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  1. games are like a decoder ring. You put something in, and you get something out of it. The disconnect always comes with the "Expectations". When you understand the mechanisms in play (not just mechanics, but also the psychological processes they interact with) you can form a casual coherent link between input and output. When you don't...... what you end up with is confusion. And most people do not handle confusion well; especially if it triggers anxieties, insecurities and complexes. But the opposite can also happen with a "seemingly" positive outcome, thats in reality part of a
  2. This would be such as a huge opportunity to use voice lines or animaitons to express mechanics without spelling it out. They do it in other places to the point of annoyance..... I'm looking at you, carrying capacity. The sound of the line snapping, poking your finger (especially if animated), doing that tired wrist shake. ...wait.... does that affect other things as well?
  3. starlin

    Alarm traps

    "Thinking quickly, McKenzie fashioned a home made land mine using only a lunch box, some bottle caps, and a land mine. "
  4. starlin

    Alarm traps

    Has there ever been a discussion about alarm traps and tripwire type alert systems for use against predators? Been thinking about ways to handle blind spots at camp sights and caves, as a means to know when something just wandered into your space.
  5. How long is that list though? I've spent a bit of time in number of coop survival games, and they tend all suffer from a hand full of fundamental problems that seemingly fail BECAUSE of multiplayer, but more less exists because "its expected". Crafting and Resource generation tends to be the top offenders, as most eventually allow for industrialization of supplies and materials. Long dark is actually kind of black sheep in that they put a much greater emphasis on scavenging, which is inherently unsustainable, as a way to create long term scarcity. Most other games go the oppos
  6. You'll have to start learning to triangulate land marks if you're using charcoal maps to keep track of yourself. You can also kind of sort of cheese surveying since using charcoal also zooms in to your current location on the map. I had to do this once after treking in circles in pleasant valley creek during a blizzard, and not being able to figure out where I was once it finally passed. Embarrassingly, I was hunkered down right above a cave, and 15 seconds from a cache of firewood I put up in some nearby destroyed cabins. Which sucked because I wasted 3 matches trying to stretch out my
  7. Reach down for a stick... when suddenly!!!!
  8. How to play the Long Dark. Step 1: Don't Die. Step 2: Repeat step 1, until no longer possible.
  9. well... I'm gonna find out in a bit. I'm gonna name it Maully, after my favorite bear from another game.
  10. Ok, thats concerning then........ I had a run in with a Moose, and crowned it in a panic. And while harvesting the moose, a bear showed up.... and crowned it in a panic as well. Aside from needing new inner pants, I came out of it with tons of meat and a moose hide satchel. But thats when I started wondering how reliable head shots are, since I need a second bear skin to make a bed roll (which I haven't had for the past 20+ days), and thought I should start hunting them. So checked the wiki....... Turns out head shots are not that reliable against those 2 things specifically.
  11. Do animals have a condition (flat HP) pool? If so, does it take direct damage from hits? Or is the only way to kill an animal (especially big game) via crits and/or bleed out? The wiki isn't clear about this, and I'm trying to figure out if multiple hits + bleed out can lower the total time it takes for it to die. I know bleeds don't stack. I've seen people talk about taking multiple shots; and I'm wondering if (mechanically) this is taking damage, or just rolling crits.
  12. Touching back on the Candles again..... given how it raises the question of ignition sources (matches, etc), would this also extend the discussion into less expensive ways to light one? I'm having a lot of back an forth about how the fit candles into the system, because the lantern too broadly covers the kind of use cases for a candle, and doesn't expend fire starting tools to use. On the other end of the spectrum you have torches, which are basically candles made out of campfires. Because of this, candles are too niche to be both distinct AND useful from the other light sources.
  13. Wow, conspiracy theory much? Interloper success is a combination of luck and extensive knowledge of where things tend to spawn. You wouldn't need to edit a save game to do that..... But it is incredibly obvious why meta gamers would be so efficient at it. Secondly..... why exactly are we protesting this? Was there some kind of leaderboard scandal going on?
  14. I have more insight on this. Its not an issue of realism, so much as its a sharp change in difficulty. Regardless of difficulty, the Survival modes is mainly about managing resources, logistics, and resource exhaustion. I've only been playing a couple weeks on Voyager, and I already spot several places that are kind of obtuse in how they present a problem. Crafting has to be the among worst parts of this, because the natural resources should offer greater renewability, but they don't. Clothes tend to work out better, because they have inherent trade offs, and you can harvest