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  1. I too was and still am, a fan of Fallout 3. It was the exploratory feel of the game that attracted me and always left me wanting to play more. I believe that Fallout 3 was revolutionary for it's time. There was nothing like it at the time - a nuclear destroyed, yet in way oddly beautiful and making you want to do nothing but explore it - kind of world. At the time it had this unique vibe that I didn't get from other games and on top of that the moral choices and consequences was also something I haven't experienced in games prior to that and I think they did it well for that period of time. FO3 experiences seemed more environmental than the later Fallouts. Perhaps there was less enemies so there was more uninterrupted exploration. The later Fallouts seem to be going more into an action-oriented direction of more enemies, more shooting, gun modifications ect. Though they are still good at world making IMO. But miss that old school, just dealing with environmental dangers, radiated puddles/barrels and occasional wildlife kind of vibe, with missions and goals.
  2. Yeah. That is one possibility that I was guessing is the case. I would like to see a separation of these things too. I wouldn't be surprised if it comes later.
  3. I was going to add this idea to the wishlist but I thought about it a bit deeper and thought - this might already be in the game, it just might be something that I haven't noticed. I got this idea after seeing an add for warm and quiet wool hunting clothing. And immediately I thought if this game and how some of the clothing that you wear is louder (swooshing) than other clothing. Like the snow pants and light shell is loud, but wool clothing is quite. So my question is, if you are wearing more noisy clothing, can wolves or even deer that you are hunting, hear/notice you from further away when your clothing makes noise when you move compared to if you were wearing less clothing or more quieter clothing?
  4. The dying from cold in sleep is supposed to be realistic I think. Because in real life if you sleep in the cold, the cold puts you in a deeper sleep and I think people have died this way before. Though, this reminded me of a important feature that is not in the game that I think should be. and that is that when you are harvesting something large or quartering a large animal and hours go by, it should stop progress as soon as the cold starts to cut away at you health. Or at least at a certain level. Like maybe if your health gets to half, it stops quartering. Or maybe you can set the health-level for auto-stop (automatically stopping) harvest, yourself in the settings, I like that.Because with the way it is now you can literally die harvesting an animal and by accident. But who would die harvesting an animal when there are other chances to take in that moment to increase your chance of survival? (Assuming there are other options and chances). I agree with lower weight on worn clothing. Interior object moving and modifying - I heard that this is coming in the future but I don;t know what it will look like or how much you will be able to modify.
  5. I am all for more challenges. But I don't think that having to go outside to check to see if it's foggy really adds any challenge. That goes for inconveniences in general - they don't always equate to more challenge. I was playing yesterday and noticed that the fire gives you the temperature of the fire and burn time. Clicking on windows to get the visibility state, seems to me, the same in principle as far as mechanics go. Since it is a small feature that shares either same or similar mechanics as something else already in the game, to me (a non-programmer) a small change means small development. I think the more important question here is: Is the state of the outdoor weather tracked from indoors (tracked accurately)? I think that blizzards are tracked, but what about casual weather? Because if casual weather is not tracked from indoors, then that means that the weather outside, to a degree, is in a superstate - like quantum mechanics and the cat in the box scenario. Like where the weather doesn't have a specific state until you go outside. This would mean that weather readings from windows couldn't be reliable. As for the transparent windows that you can look out of - I already know that this is not possible because the indoors of various houses act as it's own world where the outdoors is no longer rendered. Mroz helped me to figure that out. Some people who don't want window weather reading to be worked on in the present stage of the game say that it is because development time spent on these slight conveniences can distract from time spent in developing the next episode or development on the game in general. That sounds reasonable to me. But this also begs the question. If all of the episodes were finished and there was not much other stuff to focus time on, would you think that adding window reading to the game would be good at that point? If the concern is that we should encourage focus on episode 3 or other "more needed" features or content first, I could get on board with that. But I think that little features like window weather reading could add a nice final touch IMO.
