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  1. Yeah, there is a bug with this trophy. It does not appear even though you have completed all challenges. If this is the case, start a new survival run and it surely will unlock. You don't need 4DON for this trophy.
  2. I really like the whole game, the story is really cool maybe a bit too easy, the challenges are ok and then there is the survival mode. It is outstanding. The Long Dark has so much to offer.
  3. @Patrykos665 I have the same problem with the update. I also tried to reinstall the game, to reinstall the PS4 System, nothing helped. But I still can play normally, only The Hunted 2 isn't playable, so I will wait until a new update is released and maybe this will help.
  4. I think it's a cool idea. Maybe you could integrate them into the game by letting them roam through certain areas. For example, a herd of 4-6 animals will go through Mystery Lake and only stays for a short time (1-2 days), while they are changing places in this area?
  5. Ok, maybe the wolf was reseted because I slept for several hours? Thank you for your advice I will try it the next time
  6. The thing that every little step could be the last step. I love how unforgiving this game is On the other side, this game gives you so much, the atmosphere, the beautiful landscape and the sky during an aurora, wonderful.
  7. I experienced the same thing with a wolf. I hit him with an arrow that was at 16% and it broke. The wolf ran away and when he calmed down you could see that he was limping but after serveal days ingame he still not died. Good to know that shooting at wildlife with an nearly destroyed arrow don't get you a kill.
  8. @Jeffery Simpson It is really a cool game and work of HL is asstonishing. @ThePancakeLady Oh yeah there are some beautiful screenshots out here @FrozenCorpse Thanks for the advice but I already read about this in the forum here. I haven't checked it yet if a custom setting count for the feats but it isn't as nesecary for me now.
  9. Yeah it must be a bug, but it's kinda cool and it scared the hell out of me.
  10. Hello everyone, I am Senitschnig. I've playing TLD for a short time now and I'm glad I bought it. It has become one of my favorite games and I will certainly spend a lot hours playing it At the moment I am playing the survival mode on custome settings (about Day 40) and yesterday I killed my first bear with a oneshot from a bow. This damn bear gave me a hard time before by mauling me 3 times -> REVENGE Before that I haven't used the Bow ever and I felt really proud about that shot. I also read a lot of topics here and love this communtiy.
  11. Yesterday I experienced the same thing. It was the first time I ever killed a bear and when I cooked the meat I heard that freaking sound of a nearby bear and I thought I would be punished for what I did