(Competition bow , double barrel shotgun , prop aircraft ) my wish list in pictures !


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Hay everyone
I am a new member of this wonderful Forum and i i'm a big fan of the long dark , I got the game Almost a month ago, 

and now I have completed every trophies And All the challenges And I really had A good gaming Experience in this wonderful game , 

after completion my 200 day in the game I found in myself a lot of suggestions that will make it A more wonderful gaming Experience 


1- wildlife 



And birds !



And lots of birds !


And birds eggs 












2- Plants 

Edible And poisonous mushrooms



Edible And poisonous berries



3- items 

Competition bow 



double barrel shotgun



And Finally small prop aircraft for quick Travel between Mystery Lake And Pleasant Valley



And that's it , If you agree with me
I hope you show some support
Thank you ..

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Ermm. Tigers?

As for birds, we DO have owls already, and there is a mixture of birdsong in forested areas. The thing is, songbirds add little game value, as they are too small to eat, but take up a not inconsiderable effort to implement. Geese,  I would think, could be present, but it would depend on the species.  Regarding eggs, it's winter, laying season is spring. Any eggs you do find will be long rotten.

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HELLO! Welcome to the forums :D

Unfortunately, the prop plane is the biggest no-no, as the aurora has rendered all electric devices inert. Thus why the sandbox character's own plane cut out mid air and crashed.

People have asked for shotguns and better bows before. Although I personally would prefer a sighted recurve over a compound bow.

I'm not sure about reindeer (Caribou), as I've heard they live more in the Canadian interior.

Tigers don't naturally live in Canada, though considering that more tigers live in the continental united states than in the wild (According to the WWF). I'm sure a event such as shown in The Long Dark would see tiger populations released wild into North America. After about twenty years, Islands off the continent would probably still not have tigers on them. If this was set in the Continental US then sure, but it's set on an island in BC, Canada. So no, sorry.


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6 minutes ago, alone sniper said:

I wish we had zoo in TLD !!!  :/ 

I want all of the animal !!!

While I understand and respect your opinion, for me, personally, elephants and penguins (screw this, penguins are awesome and every game needs penguins) tigers and other exotic animals would kind of ruin the "Dude, you're stuck in Canada and there's no poutine in sight"-feel TLD gives me ;) 

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Birds should be different models and such but not killable for suppliments.

Reindeer and Caribou perhaps. We are getting a Moose.

Tigers. Umm... What? Have you been to Canada?

Compound Bow. No. We have a bow already and I feel that'd ruin it.

Shotgun. Perhaps. But I feel like too many guns is a bit tedious. They wanna add a revolver.

Plane is a big NO!

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