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  1. I played for about an hour yesterday morning with no issues. Today when I attempt to start the game, a window opens, goes to a black full screen, then closes with no error message, returning me to the desktop. In the Steam window, the game is still marked as "Running". I can also find the process in a terminal window using the command: ps ux grep | tld That returns the following output: wyrdsmy+ 3211 0.0 1.2 2218492 197152 ? S 17:10 0:00 /home/wyrdsmyth/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/TheLongDark/tld.x86_64 It remains running until I kill it, though I can kill the process normally by process id, ie: kill -1 3211 I'm attaching the player log - this appears to possibly have something to do with the application trying to rescale to the full resolution of my display. UPDATE (Saturday 9:19am eastern): With a bit more troubleshooting I found that if I remove a line from '~/.config/Unity3d/Hinterland/The Long Dark/prefs' I can get the game to start properly. The bold line below is the one causing an issue (UnityGraphicsQuality): 1 1080 1920 2 -1 The game originally defaulted to Ultra quality, while playing for the hour I set it to High for better performance as it was a bit stuttery. If I delete that line I can get the window to stay open and not drop. When I quit from the game that line is restored into the prefs file. I hope that helps. Player.log
  2. Just a quick update, that seems to have worked for me as well. I did also upgrade to proprietary drivers, especially after I noted that open source ATI drivers are an issue, but it was not until I used the LD_PRELOAD that the crashes stopped. Thanks again!
  3. Currently playing in Arch x64 (I am aware that Steam on Arch is not officially supported) with open source Radeon drivers. This was a brand new game, first one attempted in linux. I chose random and started in Mystery Lake, relatively close to the trapper's cabin, made my way there, picked up some wood and twigs on the way, and the game crashed with no error when I clicked on the door to the cabin. Feel free to point me to anything you'd like from tld_Data or elsewhere and I'll be happy to upload it. Edit: When time permits I will try again with proprietary drivers
  4. (looks at the calendar) Hey, hey! HEY! Hinterland coffee mugs! When do we want them? Sorry! That was the the timeframe I was given. I'll be sure to make a big announcement as soon as it's up and running (or when I have an official date). It's nice to know people are excited for it =) I'm just giving you folks a hard time, I know you've been busy what with the latest update and all.
  5. (looks at the calendar) Hey, hey! HEY! Hinterland coffee mugs! When do we want them?
  6. Crazy, I just started my first Stalker session (I've only played either Pilgrim or Voyageur so far) and picked up a rifle in the open box car at The Derailment in Mystery Lake about 10 minutes in. I only have one bullet, so for now I've been crouching to avoid the wolves and the bear that wanders the lake. I also only have sneakers for outer foot-wear, and no gloves or mittens, so it doesn't take much to get my cold to spiral out of control. I have yet to see a single deer, but I'm still on Day 2 at this point, and just finished scavenging from the cabins on the far side of the lake. My next point of interest (if I survive that long) will be the Trapper's Homestead, in the hopes that I'll be able to find some more ammo. I don't fire the rifle at a wolf unless it's almost on top of me, slowed to a walk due to a lure drop (I no longer wait for wolves to start eating the lure, too risky), or standing still over a downed deer, eating. I always go for the head shot, and try to aim between the eyes if facing the wolf, otherwise the rear part of the skull if from the side or back. But like octavian said, the rifle's accuracy decreases dramatically with range. The bow's accuracy is even worse, and you can't fire it while crouching. One possibility is that the game is purposely nerfed on distance shooting, because while you may be a good rifleman/archer, that doesn't mean the protagonist is. That's just me theorizing however, so don't take it too much to heart.
  7. I had a long day at work today so I only just found out about the update. Without even playing yet, I just wanted to say "Woohoo!
  8. Thanks! I haven't had a crash since, and I've played two subsequent stints at over an hour each, so I'm a happy camper. I probably shouldn't have forced the full RAM speed in the BIOS - it's just odd that the system remained stable with that setting from January all the way until last Friday.
  9. Thanks for sharing that video - I had not seen that one before. I rather like the premise being shown.
  10. Something else I considered was that if there was a significant chance of a building being accessed while I'm in it (sleeping possibly) and therefore forcing a confrontation with an unwelcome visitor, then I might want to consider finding and using a "difficult to find", inhospitable or remote location to establish my home base. The hidden bunkers immediately come to mind in this scenario. As I was discussing this with my oldest daughter, she pointed out that the people who made the bunkers might decide to use them. However, based on the appearance of said bunkers, especially the roots penetrating the walls, I'm of the opinion that they were built so long ago that the original builders would most likely be deceased. The caves are another possibility (provided they are not occupied by a bear). One other thought was that a new map could be added that had no man-made structures at all, forcing the player to make do with whatever nature has provided.
  11. Im sure everyone would love to hear your story when your ready I decided the story deserved it's own thread. You can read it here: viewtopic.php?f=58&t=6408
  12. oh yeah good for boiling water else we die of thirst. I love the fire effects and sounds of building a fire, drinking water etc. I think this game has some pretty real life like sounds. Which is awesome. The gallon water jug is particularly significant to me for a rather important reason that I'll be happy to share, as soon as I finish composing the story.