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  1. Is there a possibility for a lighter to be implemented into the game? One that takes around .15 kg of oil to have a chance to ignite fires? Yes, having max fishing would make this very beneficial but have it be the least likely to ignite a fire, making it be more useful as a light source with around a quarter of what the storm lantern full usage time is and about half as bright aswell. Had a weird dream about lighters being put it about a week ago, maybe it was a premonition of Steadfast Ranger update next week? ;^)
  2. I plan to relatively soon... Interloper edition...
  3. As I come from Spruce Falls Bridge with some bear goodies, it's late at night, scent full, pack extremely heavy. When I walk onto the bridge I notice the evil eyes of a pack of wolves. With no hesitation I take out my rifle and point blank range kill them. Now, I'm ready for my trip onwards throughout G.B.I. and I came back to say to remind myself of the hardships that await me in Hushed River Valley... and too get some well earned game. I'm low on ammo but I'm determined to push onwards. #ScreenshotSaturday