Direct access to food inventory from fireplace


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We've all been there:

You're hungry, dehydrated and freezing. It's a blizzard, so you hurry down to that ruined hut with a stove; you get a fire going, boil up some tea, and then... you have to leave the stove/fireplace/campfire menu just to be able to access your inventory, find the food section and drink that hot cup of tea.

After drinking up you'll have to re-access the stove to cook the raw meat you've gathered. But in order to eat it, you have to leave the stove once more in order to be able to access your inventory (and click 'food' again) in order to eat the meat that was supposedly roasting on the stove a second ago.

Then if you want to boil up some more water, you have to return to the stove *again*. Sigh...

None of this make much sense to begin with, since the tea/food/water you've been preparing came from the stove to begin with (so how did it end up in your backpack anyway - by magic?), but also it makes gameplay just that tad more frustrating than it needs to be.

I've been thinking about this, and the simplest solution to me seems to be adding the option of accessing one's backpack directly from the stove/fireplace/campfire menu.

And while we're at it: if I'm accessing my backpack straight from the stove, I'd want to be routed directly to the foodsection (because it's not like I'm going there right now to admire my lantern, am I? Yeah, maybe sometimes I'd still have to switch to medical because I'm really looking for that reishi or rosehip tea, but usually, when I'm coming off the stove, I'm looking for water or some hot dish or game, so why not just lead me straight to it).

Of course, when closing the inventory, I'd want to get redirected to the fireplace/cooking menu again, 'cause that's what I was working on and usually I'll want to use that fire to get more than one thing done.

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I would also like to be able to eat and drink while melting snow or boiling water. Not sure if this is feasible from a game perspective, but these activities don't require nearly as much "hands on" time as cooking, for example.

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I'd also like to add that the interface could just be something as easy as another tab on the current fire/stove interface. It could be a grouping of all the items that you have cooked/heated/boiled/steeped within the past hour or so. This way, you cook the deer meat, switch to that tab, eat deer meat. Boil water, switch to that tab, drink water. Etc. Of course, this only works because you usually only want to interact with the items in your inventory that you've just done something to over the fire.

This also prevents the issue of having 12 cans of tomato soup in your inventory and heating one up, and then having to look through all the cans of tomato soup to find the one that says "HOT OPENED"...

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