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  1. This game will always be my Canadian S.T.A.L K.E.R :')
  2. I've had the same problem with music since Redux and before with the new music in Survival Mode. And I've messaged support twice. On PS4. It's a little more reassuring knowing I'm not the only one experiencing this
  3. So after 1.50, I got into a struggle. And afterwards my character couldn't look up or down. After entering a building, it only got worse as I could no longer turn. I started a new game and within 30 seconds, it happened again. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, so hopefully it works. But just a heads up if anyone else experiences this. I'm on PS4 and it happened outside Carter Hydro in the gated area. Also, since when did wolves spawn in there?! Haha
  4. Milton Plane Crash site in the cave. Plus have a good stock of 60+ bullets and read through 2 full books. Now to try and find a bunch of Go! Energy and be off on my merry Stalker way
  5. Anybody find any high spawn points or stockpiles of this stuff yet? I want to hoard it all, like a true Stalker
  6. You're not alone, brother. I'm in Ontario on PS4 and have been hitting the "Check For Update" option on the application since the announcement video went live
  7. My impatience is mounting...C'mon Sony! Why do you tease me like this?
  8. Lovecraft + The Long Dark.... The Horror at Hibernia The Shadow Over Milton The Wolves Outside the Quonset The Colour In The Sky At the Mountains of Great Bear (or In the Mountains with Mittens, haha) .....too many ideas
  9. @Raphael van Lierop It's awesome, and funny you mention Half Life 2/STALKER....I had the exact same feeling, and just wait until you get to the Caspian. It gave me the same goosebumps as entering Black Mesa and The Zone for the first time.
  10. I feel like alot of this isn't the game itself. But all comes down to the engine. Unity still isn't a very stable engine, and you can see it in other indie games too. Subnautica, Green Hell, The Forest, Bendy and The Ink Machine..and don't let me start on 7DTD console version. Not to slander in any way, but they all have similar issues and use the same engine. Others like Tacoma or Firewatch, not so much. But they also under-utilize the engine too by being more linear with less gameplay mechanics or AI to worry about. I'm on PS4 and this is simply a Stalker's observation
  11. Raphael, my Canadian Brother! Did you get the chance to play Metro: Exodus yet? And, if so, did you love it as much as I did?
  12. Raph, how stoked are you for "Metro: Exodus"?! And on a completely different side note...What can you tell me about Project: Raindrop and it's connection to The Long Dark?
  13. Thank you Hinterlands! Awesome to see a new update. I'll have to test and see if the Survival Mode music is back in my current STALKER game or not. Since the last update, I've had no music and it has been very depressing. Considering before that, after Vigilant Flame, my game wasn't playing any of the new music introduced. Now it plays no music in Survival Mode whatsoever. Being a Canadian musician, the music in this game was a huge selling point for me along with everything else about it. So hopefully this fixes the issues. I'm on PS4 and if anyone could help. I't would be greatly appreciated!
  14. I have a bit of an odd question this time for you Sir... In that it's multi-part and my reference is a fan made article, online, known as "In The Ashes Of S.T.A.L.K.E.R." What can you tell me of project "Raindrop", who were the duo developing it, and what if anything from it made it's way into The Long Dark? It's intrigued me ever since and I would love to know the story!