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To find transition from Coastal Highway to Mystery Lake

[spoil]Upper top corner of the map.... If facing the highway road from the lake, it will be the top left upper corner (follow the railway tracks) -- You can also take the road leading upwards from the fishing net cabins.

Coastal Highway also has connections to the Pleasant Valley and Desolation Point maps ;)[/spoil]

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If you played for a hundred days and are familiar with Coastal Highway, you'll remember the log sort in the middle of the bay. It's got a blue cabin and a house which is sometimes nailed shut and a lot of logs in the frozen water.

Across the road from log sort there's a path leading higher up. Standing on the road, facing the woods, it leads to the left. Follow the path - you'll cross a bridge with cackling birds - press on, follow the path all the way till the bend, which will lead you even higher up.

Next to the bend it splits into a high path and a low path. It really doesn't matter which one you take, because both of them will join later on, and you need to press on, beyond the blue cabin.

Now the path takes a number of steep S-turns up and up, and you'll cross a bridge again while following the path. There's usually a wolf roaming this area, so be on your guard.

If you follow the path all the way up, you'll end up at a train track with logs. There will be another blue cabin at your right, but if you follow the train tracks to the left, you'll enter into a tunnel, which leads to an intermediate area called 'the ravine' which in turn will lead you to Mystery Lake.

Here's a rudimentary map of Coastal Highway.

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Easiest route with least amount of wolves in your way (but a possible bear) is when you are standing on the frozen sea facing the road, go on the road and turn left, walk until near the end of the road where there is a car on a bridge. If you turn back facing the sea you should have Jackrabbits Island way to your left.

The bridge goes over a frozen creek that leads directly to the entrance to the ravine, just follow the creek on the left side of it (to avoid wolves) until you reach Bear Creek Campground, continue to follow it until it vanishes into the mountain. You can go up left or right of the bridge, the Ravine will be on the left side. Because of the frozen creek you can even make this trip during a blizzard or thick fog ;)

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