  6. Your idea here is similar to one idea that I had. I have a thread on that if you want to see it and the conversations circulating that idea. It's at least similar in the sense that it is about weather-reading with windows - in that category. https://hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/22771-click-on-windows-indoors-to-get-outdoor-weather-status/?tab=comments#comment-157467 I would still like to see some addition on weather-reading with windows. But I wouldn't be super bummed out if it didn't happen. I think audible character dialog (activated by clicking on the window) was the coolest idea in the thread.
  7. It is true that the windows show different hues and brightness and rays or no rays to represent the current weather. Trying to read the windows light and color before going outside is something that I'm practicing. But I have trouble recognizing the differences of the window appearance in cloudy v.s. foggy weather. Can anybody help with that? Is foggy more gray or green than cloudy? Or dimmer? Its obvious when it is sunny as it is the only weather that will put sun rays through the windows - I think this is only an only issue when it comes to being able to tell the difference between cloudy and foggy from inside. I think it would be more valuable to be able to tell the difference between foggy v.s. cloudy than even cloudy v.s. sunny because cloudy v.s. foggy is a huge difference in visibility, I mean the foggiest weather in the game is when a wolf can jump at your face from in the fog. Where as cloudy v.s. sunny isn't as important to me because either way I still have good distant visibility. I plant my trips around visibility (granted I have food on me) so you can see how, with my play style, this would be more important to me. I play on the oldest xbox one, so load times when going in and out are a bit longer than it would be on a good pc. Though now my game is starting to stutter and hickup, I think it is an issue with the hardware wearing out rather than the game. A better PC or newer xbox model would solve both I am sure with quicker load times and less or no stuttering. EDIT: The stuttering is more frequent when I am running multiple apps (2 or 3) simultaneously. When I close everything but the game, the stuttering is not noticeable.
  8. Haha this was me when I first started playing. Though since then I have refined my approach and learned the wisdom of storing stuff, managing my carry weight and marking places where I have stored stuff.
  9. I started a new custom game in Mystery Lake. Keep playing. There is plenty of fresh new things to discover
  10. ... I don't want to spoil it but did you guys find anything in the game yet regarding animal animations?
  11. I started a new custom game in Mystery lake. Haven;t found the revolver yet, searched Carter Hydro Dam, nearby traliers, camp office and lake cabins so far. I am about to do a lot more searching. I must say, I am loving the other features so far.
  12. Thekillergreece, did you see raph's posts on twitter yet? I saw the wolf looking around. I am not sure if whether or not that is already in the game, but I did notice that since redux there seems to be more animations to the wildlife or at least the animations are more frequent. Like bunnies didn't use to stop and stand up, did they? because I never noticed that before redux. Wolves stop and sniff the ground, too. If they always did this then I think it became more frequent because I never saw it before and now I see it a lot. Also, the bear in milton sleeps in a small cave. I thought he was dead, I tried to harvest him and he woke up pretty angry and confused so I ran to the car. Did the bears always sleep? If so, then I guess I just missed that somehow. No update yet as far as I know. I am gonna sleep and play tomorrow.
  13. I'm just drinking hot chaga and watching music videos waiting for the update I have been on this crazy schedule where I go to bed at 8 AM. It happens to be great for waiting for the update. It's 6:40AM here now. I'll let you guys know if I get any update.
  14. Ha. I have actually done this myself. Yeah I think it is a good idea, seeing as to how well they improved cooking, maybe there could be an update that adds these kind of improvements to crafting in the future that would be similar to how hinterland did the update that improved cooking features.
  15. I had a 160-something day voyager die yesterday. I was carrying a bag of bear meat in the dark and got attacked by 2 wolves haha. That will do it. I was so close to the security booth when that second wolf charged out of nowhere. Was like: "whew, I am safe now... AAAAAAAAH!". Anyways, I am ready to find the revolver tomorrow