Xbox Auto Save Stupid question ahoy!

Magic Peanut

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Considering the game doesn't save when you quit and it's not all that clear when it does save (most people don't notice when the game says it saved) it's not a stupid question at all. And you're not the first to ask it either, although you are the first to ask it specifically for the XBox I think ;)

Aside from the aforementioned sleeping, going inside and being injured, there's also:

getting food poisoning/ getting dysentery and I think the game also saves when you fall through the ice. And of course when you're attacked by wildlife, but that falls into the category of being injured.

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I think you've gotten the gist of it here, but just so this is totally clear for anyone else that happens along:

The game will save when you rest, enter/exit a structure, or whenever your condition changes (injury, freezing, starving, and so forth). It will, as others have mentioned, also save when you die, forcing you to start a new game.

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