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  1. joki


    Press F8 to generate a screenshot including the coordinates to your desktop. Upload the screenshot (e.g. to ) and link it here, so the devs have the location and will fix it. As to getting your char unstuck: there is not really a "fix" for that as it is, all you can do is close the game and reload. The last game will be loaded from where you have last slept / entered a door / got injured.
  2. Related? Will the rose hip tea become selectable, if you drop it and pick it up again??
  3. Make it a selectable option. Various people have various needs. So do I. (And allow fov 60 < x <= 120?) So just give them the options.
  4. There are icons whenever a visible stat (starvation, deyhdration, exhaustion, freezing) moves below a quarter border, e.g. hunger crosses the 75% level, the 50% level, the 25% level border. In that case an icon will be displayed for a few seconds in the lower left corner. If below the critical % border, the icon will be red, and be displayed permanently. At that point the player will start losing condition until he either dies, or the critical stat is increased above critical border. Also note, that you lose condition the fastest from freezing by far, following by dehydration (not even close), followed by starvation and exhaustion at the same speed.
  5. If you have a lot of screenshots, you could use a third party program to recompress the images, so they have smaller size, so other people with slow download speeds will not have to wait that long to view the images, e.g. paint.NET (and select file > save > .jpg and set the quality to about 80%), it also has decent image editing options / filters for being free, or Irfanview, which has barely any editing options, but is very fast / lightweight for viewing images (mouse wheel up / down, or cursor left / right to view throu the current folder, also save with file > save as > jpg. and save with about 80% quality). If you have many images to upload at once, you can use, click on multiupload, then just drag & drop the images on the surface. One of the fastest image hosters, and they allow hotlinking.
  6. Yuk, requires shockwave plugin, which they tried to kill for decades now. :lol: Been playing something similiar in 2002-2003 on and, the domains are sold thou.
  7. He is talking about the white cursor, that comes up when you get close to anything that you can interact with, or when drawing your rifle or bow. If this is an issue for some players, why not add different / bigger crosshairs. (Personally I like the dot, but why not give options...)
  8. When I read the subject, for some reasons three images for features unfolded in my mind: - Rabbit having a chance to spawn as (I'd like to meet them ingame)- Really quick wolves on roller blades (I don't know why :roll: ) - Deers with head-mounted lasers Sorry, back on topic. :lol:
  9. That's why many people use this exploit: whenever you eat something, before you completely finish eating it up, hit cancel. That way you will end up with a lot of 12kcal pieces of food. When dropping decoys, and you have lots of those in your inventory, it will significantly lower the chance of you dropping a full MRE, when there is also 20 tiny piecs of 12kcal pieces, and they have the same success when stopping wolves. (You can re-eat and cancel again, but don't let the total kcal count drop below like 12kcal, or the item will just disappear) As this is some kind of exploit, I would love to seeing it addressed in a future update. (Various stuff having various chances to stop a chasing wolf, e.g. fresh meat 90%, cooked meat 80%, candy bar in plastic 5%, and so on and it should decrease a lot, when using food that was already eaten for the most part of it.)
  10. Or use [spoil]Whiteberry's maps[/spoil], which are excellent. If you have not been to a region for quiet a while, I find it a lot more fun to figure out the map on your own and only look at maps, to find the last missing cave or whatnot after you have already spent many hours playing on the map.
  11. joki

    How to store food?

    - Fresh meat decays faster than cooked meat - Cooking meat will increase its state by 50% So as rada has mentioned, if you are really going for highest survival time, keep all the meat until it reaches 50%, then cook it. So you get the both of both worlds: If you cook it earlier, you "waste" some of the 50% condition you would have gained, otherwise. If you cook it later, it will be longer in the state were it decays faster (raw), while not going back up to 100% after cooking it. Of course if you don't have anything else to eat, cook it earlier.
  12. It will automatically use the best weapon in your inventory when entering struggle. That is a hatchet, if you have one, otherwise a knife, if you have one, otherwise fists. Your attacking power is further modified by your fatigue level, and then multiplied with a scale depending on current experience level ( 125% in pilgrim, 100% in voyager, 85% in stalker )
  13. The snow shelter option was selectable in the user interface in old alpha versions of the game, albeit it wasn't functional. Later on it was taken, as if this option is currently not planned anymore. At least it is very unlikely, that this will happen as it stands.
  14. Since we are fishing without bait (spoon-bait fishing) the chance for catching a fish would probably not increase over time (adept vs beginner). However a good fisher knows how to make the fish fired before he pulls him in, so the chances of the line snapping should remove over time imo. (The current 10% is ridiculously high anyways, especially for some of the fish having really low calorie counts.)
  15. Ctrl + click or double click to use the primary (most common) action on an item, e.g. wear / unwear for clothing, eating for water / food, lightning for torches would be neat. In addition maybe add a rightclick menu für all the items and their available actions, to improof inventory usuage.