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  1. This post deserves more attention. By taking this path on your way back to the Lower Dam, you can completely avoid the area where the wolf patrols.
  2. I've wondered how co-op would work, myself. In the very, very early stages of development of the game, it was said that it would be possible, in time, to perhaps run into other survivors on your journey (I can find the source of Raph saying this if anyone wants). But the game has yet to implement multiplayer even now, and they have no current plan to. Much of the team's plans for the game has been altered as it's gone through development over the years. They originally planned to have fully-animated first-person actions for eating and drinking by the time the game was released, and that has taken a different route. The passing of time, breaking down objects, sleeping, cooking, etc. are core functions of the game, and for those to be altered in any significant way would possibly negatively impact the experience overall. With that said, I cannot blame the team for not wanting to implement multiplayer or co-op. I, like many others, would love to see it happen SOMEHOW, though. I think if co-op is ever going to come to the game, we'll have to leave it in the hands of crafty and skilled mod developers once mod support is released.
  3. Bears are easy to avoid. They are very loud and slow, and are followed by the sound of cawing ravens. You can hear them coming from quite a safe distance, so I'd be much more worried about the wolves, who are smaller and much quieter. If you're still having trouble finding a rifle in Mystery Lake, let me know and I'll give you a list of rifle spawn points to check and see if one is there.
  4. That reminds me - in Quonset, on one of the workbenches there is a Basin (bowl-lookin' thing) which holds a small amount of Non-potable Water. Not many people tend to notice it.
  5. Agreed. Always stay hydrated, water is an infinite resource. Food, however, is harder to come by.
  6. This is very easy, but not bad! I'll let someone else answer this though, I have no screenshots to follow up with right now..
  7. I'd say it's safe for you (or anyone, really) to go ahead and post somethin. Let's get this train rolling again!
  8. A bit late, but I'm working on Coastal Highway right now. Just for you
  9. It's been awhile since anyone posted here and I'd hate to see this thread die! Should we start a new picture, or have people continue to guess the current?
  10. Absolutely no idea! Come on, need some hints here.
  11. The original Lookout in ML, right?
  12. Really? What are some examples? I play 3 different versions of the game and haven't seen many geographical differences in terms of places being removed. The Ravine has been vastly expanded since early alpha, but what else is there?
  13. I don't have any either! Guess it's up for grabs to anyone.
  14. I don't believe power lines run alongside the tracks in Forlorn Muskeg. I could certainly be wrong, but I think this might be Broken Railroad..?
  15. From The Long Dark Wiki page on Cash:
  16. Crap, I need to stop guessing correctly! Lol. I'm out of screenshots of my own, why don't I let someone else go?
  17. Maybe facing out from the entrance of Dave's Quiet Clearing?
  18. How about the fact that a can of food or two usually spawns in the boat, that you'd see when you turn around to go back down the tube? Took me ages to see that there, got me wondering how many precious cans of food I'd missed on Interloper runs.
  19. Is this a part of the Lake Trail in ML?
  20. Yep, super easy. It's one of the few spawn points in DP for Interloper.
  21. (Whoops, guess we're doing two at once now. Not an issue though!)
  22. If Ross doesn't mind, I have a very easy one I just took. Hint, I just started up an Interloper run.
  23. Great job both of you, sorry for the late response to your answers. And yeah, that looks like the bridge at DP (you're thinking of Matt's Truck I believe), with the Stone Church a ways down to the left. Sometimes rabbits like to hop along this bridge...I usually see a couple of them. How nice of the devs to place stones right there as well!