gloves will hold until i craft but they've taken damage too. i won't repair

- strange, i thought i had more than 1 deer hide

- went to church to get reclaimed wood. a nice wool scarf better than my hat but needs repair

- the church also has 2 guts. seems they ruin at the cave but not at the church

- returned to the trailer and crafted 1 snare, went out and set it left of the road where i've seen bunnies

- i'm lvl 3 firearms and don't have any ailments or hunger, why does the rifle always waver so horribly. it doesn't stand still

- read guns guns guns for a few hours, still far from lvl 4

- eating my dry rations now like candy bars and cattails and sleep


Day 180


- the snare yields a nice bunny. i skin it by hand at the trailer and drop to cure

- repaired the scarf and crafted rosehips

- moderate snow and grey weather. turns out i only need 2 deer hides for the boots not 4

- feeling irritable. after waffling decide to give the bear another shot

- snuck past the wolf and headed for the heartbreak bridge where i hid behind a car at the very end on the other side

- completely missed two shots which the bear ignored but began walking my way

- kept trying to steady the stinken aim until the bear took notice. not sure if the shot hit anything or not but the bear sure hit me right next to the car

- did he do a number on my spine

- got into the car to heal injuries feeling extremely pissed off. noticed that he stole my rifle and dropped it by the car window

- 30% health left. the bear is walking around calmly in close proximity.

- climbed out of the fricken car, picked up my rifle, took aim and he jumped me again before i could hide in the car after shooting

- yeah yeah my lucky butt is lucky

- about 8% world swimming all around me

- got into the car, used emergency stim, healed all wounds anew. ate and drank. it's a good thing i had an emergency cup of herbal tea and slept a couple of hours

- he ruined a few items hat, earmuffs, snow pants, mukluks and gloves the rest took damage

- ripped ruined stuff and fixed what i could until the sewing kit broke

- since i've lost a number of my items the car isn't a warm picnic. +2C

- took a chance to sleep a prolonged period


Day 181


- woke up for a fairly cool weather. -3C and car sleeping bonus is +3.8C life's all right

- my problem is the dense fog and no sight of the bear. he better not have ran off. i'm not done with him

- exited to pick up my rifle which he stole again and got inside the car

- tried a few maintenance things and checked what else is ruined then wasted 2h playing cards until the fog lifted

- no bear... ... ... left the car, peeked off the bridge both sides, a crow pack is around a deer that can't be harvested because it doesn't have enough of it left, followed a few paths around and then hit a dead end

- eventually followed a snow path up a mountain where i entered a cave that can be explored

- it's not too large and luckily light. found an adventurer camp and lots of cedar logs

- eventually found another exit and a road that led to a small lake below. didn't find a safe path down and hopped down some rocks dangerously

- the lakes had some ctails and bunnies

- crossed it and began walking when barky bark! the terrain is suckedy hilly everywhere. barely figured the direction i need to shoot in before the wolf could get too close

- he ran off and i ran off. ran to a series of rosehips and hand climbs. if you miss clicking a bush you'll climb before you can harvest. how bothersome

- ooh! shiny! a yellow plane stuck in a tree

- wait this plane is whole? i thought this would be it's front section. the sundermount plane is bigger and different. so which one of them is mine?

- no epic crates like on sundermount but i did find a maple leaf hat and a bunch of cloth scattered around

- still barefoot and no gloves. by the way although the temp climbed into positive, i'm suddenly developing a frostbite. it seems if one area isn't covered you can get frostbite even if it's positive temp

- grabbed all and followed another path to a serious of hand climbs until i bumped into a deer. a deer equals half of my boots

- took everything off and climbed down to more plane pieces and boxes

- funzie 24% driver gloves. i'll be taking that

- nice cave which has a campfire, a white branches bed and a bunch of t-rex bones which make the cave look like something big lives here

- more cedar logs. built a huge fire for 10h to last a night in case whoever it is that left the bones comes and gets scared off by fire

- got two cans of tomato soup under 25%. cooked them both along with the venison. boiled water

- ate the soup plus bit a chunk off the venison and slept


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No not bored, it just seems you've gotten into a pretty solid routine being day 181 and all. Then I read about the encounters with Mr. Bear.  Nothing like a bear attack to help you remember omg I am on day 181!

23 hours ago, tulkawen said:

- is he dead? i approach and poke him

😆😂 .  I admire your courage to walk into a bear cave and poke a bear with a stick. iirc I am pretty sure there's a saying about that😉

I recently did start a new run. Somewhere around @BareSkin's  Sleepwalker 7(or maybe 8 ) I used interloper settings as a base and changed...  rest as a resource off. At rest recovery off and normal(no stat in the red) recovery set to low. Bear,wolf,moose spawn are set to very high and wolf spawn set to close.  I also have a different hunger system, manage my own water and fuel containers, I also have a solstice which affects weather over a 4 month period(4 seasons,spring being the least cold and winter is,well, not nice) and i am trying to utilize the hacksaw exclusively as it seems i have been under utilizing "the Catherine."  I, like you, craft the hatchet for chopping wood. I tend to make one mostly for wolf encounters but since i usually have a hatchet i tend to forget the hacksaw can be used for more than making scrap.

