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  1. Two big thumbs up to to the devs for listening. Some of my play through were starting to look liking walking over coal beds
  2. I think any large "stuck" vehicle would be a boon: cargo ship, super tanker, fish processing vessel, destroyer, etc. I would also think smaller vehicles would be a nice touch: fishing boats (like the current one), planes of various sizes, buses, passenger trains, semi trucks and trailers, etc. Even if you just sprinkled a few mini vans and a 4 wheeler into the mix it would be a nice change of pace. +1 for more diversity of wrecks and explorable add ons.
  3. We aren't those same humans anymore that is the entire point. What a lone person suddenly dropped into this harsh, unforgiving environment can do should not be the same as what a small society that has been adapting to that same environment over generations can do. if you want to play Ice Age Simulator go develop it... Frankly I don't really care anymore, you're too determined to get your Disney happy ending to listen to anything that has been said and you aren't about to change my mind that your typical survivor is guaranteed to survive forever in one of the harshest environments on the plane
  4. To be the devils advocate, you actually stop shivering when hypothermia gets to far along. You actually start to feel warm. Then.... you die. Some more audible cues from the avatar would be nice: chattering of teeth, bemoaning the cold, shivering, etc.
  5. I don't feel the church looks to bad. If this was a whaling community, it would have roots from the what 1700s to the 1900s. Something of this style in a small hamlet would not be out of place, especially for the period. I am not sure why the back corner of the building has not collapsed considering the car sized hole at the supporting corner... but I am not an engineer. BTW, I liked your story about the perfume. I could do without the cheerleaders. Singing whalers/pirates may be a better choice. Sort of a Moby Dick meets One Piece.
  6. Not sure where forging came from. Seems like knapping would be a much more "realistic" choice. Maybe that will come along after they introduce the ammo loading bench. (Ok, wee bit of sarcasm there).
  7. My load out depends on my mission but I always well rested, max out my calories and hydrate. I always carry essentials, which mirror a hunting "daypack" pretty well. Enough to get me by for a short period of time if things go south. My "pack" includes an additional few pounds of food, half a gallon of water, the modern bedroll, some matches, some tinder, my knife and my first aid kit. Boy I would love to toss a tarp in here If I am going hunting, then I tend to wear modern clothing (to keep down the weight), my bow, a few arrows, material to build a fire and a set of traps. If I am goin
  8. Welcome to the TLD forums. To quote a notable cartoon character, lets get down to the tacks of brass. This has been asked for a number of times. Not sure if the devs are going to take up them up but they have been "added to the list". This one has been asked for as well. Some even proposed the plane crash scene be sort of an intro to the game with a tutorial. Maybe akin to The Forrest. Maybe in Story mode??? A lot of other animals have been asked for, foxes among them. Raptors (owls, eagles, etc), cougars, wolverines, mink, beaver, the list goes on and on. There are also the domestic
  9. I don't know what the "fire" dynamics are in the game beyond the heat they provide at the moment. For instance the pot bellied stove in the Camp Outpost can heat almost the entire upstairs. Stoke both stoves and you could turn that building into a sauna. Others have advocated the obvious point that stoves retain heat better and, as such, release heat long past the death of the fire. Also, stoves and fireplaces hold embers much longer than a barrel or the cold earth. Being able to bring a once dead fire back to life from a few coals would be would be a nice place to start. You can bring a
  10. I could see that on something more story driven but given the grim nature of the Long Dark's sandbox I think that would be a pretty weak way to finish a run. My character is doing very well for himself right now, and given that winter must eventually give way to spring (in the real world, i know the game wont actually allow that, even if you survive for a year), I honestly think he could do the survival thing forever at this point. And maybe, just maybe, that's what he chooses. I see the Sandbox game as more of a winter apocalypse. There is no joy as long as there is no thaw. The only hope w
  11. I am all for more ways to make fire. I think being able to make friction fire and/or flint & steel are the natural progression. Just like the player starts with man made clothing and moves to crafted clothing as supplies run thin. Cut down on the amount of matches that spawn by at least 75%. However, they should not decay near as fast as they do now. I also think if a player wanted to split a cardboard match, so a smaller flame so a lower chance to start a fire, then it should be doable. Survival is about choice, even if you don't feel like you have any good ones. Give us some choice
  12. The lumes would definitely have an impact walking around a night. +1.