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    some feedback

    Ok, that makes sense. Thank you.
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    some feedback

    I'm not a developer of this game, so don't be afraid I can't change it on my own. Of course this is just my opinion, this is how forums work. Can you describe situations when you use this feature?
  3. I haven't played TLD for a while. Now I see many changes were made. Here are some fresh impressions. (Sorry, mostly negative ones. Most else is fine to me. I like the game, and want it to improve.) 1. Ugly face of a woman character in status menu. It doesn't look like a woman. I used to play for a woman mostly before. Now it makes me uncomfortable. (I'm not afraid of clowns.) I prefer if it was presented just as silhouette. Man's face seems more or less ok. 2. HUD with some 3 white flames at the upper part of the screen. (Sorry, don't know what's that yet). It just interferes with the view. Sometimes I thought I see something ahead, but then understand it is just this HUD. Why not place it at the bottom with all other indicators? 3. Radial menu seems rather slow to react to mouse movement on my macbook. Need to wait about half a second before selection moves toward cursor. 4. Small objects (still) hard to pick up (rocks, sticks). Maybe need a little large hit-boxes? 5. I don't understand why need to click twice to pick up something? Option to leave something obviously is unused 99% of time. Option to throw something out of inventory should be enough. For some objects there is also 'Equip' option, but it also doesn't seem to be used very often. Equipping should be quickly available through radial menu of some key shortcut. P.S. Russian translation is still not perfect. And font looks much worse with it. It is smaller for some reason, and with low screen resolution it is hard to read.
  4. Yes, I can understand this. Then maybe it shold be specified in game before challenges start.
  5. That is not what I want. This will ruin the game for me.
  6. Thanks. So map knowledge is required. Is it true for all challenges? If so, I think I will play just the sandbox mode. I would prefer to play this challenge if I had some kind of textual instruction. For example, go north-east X km until frozen river, then west until power station, and so on. This way I would know where to go, while at the same time I'm still exploring and surviving, when each step can bring surprises. When I know the map enough, this game will lose it charm for me. I don't want to speedrun familiar places. I'm bad in orientation, so the game is still well replayable after many survival attempts in sandbox.
  7. Hi. Is challenge mode presumes you already know the map? I played only sandbox mode, and still have troubles with orientation. This is fine, since exploring and finding houses and other stuff is exciting by itself. If I had map it would not be fun. But in hopeless rescue challenge the first task is to go to timberwolf mountain. How am I supposed to know where to go? Am I missing something?
  8. But wolves do, right? That's just not fair! Post-apocalypse world is sad place.
  9. Probably you mean you had v.302 before? I play on macbook and noticed similar glitches after this update. But I think it is because of fps drop. It seems game requires now more processing power. I had to reduce video resolution to restore playable fps.
  10. Totally agree with original post. Too many button clicks for frequent operation.
  11. Ok, I understand, thanks. So you go from rifle to bow, because you can't craft bullets, but can craft arrows.
  12. Just curious. The more days you survived, the more adapted you become. You find weapons, craft tools, clothes, etc. So it should be easier to survive further. In reality it would be so: you survived first few days, then it should be easier. So, the question is: does the game offer any new challenges as survival day count increases? Or environment is the same on the first day, and on day 100?
  13. Maybe I miss something, but when I eat/drink, I have to switch many times to condition view to check if I'm good enough. This takes too many clicks to perform: eat, <Tab>, <Space>, mouse move and click. It would be more convenient if those indicators were visible while in inventory.
  14. Hi. I started playing this game since v.302 on my Macbook Pro (2015). I had all video settings set to maximum and had around 20-28 fps. Not much, but playable. After recent updates fps did drop to around 14-18. It is significant drop, and playing is not comfortable now. Is it expected behavior? Maybe there were some video quality improvements that require such more processing power?