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  1. Just been back to the pleasant valley radio tower on my hunt for the cairns. Has anyone else noticed there isn't a gate into the compound. How did the workers get in. 3 possibilities...….1.....Helicopter 2...….Teleport (for all trek fans} 3...….Appirate or portkey [For all Harry Potter fans} any other ideas readily accepted
  2. I would love two basic food extras I always carried whilst in the army. Oxos (beef stock cubes) and Kendal mint cake, with these two life is much more bearable. Later on many of us also carried a couples of "pot noodles" . This was in the days when "compo" rations were pretty basic . But still a lot better than US MRE'S.
  3. I know this has been on before but can someone remind me. Does wearing clothes in bed / bedroll wear out faster than if you take them off to sleep. Died once by forgetting to get dressed in the morning and died of hyperthermia (surprise surprise lol) so now wear clothes all the time.
  4. Personally I like the cairns, gives yet another "quest" in the game to see how many you come across during your travels.
  5. I know this is not a really relevant item in the game but is anyone aware that you cannot survive on rabbit meat alone for a long period as there are several mineral and vitamins that are not present in rabbit meat. I have read this a couple of times but can anyone confirm it??
  6. junglegreen


    Would love to find a few veggies, herbs, cooking wine so a nice venison stew could be made. To be serious though a few variables on the food front would be nice to have. The odd stock cube sachet of soup drink etc.
  7. Well just died from electrocuting myself. Was in the maint area of broken railroad, woke up to flickering lights and odd glows . Went to investigate and found the glowing objects were power cables and promptly died. Well as they say you live and learn (or die as the case may be) .
  8. I play all my games on a laptop, after some overheating I bought a support with built in cooling fans that is powered by the laptop great value at approx. £14
  9. Just been back to pleasant valley to collect some loot stashed at the radio tower. As usual went to the broken fence to get in, then thought where is the normal entrance, no sign of a gate anywhere in the perimeter. Did the visiting crew get in by helicopter???? A minor point in a really great game.
  10. Like you busy finding the cairns but a real amateur only got about 30 so far
  11. I am an avid 70 year old player , any other oldies out there playing as well?
  12. Thanks for the tip never knew that one. You live and learn.
  13. I pretty well know I am 70 my brain is not that muddled yet.
  14. I have been playing the game for months and every time I visit the factory on desolation point have had to walk across the ice to gain entry. Then recently I realised you could get into the truck blocking the entrance by one door then exit by the other.!!!!! Any body else had a senior moment like this. ( and I am not being ageist as I am 70)
  15. Just gone back to carter dam for the first time since the upgrade. Like that there is now an upstairs there I once commented on what the windows were up there for as at the time there was nothing above the entrance level. Mind you felt a fool after wandering around the fence for several times trying to find the break then noticed the door!!!! looking forward to more new surprises.
  16. Did you know there is a ledge half way up where you can rest. big enough to put a sleeping bag down and rest until energy up.
  17. Another Brit here from Richmond upon thames greater London.
  18. Who are you calling a mainlander happen to live on one of the best islands in the world namely Britain.
  19. No I am on coastal highway in the large hut in the middle of the three just across the road from the quanset hut items on the floor to the left of the door in the lounge (bench gone for firewood). Now storing water in the cooker.
  20. At one time used to undress every night to save wear on clothes, got up in the morning and went for a trek stark naked as a result soon got hyperthermia and was dead before I could get to shelter. Now sleep fully dressed.
  21. What are the purpose of the stone cairns found my first one today.
  22. Back again. Had three water made 7 more dropped in the house, went out the door, rentered and guess what only 3 water.!!!!! what is happening?
  23. Since I started playing this morning after the latest change I noticed my water stash had depleted. Spent a day making more, went out hunting, came back and most of it had vanished. Anyone else experiencing this or should I be looking for another fluffy lol #0
  24. Have done a map of the area but it shows one body on the road. There are two lots of crows circling, one over the pinnacle and the second over the body up the gully by the log bridge. As I said before I can see the two spots of possible clothing but as soon as the aiming spot moves off the ice onto the snow it disappears and although I have peppered the area with pick up attempts nothing happens so will probably leave it and try every time I pass.
  25. Have just tried to do just that can highlight the two stones on the ice but as soon as I move the dot onto the ice floe it disappears and have tried moving and selecting but with no effect, any ideas?