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  1. The hunger-starvation exploit is available for use; it's not necessarily in the spirit of the game, but the current game mechanics allow it. I, like Scyzara, tend to keep myself "filled up", most of the time, for other reasons (food inside you doesn't weigh anything, food inside you don't degrade, etc.) Having done a few "start the game in Timberwolf Mt. and stay there" game runs, I could see the need for stretching out that scarce food supply. A lot of solutions were proposed for this issue, but I wonder if the devs aren't going to make a medical condition that activates for hunger like the
  2. Up in TWM, and I ran into a situation where I had a campfire between me and a bear, and a wolf appeared behind me, on approach. He broke into a run and I fired at him with my rifle, and then he proceeded to speed on past me, through the fire, and through the bear, and then was gone from sight. I suspect he may have been spooked by the bear and made a retreat, but this retreat went towards the bear and through a fire. Moments later, in testing how far you can move to the side of a fire before a bear attacks you (hint: it's a slimmer margin than you might think), the bear attacked me by running
  3. I like this idea as well. A super rare item (that might not show up in every game) would be fun and a multitool certainly isn't game breaking in any sense. Of course, I'm always excited when I find the pea coat, or the cargo pants, or the magnifying glass, so any more "rares" that don't break the game are just bonus. P.S. I'm a RL multitool "aficionado" too.
  4. You can restart fires from embers. I've had to do that a few times. As far as what KD7BCH said, I think the fire should build up to a peak point and then tail down as the fire continues. I've always thought that it was a little weird that the fire provides the same heat as it burns down to embers that it did at the middle of the duration, and at the start. A good graphic of this looks like this: You'll notice that the fire starts up and grows rather quickly to its peak, and then tails down from there. The peak temperature is not in the middle of the curve but biased towards the start. (TLD
  5. +1 to this. Love the idea of everything on this list. In particular, I like the idea of giving a little bonus to the pre-made clothing over the crafted clothing.
  6. Trying it again, lol. After doing 134 days in Voyeur in Season 2, the next two attempts in Stalker mode were a lot shorter. But willing to keep trying, Season 5 begins today, hoping to get at least 30 days out of a Stalker run. You can find the other four seasons here:
  7. I have another example of a change in v.244 concerning the condition arrows. This one may or may not qualify as a "bug", though. You can see the behavior here: https://youtu.be/8xx6c31nA0Q In the clip, I harvest from a deer and start freezing. When I go into the TAB screen, my cold condition is maxed, but there is still a ">>" in the column. The same thing happens when I start a fire, and TAB again. (The fire hasn't started warming me yet, so that makes sense.) Prior to v.243-244, when your condition bar was full, the arrows would disappear. It looks like now they remain, showing you
  8. Okay, got the video. You can see it here: https://youtu.be/Y0UmdWkBTCs In the video, I start outside where there is a valid ">>>" cold condition. I head indoors, sleep for an hour (thus warming myself up completely). And then as the weather has cleared, I move to the door and check my conditions with TAB, and reveal the bug. I know what you mean, but it's definitely a bug. The "feels like" temperature is 35 F, but the condition bar indicates ">>>". Also, even though it's showing ">>>", the cold condition bar isn't filling up... it's staying empty. It's almost a
  9. The condition arrows (the >, >>, or >>>'s that appear in the condition bars) seem to get "stuck". If I go outside when it's really cold, the bar will show ">>>". If I go back inside, and wait until I'm fully warmed up again (without going into the TAB screen), and then hit TAB, my condition bar for Cold will be empty, but I'll still see the ">>>". This only seems to happen occasionally, and I think it's only with the cold meter. I'll try to grab a video clip of the behavior when I get a chance.
  10. +1 I'd also like to add that the interface could just be something as easy as another tab on the current fire/stove interface. It could be a grouping of all the items that you have cooked/heated/boiled/steeped within the past hour or so. This way, you cook the deer meat, switch to that tab, eat deer meat. Boil water, switch to that tab, drink water. Etc. Of course, this only works because you usually only want to interact with the items in your inventory that you've just done something to over the fire. This also prevents the issue of having 12 cans of tomato soup in your inventory and hea
  11. I had the same issue when I updated to v.235. The problem with having a saved game from before the big update is that, prior to the upgrade, all "deer hides" were listed as "leather" and all "leather" (from actual leather sources, like boots) were also listed as "leather". So in the new upgraded game, both are now listed as "leather", but the old pre-v.235 leather cannot be used for crafting any of the deer skin stuff. The game, and the devs, have no way of determining which of the "leather" from the old save game is actually from deer and which is actual leather. So, it's all "leather", lea
  12. No pun intended? The Unofficial Long Dark Packrat Mascot (i.e., me :lol: ) has found that at around 150 lbs of material, you lose the ability to move at all. So there is a limit, but it is QUITE high. In the game, we already have a backpack, and I'm rather against the idea of crafting new and improved backpacks. As was said before, the weight limit is already quite high enough (as much as I go over it constantly myself). As the game is currently abstracting weight and encumbrance (by not divvying up weight between worn clothing weight, slung weight, and backpack weight... not to mention
  13. Another instance of the bug on Jackrabbit Island... this one was absolutely terrifying because the wolf was nowhere near me. I will now proceed to peel myself off the ceiling... :lol: Video of the incident can be found here ---> https://youtu.be/XXJ4nny-w6c
  14. [v.236] Misleading Animal Skin Names The nomenclature of the skins of animals is inconsistent and entirely misleading. While "deer hides" accurately represent what it is and does, "wolf hides" does not. I recommend that we rename the wolf skins to "wolf attacks", "wolf eats your face off", or, at the very least, "wolf hides only when shot at", to prevent players from being confused and misled. P.S. Don't even get me started on the clearly erroneous "bear hides", either.
  15. Couldn't have said it better, Shanti. +1 to above ideas.