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  1. Thou shall count to 138 ....No, like seriously. 138 stones? That be next level wabbit huntin' ☠️ 😀
  2. Some say breaking down cans into scrap metal leads to a lot of scrap metal(It does). The same could be said about taking a hacksaw to Hibernia (It really really does.) The difference is convenience and/or time depending on perception. Making 3 hooks requires 1 Scrap metal, a workbench and 20mins. *Wish* Making 1 hook requires 1 Recycled can and 45mins. Gives a return on an item that (at the moment) has no use other than the survivors imagination and to boil water. May not be the best choice but that would depend on the situtation. I do not think there is a debate on the quantity of resources in the game especially on difficulty levels other than interloper and I would even include interloper with regards to specific resources. I find the more I play the game the more i just wish for more and or different choices to apply to the resources I already have.
  3. ogreranger

    New Maps

    Maybe not, but if random map generation isn't worth an expansion or paid dlc I don't know what is. well said.
  4. ogreranger


    thanks @ajb1978 I literally just finished setting autohotkey up. Thanks to @ThePancakeLady for pointing me in the right direction. I appreciate you responding too@ajb1978 I got my wish! Well sort of, still would be awesome if it was implemented in game, but nonetheless I am happy. /TLDmarathonon
  5. Yep and Yep..I live in the Rikken and embrace the creepy specifically because of that gosh floppin' bear..When I go to Hibernia, I Loot N Scoot! I actually just visited the wolf cave for the first time recently because I wouldn't go on the far side of the factory. Damn bear. Disturbing.Technically.Disturbed.You bet.
  6. No not bored, it just seems you've gotten into a pretty solid routine being day 181 and all. Then I read about the encounters with Mr. Bear. Nothing like a bear attack to help you remember omg I am on day 181! 😆😂 . I admire your courage to walk into a bear cave and poke a bear with a stick. iirc I am pretty sure there's a saying about that😉 I recently did start a new run. Somewhere around @BareSkin's Sleepwalker 7(or maybe 8 ) I used interloper settings as a base and changed... rest as a resource off. At rest recovery off and normal(no stat in the red) recovery set to low. Bear,wolf,moose spawn are set to very high and wolf spawn set to close. I also have a different hunger system, manage my own water and fuel containers, I also have a solstice which affects weather over a 4 month period(4 seasons,spring being the least cold and winter is,well, not nice) and i am trying to utilize the hacksaw exclusively as it seems i have been under utilizing "the Catherine." I, like you, craft the hatchet for chopping wood. I tend to make one mostly for wolf encounters but since i usually have a hatchet i tend to forget the hacksaw can be used for more than making scrap. So far I have escaped PV, but not before i was mauled by a bear at signal hill(that was a new one for me) ruining 6 pieces of clothing, some of which i had just found at the farmstead, including my shoes. I have made it to the dam in my socks, and i haven't seen over 30% condition in the 6 days my survivor been alive. I had forgotten that the dam gets a lil chilly at night when you don't have the proper gear and harvested a rabbit. Luckily i canceled at 8% condition. Starting and cooking is interesting to say the least below 10%☺️. I did however find a hacksaw in the dam, which come to think of it is about all i found. Still no shoes though..Bonus find was an 82% bedroll at the hunters blind near the dam... oh geez i've gone and blathered on. apologies. I am looking forward to ya next loper run too G'luck in the cold.
  7. Waterfall in DP near Matt's truck makes me nervous as well. I had not learned that the moose was king of the bridge yet and on a really windy day, with waterfall noise in the background, I was gathering fir on the hill across from the truck when i heard what sounded like an angry moose..bah must be the wind i said to myself. The voice in my head kept telling me to go investigate to make sure i was not going bananas. So i climbed to the top of the hill, arrived on the corner of the bridge only to leap off edge just in time to avoid Mr. Moose charging..As i downed some painkillers for my ankles I said to myself, "guess i found the moose in DP." So do you strictly stick with "the Catherine?" I try to maintain at least on hatchet mostly for encounters of the wolf kind. After reading sleepwalkers i made a new run to see what this lady is all about. 😆
  8. The rope Wendigo stole is found by heading left from the mouth of chasm cave until you reach the engine bowl. You will see it dangling 😈 Evil thing to do indeed, moving it across the map, denying survivors a relatively direct route to the soda. ☺️
  9. ogreranger


