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  1. Do we have any news regarding the unity problem that broke nvidia graphics for linux users after redux update? https://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/7/3561682880012690739/
  2. ...You do know that the bunnies will pretty much hop on your lap if you just get in their path and crouch, right?
  3. Tip: your ability to hear from which direction a wolf is coming improves, if you put your stereo headphones on the right way. Sigh.
  4. Modern oil heaters won't run without electricity though. And everything electrical is busted in the game world. I dunno about the whole dynamic indoor temeperature thing, sure it would be realistic, a building without heating isn't going to stay warm when it's perpetually -20C or whatever outside. On the other hand it's really difficult for me to see how I could get frostbite and freeze to death in a bed that's in a cabin, wearing clothes and under blankets or in a sleeping bag (I've slept in unheated cabins and tents in wintertime; did not die). For gameplay, I think the current system is pretty good.
  5. I agree that pulling torches from a fire is silly. On the other hand it sort of balances out as there are no other means for transporting fire (carrying embers or such).
  6. "Should" Custom mode with low resources seems like twice more loot than loper... And there are knives in interloper now, too. I guess that must be a bug.
  7. Has there been any word from Hinterland on these loot issues? Started a new interloper game yesterday, and found a knife at trapper's. Tried a custom game too at 'loper loot settings, and there's waay more loot than in interloper - hundreds of matches, 6 pairs of wool socks, three can openers, dozens of jerky and crackers, couple ski jackets etc etc found in only few in-game days.
  8. Most buildings these days do not have fireplaces, even in the arctic areas (it's not unusual for me to have colder weather outside than in the game ) Inaccessible buildings / half-empty prepper's caches would be that way for gameplay reasons, there would be little to do in the game after finding a cache containing a year's worth of food and other supplies, don't you think? I really like the randomly inaccessible/destroyed buildings, maps are otherwise static so there's at least some variation between runs.
  9. What it says in the title - I wanna read a book while warm and cozy in bed I often find myself escaping the cold into buildings, and to warm up quicker (not to waste daylight) I can go in a bed and pass time... Or warm up slower while reading, crafting or repairing. Reading books already demands that all "needs" are met while those other activities do not, I do not believe this would harm game balancing. Pretty please
  10. Which setting declares if there will be knives and axes in a custom game? There's a setting for rifles, does that cover them too..?
  11. I'd like to be able to drop (and later pick up) my backpack. It's quite a nuisance to drop & pick up many items one by one, especially when moving a lot of stuff and wildlife gets in the way it would make sense to just ditch the whole heavy bag. Retrieving it later would add a new gameplay situation as well.
  12. The entertaining part is where he complains how easy it is to make a fire by heaping small kindling sticks. While doing the exact opposite trying to light a quarter kilo piece of wood from a smashed dinner table.
  13. Sure. Although, that's the story mode - a game that (presumably) can be won, for a better future or whatever. I think the sandbox was supposed to be a survival challenge, see for how long can you make it.
  14. I find the real limit to be patience / boredom, anyways
  15. Magnifying lenses do not. If you guys are talking about a theoretical limit - I don't think there is one. Food, water and fire are infinite, and in principle there is no guarantee that at any point you'd get frostbite or ill or eaten by wolves.