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  1. I absolutely love bedrolls for that reason. Since I learned a bedroll has the possible on Interloper to spawn in the Camp Office in ML, I always aim to try to make it there if I'm able. Plus, ML cat tails.
  2. I've equipped the flashlight during the Aurora after seeing someone else say this, and wanted to test it. Aurora did not seem to have an effect on the battery level of the flashlight over time. Do you have to stand in a certain area for it to receive power??
  3. Despite making very long-term survival more difficult, I'm glad the devs implemented the world decay feature. It's fair enough, slaughter a population mercilessly and expect to see their numbers decline as they come closer to extinction. It's one of the many aspects of the game that can be found in real life as well (obviously lol).
  4. @MueckE argues that it's actually a good thing to let yourself be perpetually exhausted, and not to sleep other than to regain condition. After reading their justification for it... (their full Interloper guide being found here:) ...I have to agree, at least to some extent. Let me share one part of it that made me think. "One of the main things that seperates Interloper from the other modes is the use of the nighttime. You will not make it if you try to sleep through the night and only do things at daylight! Get used to maximize the use of valueable time you have. There is really no reason to sleep other than warming up(1h) quickly or to heal up. As soon it is warm, go outside and do something, regardless of the daytime or the weather. Even in a blizzard at 1am you can go outside and collect a few sticks." They made a good point. Sleeping is for warming up and healing. Sleeping for any other reason is technically time that could've been used to do something more productive towards furthering your survival. Even something so simple as collecting sticks for your fire. I do highly recommend reading or at least skimming through the guide above, as it provides a perspective I rarely see with such guides.
  5. The "high beam" light is what scares Aurora wolves off. But if I can't turn on the flashlight to begin with, I can't switch it to high beam.
  6. If I spawn in FM, I don't stay there. I collect cat tails on my way to either the Broken Railroad Hunter's Lodge or the ML Camp Office. But that's just personal preference. It's possible to survive in any region if you know what you're doing. There are four possible spawn regions for Interloper. You are more likely to spawn in Pleasant Valley or Forlorn Muskeg, but it's also possible to spawn on Timberwolf Mountain or Desolation Point. There is not really a 'best' spawnpoint. There are many possible starting points, so technically the 'best' spawns in any of the Interloper regions would be those close by to shelter and/or a workbench. On Interloper, there is not really any 'best' loot, either. Hatchets and knives do not spawn anywhere, you must create improvised ones at a forge. Rifles do not spawn at all, you must use a bow you've created. The best clothing would be those you've made of animal furs. Of the loot that does rarely spawn on interloper, the best, or most useful, would be the hacksaw or the heavy hammer, both of which are very rare spawns. Matches and any processed food items are also rare, but very useful. Food and clothing is extremely sparse in this game mode, there's a reason Interloper is the very hardest difficulty level. (Many people think it's game over if you can't find matches. Firestriker, magnifying lens, lit flares or lit torches may actually be used in place of a match. There's a good tip for you.)
  7. I don't know that there's necessarily a specific, set number of days before an animal is due to respawn. To elaborate on what @Thrasador said, it depends upon what difficulty level you're playing, and how many days you've been surviving that run. On Stalker, for example, wolves will respawn slower on Day 3 than later on Day 125.
  8. If you've played The Hunted challenge, you've heard the bear crows as Old Bear comes barreling towards you from the distance. Edit: Watch the first 30 seconds or so of this Let's Play of The Hunted challenge, you can hear the angry crow calls in the background:
  9. How does the flashlight work?? For me, it says the battery's dead, no matter when or how I try to use it.
  10. Many of which are suitable for being wallpapers, enjoy. Will edit to update as I take more.
  11. I love it there too! I always end up breaking down all the furniture for reclaimed though, so it looks more "minimalistic" with just a couple counters and a bunk.
  12. Another nice wallpaper. My current one, in fact!
  13. Yes, Aurora is very frequent at night in Sandbox mode. Aurora bears and wolves spawn regularly as they do in story mode. What part of the that quest are you stuck on? I apparently made the mistake of grabbing the rifle from the Hunter's Lodge and moving on, instead of also grabbing the flashlight (from the basement, I think). I believe there is a cutscene there that triggers progress in the quest.
  14. I actually start feeling hungry when I hear my survivor's stomach growl!
  15. It does indeed! Crouching reduces the range of detection for all wildlife, regardless of difficulty mode.
  16. I can see you're using a translator lol. Does not make much sense to me, I'm sorry.
  17. The indoor fire + workbench is exactly why I use Quonset as my home! And Camp Office is a great ML home, it's my first choice.
  18. Ah, good idea! Although I wouldn't constitute this as my own creation, as it's just a screenshot!
  19. Oh yeah..I remember coming out of the mine during Hopeless Rescue, it was nighttime during a terrible blizzard. Was looking for that stupid Trailer but got lost. XD
  20. Not sure which one that is..? Was unaware that there was more than just that bear that patrols from Waterside houses to Misanthrope's that you killed.