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  1. @BareSkin I’ve only just caught up on this. Awesome start. Didn’t think you would manage to get both good clothing and a snow shelter. Glad you found the deer carcass at the arch.
  2. @BareSkin I’m pretty sure you are guaranteed three deer carcasses: Cave near Road Collapse, The Arch and in the dip between the Harris Homestead and Coastal Highway exit. Good luck!
  3. Just arrived at the workshop. Heavy Hammer was in one of the big red tool chests.
  4. You aren’t even guaranteed a rope to be able to descend the ravine and access the bed and get the flare gun to hunt deer. One snare won’t cut it. There’s barely any loot, I’m not sure there are even any matches. The food is initially not too bad with cat tails in the river and maybe nine rabbits, but the bunnies might not respawn fast enough. Pretty sure you get two deer on Voyager. It might be doable if you take firestriker, bedroll and cooking pot and the rope spawns so you can grab the flare gun to shoot deer. I’d certainly go to Mystery Lake via Pleasant Valley and Winding River. Leave the Ravine for a finale should you make it that far.
  5. @BareSkin From the information gathered it does seem that your demise would be inevetable and probably swift on a can only run. You already have nearly 30 days invested and I can understand not wanting to go on a suicide mission. Do only what is enjoyable for you. Even with two items you have a mighty challenge ahead. Have fun and keep us entertained with the fairytale of Cinderella’s desperate fight for survival in the desolate frozen wastes.
  6. I’m keen to see @BareSkin press ahead with the current rule set just to find out of it is possible.
  7. One of many major problems. I’ll leave it to the science guy to decide which is the worst. I’m thinking this may be one of the deadliest challenges ever devised. On my scouting run I collected 25 coal from the mine and 6 from the cave at the arch. I don’t know the science on coal respawns but it could be a help. I know you didn’t want gambles, but seeing as you are considering the possibility of a snow shelter, I did a little test on a possible location. It’s a bit finicky, but you can put a snow shelter at the mouth of the cave at The Arch and it appears to be wind proof location even when the wind is blowing directly towards the mouth of the cave. Needs more testing to make sure. Of course fuel for all the time you are sleeping is probably impossible. With a snow shelter you could take the risk on warmer afternoons for some multi hour sleeps without a fire to regain condition. Weather doesn’t change as quickly on Voyager as it does on Interloper. If you survive long enough to craft hat, mitts and deerskin pants or boots then fireless sleep in a shelter will become more viable. If it comes to sleeping in a vehicle though. Yeah, it seems close to impossible. And even if you manage to sort out sleep the calories still seem sketchy. My recent experience on Stalker leads me to believe that trapping in rabbit groves runs dry if there are no active rabbits about. I’ve seen it stated that this isn’t the case. But I have had several groves run dry on me recently, each time after the last active bunny has been killed by me or the wolves and trapping hasn’t worked again until rabbits were seen again. Might need some science.
  8. Indeed. The statement implies that he must be making water whenever he sleeps and hence can never sleep for more than one hour at a time. It’s that calculation that is unclear that me. Or maybe I’ve misunderstood.
  9. The whole venture seems like a massive gamble to me. I’m struggling with some of the science you posted, especially this statement. Can you explain your thinking. I’m not sure I understand the plan.
  10. This explains the wired glitch I saw. Doors of one of the cargo containers in the plane tail section on Timberwolf Mountain were slightly recessed and slid down. I had broken down some green crates. Should have taken a screenshot but I’m back at the dam now.
  11. I also contracted Intestinal Parasites recently and noticed that you can sleep as long as you like no matter your level of fatigue. You also get this behaviour with Food Poisoning. Rest as a resource is disabled for as long as you have the affliction. I believe this is the intended behaviour and not a bug. Just make sure not to sleep for so long that you take condition damage from dehydration.
  12. When you are holding a lantern (lit or not) you can place it with right mouse button/ left controller trigger. I’m leaving Timberwolf Mountain now but I’ve left some lanterns to guide you back to the hut in the darkness.
  13. Was it snowing as you descended? Your clothes and shoes will get heavier as they get wet and absorb water. Like you, I find it so tempting to try and get all the loot off the mountain. I don’t need 7 lanterns, but there is a feeling of triumph when I have them all lit up in the Mounatineers’ Hut.
  14. We must have very different play styles. I’m on day 247 of my current Stalker survival run. I have 343 close encounters with wolves, with 29 wolf struggles and 44 wolves killed. I’m reluctant to kill wildlife unless I feel I have to and rely on avoidance, stealth and throwing stones as distractions to keep safe from predators. On Voyager I relied on carrying decoys to deal with wolves but I abandoned this strategy on Stalker, because it attracts to much attention, and I carry smellies only when absolutely necessary. There are more wolves on Stalker compared to Voyager - at least 50% more in some areas. Detection range, agression and damage from struggles all seem to be higher. What has made things easier is the change to wolf howling behaviour that came in with the Redux update. Wolves howl much more frequently now and this makes it much easier to know where they are and avoid them. I seem to see bears more often on Stalker too. I’ve only had one bear attack but it did hit pretty hard. I’ve not really noticed any difference in the appearance rates of other animals. I don’t find much difficulty in finding stuff to hunt. The only major difference is that the increased number of wolves means I see them hunting dear and rabbits far more often and this can reduce the number of prey animals for my survivor to hunt. If wolves follow me over to a rabbit grove they can easily kill all the bunnies in the area and it can take a while before it repopulates. I’ve only found the moose in two locations, but once I found it’s markings it reappeared there fairly frequently. I killed one to make the satchel and left the other one well alone. Interestingly, the moose and the bear seem to tolerate each others company as you can see in the following picture. They did a good job of keeping the wolves away while I snuck in to loot the cargo containers.
  15. I was intrigued about this dilemma so did a quick scouting run on Voyager to Old Island Connector. I didn’t find a pot or any canned food. It is too much of a gamble not to take something to boil water in. Surprised how many matches I found. There was just enough cloth and clothing to make a snow shelter, but that may not apply to your loot table and even then would be a toss up between being naked and sleeping in a snow shelter or barely clothed and sleeping in a car. Calories could be doable, but will depend on how the rabbit grove performs - it seems to me something may have changed with these since the Redux update and that I’m getting low yields than before. I think it might be possible for Cinderella to survive there if she takes just a can, but it will be really sketchy. Far too stressful a playstyle for me, but I’m fascinated to see how you get on. Good luck!