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  1. I think you mean shoot the animal through the neck. Bigger target, better outcome.
  2. This happened to me as well. The arrow riccocheted, but the deer died anyway. Probably a bug. Happened in Pleasant Valley for me, at the Hunter's Blind near Abandoned Prepper's Cache. PC, Windows 10.
  3. I noticed a similar texture in PV, in between the Signal Hut and Cascading Falls. Wasn't sure if it was something I just hadn't noticed before, or something new.
  4. I find shooting deer cleanly through the neck tends to drop it in one shot. So rather than approaching from the front (or rear), perhaps try from the side (while crouching).
  5. I had no idea coffee could be used in this way. I guess it is not as useless I thought...
  6. The current sleep mechanic makes it so that neither herbal tea nor coffee are of any real benefit anymore. Coffee maybe, if you don't have access to stimulants and you are over-burdened. Then again, over-burdened is a good thing, since it wears you out. So why bother with coffee? Just suffer your character's whimpering under an excessive pack and sleep better for it. But herbal tea? I have not needed the extra benefits from sleep after Tireless Menace, so I just toss them. What is the point of having them in the game? In the last 150 hours of gameplay, I have tried NOT to get worn out so that I could carry as much gear as possible. However, the recent updates make it so that getting worn out is a MUST. 5 extra kilos too much to carry? Sounds good, maybe now I won't have to pass time on my bedroll before dawn. "What? You don't like it? You want me to drop some gear? Hell, no! If I do, we'll just end up twiddling our fingers for 4 hours until sunrise, so suck it up." I don't want to have this kind of exchange with my character. It is counter-productive. Stims are also over-powered, since they both give you a boost AND wear you out. Need to do something last minute? Use a stim, you'll sleep better. They are advertised as a positive with a negative effect, but really they are a double-positive. You get to overwork yourself, perform a super-human feat, and then crash like a baby (almost). The one time I found a stim to be really useful was when I got stuck between two ropes in a blizzard and had stupidly left my bedroll on the top, and thus could not rest to recover my stamina. Used my stim, got to the top, slept until I woke up, but unfortunately waaay before dawn... again. (As a side note: I love this game. I think Hinterland is working magic. The only reason I object so adamantly is because I feel the magic is fading due to the current sleep mechanic, and I wish it wouldn't. And please believe me, I thought long and hard about whether to post this or not. I realize how much work you are doing. I hate telling you this doesn't work for me. Of course, that's just me.)
  7. I agree with you on this. It didn't bother me at first, but the more I play this new update, the less I see the point of the sleep mechanic forcing us to be completely WIPED out to get 10 hours of sleep. It is just a nuisance that is making TLD less enjoyable. If we are talking about realism, during winter in Finland, I have no trouble sleeping longer hours and I do not need to climb cliffsides beforehand either. In fact, I have a harder time waking up in the morning because of extended darkness. So, to me this is far from realistic. If it is about stopping hibernation, some other mechanic should be found. Just let those who want to spend their time in a dark corner sleeping do it. If it is about leaderboards, better to include a minimum sleep vs. waking ratio as gatekeeper for access to said leaderboard.
  8. But then wolves can't either, so they can be used to get away.
  9. Didn't know throwing a flare at wolves was an exploit, but nonetheless, I will indeed have to elevate my game as you say. Mystery Lake is a lot easier now. Had no trouble in CH with wolves. But PV has become much harder, imo. In neither of the instances where I died did I engage the wolves. I tried to get around them, but with so many now skulking around it has become a game of: just how many more are there when you spot 2, 3, or 4? Most of the time I just run now, once I'm spotted. Coming to the point where I don't really feel like finding a flare is something special. But yeah, I'll quit whining.
  10. I agree, eating the cooked item directly from the fire menu would be great.
  11. Wolves went from being a manageable nuisance to being downright dangerous. It is getting exasperating, especially since flares now feel totally useless. I lost two good saves on stalker yesterday. Even if you survive one wolf attack, chances are, it will either turn right around and attack again, or one of the others nearby will finish the job. Not liking wolves at all in TLD after the latest update.
  12. Nice, will be good to know whether this is an intended mechanic or not. Thanks for flagging. EDIT: Although, if this is intended, then why is it not directly calculated into the displayed duration?
  13. So I tested this some more. This time on a stove located outside, both while resting for an hour and then passing time for an hour: I rested for 1 hour: I passed time for another hour: In both cases it is about 15 minutes off. I suppose I could also test this indoors to see if it makes a difference, and then when passing time for 2, 3, 4 hours etc. Might be interesting to see if being in a bedroll or an actual bed makes any difference. But that will have to be for tomorrow. Off to my real bed now.
  14. Amazingly, the nutritional value remained intact! A logistician's dream-come-true. I can see the marketing campaign already: "New handy compact size. Same jumbo taste!"