    I will look into autohotkey. Thanks reminding me about it I see not the reason to blur or obscure while using auto walk, it is not a bonus or a buff, the survivor is just walking. it is a mechanic that has been in video games for quite some time. I would agree an icon(similar to the crouch icon) on screen indicating that autowalk is active would make sense though for sure. No more prepared to die than when I attempt to enter Quonset hut with 5 wolves and a bear on patrol. To better answer, I am absolutely prepared to die(regardless of days in) if I choose to use autowalk near cliffs or anyplace that may result in my demise because of a sudden onset of sneezing or distraction from the game. I use E.D,S,F instead of wasd because it gives a better range of keys to press for various video games. Used to be a joystick and one red button. Nowadays I am using a mouse with 11 buttons and as many keys as my left hand can reach quickly. What are the Developers reasons that there is no autowalk, out of curiosity? I have only been playing for a year and a half so I have not the knowledge that you vets do. = autowalk... Which by the way I find to be rather clever. 😉 *WISHLIST* "Share your ideas for things you'd like to see added to the game in the future."
  10. ogreranger


    I misspoke and used incorrect terminology. To further clarify. I would like to have the ability to press(tap) a key(chosen from key bindings menu) that would keep my survivor walking without the need of holding said(walk) key down. Any action(keypress) other than strafe(left or right), free look, (mouse) quick stats, drop decoy, reload, put away, equip weapon (hotkey not radial) or equip light source would cancel auto-walk. I very much enjoy wandering all throughout this game no complaints. I do not however, enjoy isometrically exercising my middle finger for hours on end holding the E key down. I would add sprint key to the list as well for those short bursts of speed on those long haul days. When you let go(or see below) of sprint key it just reverts back to autowalk. In the current game, when a player is holding the walk key and the sprint key, it depletes stamina. Once the sprint(stamina) bar is empty the survivor reverts back to walking even if player continues to hold down sprint key. As long as player continues to hold sprint key, stamina will not replenish and survivor continues to just walk. So while auto-walking, if a player continues to hold sprint, survivor just keeps a walking..Had I not used incorrect terminology you may not have posted and i would not have the example to use to add sprint key to the list as well. Thank you☺️ I was in a hurry in my original post. i had remembered and forgotten three times the word auto-walk today..when it finally did pop back into my head i had time to post the idea not the specifics. Hindsight, should have written it down when I remembered. Well, I guess technically i did.😉 Is it possible to change the header(is that right word?) to auto-walk? I do not know how even if I could. 'Cause I would.
  11. ogreranger


    My wish(well one:) ) is autorun. please
  12. I once spent 3 weeks in DP gathering enough coal, fuel and food for the Riken to ensure I would have all materials necessary to make tools for months, Only to realize the same thing you did! "Wait. WTF! Where is my hammer? (Facepalm) Is it possible for the hammer NOT to spawn in DP? I have found them in various spots, in the Riken and like 2 or 3 different places in Hibernia..Iirc even found one under the bench upstairs by the lockers at the light house..Twill be a disheartening day indeed if that happens to be, considering I thought I to be a guaranteed spawn(at least somewhere)on the map. I hope I didn't jinx me luck.... Well, getting a mackinaw IS a good reason to visit DP🙄😜
  13. Q hut. Tis where I learned, so it always feels like home more than the others. Plus, it has everything a survivor needs, well ..umm.. to survive.:) 😄
  14. Just read all this. Very much enjoyed the writing and was fun to see you're progression Although I do not know exactly what classifies as NooB, I am going to go out on a limb by saying you are way past said status . I Don't think I have played TLD in weeks since coming to these forums because of the wonderful writings and things and stuff N such (hmm why is that sentence a Deja-Vu?) Anyhoo thanks for writing and I am looking forward to more loper adventures:)
  15. Wiki said that arrow death possible iirc. I did test. Fired arrow straight up. waited. Had realization this may actually work. Backed up a few steps. Plunk! Arrow landed right where i had been standing.. I agree that ability to stun/kill crows would be useful(Or at least help with the quiet☺️)..Perhaps not so many feathers but i do like the if you eat the bird you get the parasites factor. As far as the guts, would they be small compared to say a rabbits guts?(Idunno) So it would take 2-3 crow gut to make 1 fresh?