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  1. Hi, This game is listed as Xbox Play Anywhere, but at the moment only available on Xbox One. Any idea where its going to be released on PC through the Microsoft Store?
  2. When I clicked load it put me ontop/next to the fire and I got burned. My condition was to low to survive.
  3. Hi Peanut, The game auto saves everytime you enter a cabin or sleep. But remember, if you die in the game its permadeth and your save game gets deleted.
  4. Hi, First I would like to congratulate Hinterland Studios for an amazing game! My first bug report' and the only one encountered so far after surviving 11 days. I was at the collapsed tunnel, as far in as I could go. The cold was setting in and my condition was very low so I made a fire to warm my bones. Cooked a tin of beans, made a nice hot brew and a quick sleep. I was nice and toasty so decided to make my way back to the camp office before dark. Managed to get half way but something came up so I had to leave the game. When I returned a selected load from the main screen and it spawned me on top of my fire! I was so low in my condition from the time of the auto save I died instantly. Yes I'm playing on Xbox one.