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  1. I started a new custom game in Mystery Lake. Keep playing. There is plenty of fresh new things to discover
  2. ... I don't want to spoil it but did you guys find anything in the game yet regarding animal animations?
  3. I started a new custom game in Mystery lake. Haven;t found the revolver yet, searched Carter Hydro Dam, nearby traliers, camp office and lake cabins so far. I am about to do a lot more searching. I must say, I am loving the other features so far.
  4. Thekillergreece, did you see raph's posts on twitter yet? I saw the wolf looking around. I am not sure if whether or not that is already in the game, but I did notice that since redux there seems to be more animations to the wildlife or at least the animations are more frequent. Like bunnies didn't use to stop and stand up, did they? because I never noticed that before redux. Wolves stop and sniff the ground, too. If they always did this then I think it became more frequent because I never saw it before and now I see it a lot. Also, the bear in milton sleeps in a small cave. I thought he was dead, I tried to harvest him and he woke up pretty angry and confused so I ran to the car. Did the bears always sleep? If so, then I guess I just missed that somehow. No update yet as far as I know. I am gonna sleep and play tomorrow.
  5. I'm just drinking hot chaga and watching music videos waiting for the update I have been on this crazy schedule where I go to bed at 8 AM. It happens to be great for waiting for the update. It's 6:40AM here now. I'll let you guys know if I get any update.
  6. Ha. I have actually done this myself. Yeah I think it is a good idea, seeing as to how well they improved cooking, maybe there could be an update that adds these kind of improvements to crafting in the future that would be similar to how hinterland did the update that improved cooking features.
  7. I had a 160-something day voyager die yesterday. I was carrying a bag of bear meat in the dark and got attacked by 2 wolves haha. That will do it. I was so close to the security booth when that second wolf charged out of nowhere. Was like: "whew, I am safe now... AAAAAAAAH!". Anyways, I am ready to find the revolver tomorrow
  8. I would really love this and I think I have even thought about it at one point, a wolf that is somewhat incapacitated and limps during bleed out. I wolf that is completely incapacitated and cannot move at all, I would guess would have to have both of it's back legs disabled (shot), I think this CAN be done in one shot if lined up correctly, especially with something like a .303. If I am not mistaken, Hinterland has new tools for animations? And if remember correctly, they want to try to create some new animations. I agree that some things in regards to this idea might theoretically be able to be "carried over" like the disabled wolf growling at you as you approach it, the audio could perhaps be taken from the audio of the wolf growling at you when it is protecting it's food. Though I would want some whimpering as well, new whimpering sounds and not the fleeing-whimpering. because I think if you were approaching a fully incapacitated wolf that you shot, it would be growling AND whimpering, right? Now the wolf calling other wolves for help. I especially love this idea because I like the wolfs to be very dangerous to the player. My guess is that this would take some developing on how the wolves behave. There is 2 ways that I could think of as far as how to implement this. One, would be that there would have to be wolves in the area that are rendered into the game to respond to the call, this would mean that if there is no wolves in the area then none would respond. Then the other is to make a wolf spawn in the area to respond to the call. (I like the former better). Some animations might be reusable like the animation where the wolf is stalking the rabbit - perhaps that is how the wolves can approach the wolf's call, until they see you then they react as they normally would when they see you. I like this idea, but honestly I doubt it would be implemented any time soon because I think that they are working on the revolver and episode 3. So if it was to be implemented it probably wouldn't be until many updates later, that is my guess. But I would like to see this in the game at some point. (I am not speaking for hinterland development priorities or capabilities but instead just giving my thoughts and guesses really. I don't know much about programming or how their game build is structured or what all is involved in development. So these are just my guesses.)
  9. Yeah that is a good point. I could get behind that. Ah I never knew. I always thought it was just sticks to make a torch because I was always pulling them from fires or take a torch from a corpse.
