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  1. @JMKYou're right about me having too many goals in my list. I'm enrolled in school again, thus I have even less time for other stuff, I do photography before and after school hours though. I've sorta neglected drawing and programming right now because of how much I have to do on daily basis, though I might be able to make at least an hour for those as well if only I managed my time better.
  2. I'm generally the same but it doesn't hurt to try and I do recommend you to give it a shot as well, thank you though!
  3. Hello! I'm starting this topic since I plan on starting with mine earlier as a friend of mine told me to do. The reason I'm making this post is to get the people to talk about themselves and their aspirations, alongside with getting to know you. What new year resolutions do you plan on setting yourself and which ones do you think are the most difficult to pull off? I'll start: Get into photography way more, learn composition, get a decent camera etc. I've been putting this off for about half a year now, but I want to learn to draw. I feel like it's something I could do as an escape from the real world and it could benefit me mentally. Lose weight. That's the most generic one haha. I slipped ever since last Christmas' dinner table, I need to make sure it doesn't happen again this year. Burn through the backlog of games that I have. Outside of TLD, I have about 60 games in my Steam library that I have to finish, alongside with few more on other platforms. Learn programming. I just find this skill to be really useful, either as a potential to find work or to create dumb projects, which I already love doing. I don't honestly know how to even format this post since it already feels like wack, but I'll list how difficult do I feel each of those aspirations in the list are for me, in the same order. This one is easy since I research it constantly. Kind of iffy, reason being is that I find it hard to stick to new things since I don't have that drive yet. External motivators are what help me the most. This one is a mixed bag, since I can easily get into workout schedule and eating healthier, I just keep forgetting about the workout and usually remember when I'm about to go to bed. Technically the easiest if my bf didn't slide in few horror games to the list. Same deal as drawing, I need something or someone to make me actually do it. I'm looking forward to see what you people are planning ahead!
  4. What does that mean by exactly? I haven't played in a while and my terminology with this sort of stuff isn't the best.
  5. Welcome! You have a wide range of interests and I like it!
  6. I'm from Estonia though I plan to move to either Netherlands or Germany. I can speak English, Estonian and a little bit of Russian. The town I live at has some wildlife which is mostly visible during night time. Foxes and rabbits are very common, though rabbits over here have really long limbs for some reason, as if they were dumped into a puddle in Chernobyl and they started mutating. There's also deer here, although they're mostly in the forests.
  7. @ThePancakeLady Oh god yes please, I get to share my super idle and anxious looking playstyle!! @ManicManiacThank you! Those are some really sweet welcoming messages, thank you all! ❤️
  8. My all time favorites would have to be, concluding TLD: Dark Souls 3 Skyrim Fallout 3 FTL: Faster Than Light Human: Fall Flat Life is Strange Stardew Valley War Thunder There's more than likely more games that I'm blanking on right now, plus the list would get too long. Also I like the comment on the community having high consistency of IT professionals!!
  9. Thanks <3! I'm eager to meet new people!
  10. Hey, since I'm bad at introductions, I'll try to make something up that's palatable and has some potentially interesting information in it. I spend most of my time by working on my hobbies, which are: photography, drawing, playing games and watching movies. I strive to get better at my hobbies, though most of the time I don't do anything about them and instead I end up watching YouTube. In terms of games, I've recently steered more into single player games, though I do play stuff like CS:GO, osu! and PUBG here and there. The reason of going more into single player games is that most of my friends that I used to play games, don't play the same games that I do and we have generally hard time finding overlapping interests in given area. In terms of movies I don't have a very specific preference, but my all time favorite movie has to probably be: Oldboy (2003). Drawing is something I struggle with the most, since I picked it up relatively recently and I haven't built up enough interest in it to actually stick to it. Photography is something I haven't worked on much as of lately, since the place i live at is relatively small and I can't come up with new ideas or compositions. TL;DR: I like photography, drawing, playing games and watching movies. I know that I promised to make my text palatable, which by the looks of it seems to be a lie by now. I hope I can meet some interesting people over here that I do have overlapping interests with. Have a nice day, who ever passes by ❤️