Eating and the Tireless Menace UI


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I've had a chance to play the update for a few hours now, and the feel of the game is really nice now.  Just one thing continues to really bug me...


Eating is not just about calories!  It helps with warmth, exhaustion, and thirst too -- the core factors for Condition shown in the Survival Panel.  I'm sure many of us take these factors into account when we decide what (and whether) to eat and drink.

Currently the game won't let me look at my food inventory and the Survival Panel at the same time.  I have to flip between them (often repeatedly) to make my food and drink choices. It's awesome that we can see the survival meters draining when we use a fire; I'd love to be able to see them fill when I eat and drink!

Something like this:



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I agree completely. I've thought for a while that it's odd that the UI gives us the detailed temperature breakdown - which we don't really need when choosing what food or drink to consume - but not the calorie and hydration bars - which we certainly do need.

Flipping back and forth through the menus is the one and only thing that bugs me about TLD. The more it can be streamlined, the better and more fluid the gameplay will be. Having had the chance to get used to the new radial menu and UI from this update, I do now think it is an improvement on the old inventory version, and it does reduce the amount of button clicking and menu navigation a little. But more could be done - and I hope it is, because it's still a little bit annoying for me. Sorry!

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