  10. So I had this idea recently. The idea is the addition of a torch that requires one piece of cloth and a 4 or 5 ounces of oil from the jerry can to create. It is a cloth soaked in oil wrapped around the torch, the part that you light. And this torch would last 10 in-game minutes longer and adds +2 fahrenheit more than the regular torch to the player "feels like" temperature. Now, in real life you can use pine resin and alcohol on cloth, but neither of those are in the game. We can talk about if whether or not adding those items in to the game for the torch would be a good idea, I think we should really explore this idea of an improved torch and exactly how it should work, if be in the game at all. I am sure everyone has different opinions on this. Including the time, how much longer of a time increase do you think the improved torch should be? My opinion is that it shouldn't be unrealistically longer of a time increase nor unbalance the game in any kind of way. But I did hear that a kinu cloth-torch can last 45 minutes in total. So what I find neat about this, is that I have heard people say that there is an overabundance of cloth in the game, in regards to that, not only would this improved torch last longer with a bit more heat, but it would require cloth thus giving cloth another use. Which may lead to it being used up more and become less abundant for particular uses. One thing I have been doing lately, because I have been playing in pleasant valley which is freezing cold, is using the torch for that extra bit of heat so I don't freeze to death as quickly 😄 and you can do this with the lantern as well. Are you out of wood with a fire that is 31 degrees fahrenheit, just a few degrees below freezing? Use that lantern to help heat yourself up a bit. but it costs lantern fuel... so how much are you willing to use? This is how you choose to play in regards to what you are willing to sacrifice. So this improved torch would add a new dynamic to the game, as in, let's say I am gonna travel in the dark or in the cold and so I need a torch either for the light or the heat. and I think "well, how long is the travel, very long, do I have any cloth, yes, how much cloth do I have, 2," am I willing to sacrifice that one cloth to make an improved torch that lasts that extra bit longer or gives me that extra bit of heat? hmmm. and the decision might be determined by if whether or not you had other planned uses for the cloth or maybe "the trip really isn't that long". So maybe you decide yes, improved torch. Or naw. Another thing is that, should the improved torch be unlockable at level 3 firemaking or should it always be an ability from the beginning? I kinda like the idea of it being unlocked. With this I have a minor new change, an update, to the torch drop. You know how when you drop the torch and it falls on the ground in the snow and somehow stays lit while you use the charcoal to survey the area? Well how about when you use the left trigger or your button that is for "place" on the torch and place it back down on the ground it will stick into the snow so that it is standing up while you survey the area, standing next to warm torch. and then you can pick it back up which equips it. Very much like placing the lit lantern down on the ground. One thing about this though, is that it would only make sense outside on the ground in the snow, it wouldn't make any sense on ice or indoors or in an outdoor cave or indoor cave, just in snow. Can it be done? Would it take a lot development time or could it be done with not so much time put in, in other words, would it be worth the time do you think? I have no idea how the build of the game is structured, like is it set up so that all of the snow is one asset, my thought is that if all the snow in the game or regions is one asset or asset group, then maybe this property could be added to that asset or asset group. I am not certain I know what I am talking about here. My understanding of coding is very little and from 10 years ago 😄
  11. Yeah I have been thinking about this for a while. I think It would be cool to have White wolves and Grey wolves. How about an albino moose? Google image albino moose. Caribou I have been thinking about a lot lately. I think it would be cool to see caribou migrating through Pleasant Valley.
  12. You know, come to think of it. Pancakes would make a really good post-apocalypse food. Because it is dry powder. I have made pancakes from really old pancake mix, I think a decade old and it tasted really good anyways. This reminds me that I want pancakes from the store.
  13. I like to get a programmers perspective on these ideas, so thank you for that. I actually set the wind change on medium to make it change direction less. But your right, the payout would be very minimal for a functioning weather vane. I am not a programmer, so often assume that these things would be easy to add in, which could be far from true. Yeah I have no idea how to use a barometer to be honest. I might want to get one for my gardening eventually though but for now I usually rely on weather.com .
  14. I like it. It can predict short term weather forecasting too. Oh you know where that would probably fit in the most is the half sunken sip in Desolation point and the Light House too. and maybe the Camp office in Mystery Lake. I just thought of this, what do you guys think of a rooster weather vane that follows the direction of the wind? It could be useful but could also be for aesthetic purpose. It could be on top of the camp office, trappers cabin in Mystery Lake or farmhouse in Pleasant Valley. I think it would fit the farmhouse the most. If I was growing an orchard, I think I would want to know the wind direction.
  15. I agree, the outdoor caves wolves should always follow you in. Nice. I wanna find this cave