So far I have escaped PV, but not before i was mauled by a bear at signal hill(that was a new one for me) ruining 6 pieces of clothing, some of which i had just found at the farmstead, including my shoes. I have made it to the dam in my socks, and i haven't seen over 30% condition in the 6 days my survivor been alive. I had forgotten that the dam gets a lil chilly at night when you don't have the proper gear and harvested a rabbit. Luckily i canceled at 8% condition. Starting and cooking is interesting to say the least below 10%☺️. I did however find a hacksaw in the dam, which come to think of it is about all i found. Still no shoes though..Bonus find was an 82% bedroll at the hunters blind near the dam... oh geez i've gone and blathered on. apologies.

I am looking forward to ya next loper run too :) G'luck in the cold.

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On 5/1/2019 at 10:47 AM, ogreranger said:

I admire your courage to walk into a bear cave and poke a bear with a stick. iirc I am pretty sure there's a saying about that

If only I had the common sense to poke him with a stick. I climbed on top of him and tried taking his coat. I bet that's what he wanted though. He played dead very convincingly. :D

Day 182


- brrrr!!! that is some crazy wind, not for my shoeless feet to travel in

- the fire is still going. since i found cloth i can do more repairs on my clothes

- didn't repair the gloves since i want to save all leather for the moose satchel

- -11C yeah i'll just go since i don't want to camp here

- wound my way around the place and bumped nose to nose with yesterday's wolf, a shot made him run off and i went back to the lake

- didn't find a way up,  thus took another path that eventually led to more hand climbing and a cave

- the cave is stocked with coal and has another guns book. it's a 3rd guns book. the use i get out of it, a bear can spit on

- stupid bear. i wasted like ten shots on him to get mauled 4 times. i can't believe he vanished into thin air and didn't give me a rematch

- grumbling and walking uphill until i bumped into a radio tower. the tower has a very big box that's very much empty. a cedar log and a line

- from an observation point got a great view of milton

- spotted a climb to town and three wolves hanging between the houses

- they're just going back and forth, sharking around the mansion

- all right... this is what i'm going to do... run towards them and dive into a smaller house next to the mansion which looks like it's enterable. if it's not let's see what three wolves can do after four bear attacks

- ready? set? ruuuuunnn!!!!

- she dives! she wins! sort of since i'm now trapped in a small house without a stove or bed with three wolves licking the windows

- whelp... got a wrist sprain by the way, right before the marathon

- slept 2h and then finished off one venison chunk to read 2h before it got dark

- ate some more and slept 10h



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I have also been giving a try to the various Challenges for the first time.

I started with The Hunted and completed both parts. I enjoyed Part 1 more than Part 2. The start to that adventure is really fun. I like it when you start in a hole and dig yourself out. Right after the Old Bear was done with me, I jumped into the basement in PV and looted it, also, I slept to recover health. From there I climbed ropes to Dodger's where I also had rest. From Dodger's I ran for the Red Barn. The Bear was on my heels by the time I've reached it, but I got away. Made it to Coastal and traveled along the middle part of the hill where the road is. I saw him on the highway below climbing the hill. There was a trailer, he got me right next to the trailer. I was preserving the flare gun flares because I didn't know whether there would be other objectives after I'd get to Trappers. He mauled me without killing.

Anyway, I ran through the Ravine after healing at the trailer at Coastal. At ML I slept in a trailer beside Hydro Dam, then tried making a run for it. He was there as soon as I started walking. The flare gun didn't get him good, so, he got me next to the Alan's Cave. There wasn't any indoor location nearby to sleep in. So I basically climbed hunter's blind steps to eat and stitch up the wounds. Then I had to follow the creek to the lake and hope I won't get wolfed or the bear won't be back because my health was not good. I dodged the wolves, but the Old Bear appeared again right before I reached the Lake Cabin. I thought at this point I'd lose the challenge because he got me right on the doorstep the second time when my health was under 50%. He actually didn't kill me. He ruined a bunch of my stuff and ran off when I had 5% health. I stabbed myself with stim and jumped into the cabin to patch up the wounds and then sleep.

He actually didn't appear when I was running between Lake Cabin and Trappers. That run wasn't speedy. I took a few days because I stopped to loot indoor locations where I was hiding from the Old Bear along the way. I found a sewing kit, so, if I found any clothes I repaired them before moving on. There was also a bit of collecting involved.

The second part also starts up exciting when the Bear tears down the door. When I stepped out he did maul me. Though I think if you crouch with your gun out, you can actually shoot him and scare him off before he gets you. I healed up and ran after him. This one was actually fairly fast. Every time I saw him I've taken a shot. I don't know whether in the long run this made any difference. I did almost freeze at one point since I was running after him not fully healed and without much stuff collected. By the way, it's cheap that we start Part 2 with a new character and don't get to keep our old one, though, that does add a bit of interesting difficulty having little stuff for the chase. Anyway, I chased him down to his lair in two and a half days time. It seems I've officially mastered this challenge, but the bear still won. :D

After the bear shenanigans I've attempted the data collecting challenge, Archivist. I made it out of Milton into Muskeg and got wolfed at the radio tower. Currently giving this a second try and got a great screenshot of getting my butt kicked.


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