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  1. Balancing a sandbox like TLD will always be; difficult. Today I started a new Stalker sandbox and on day 2-3 I was at the summit and had 4 knives and 4 hatchets all ~80%. Now I'll go to FM to make arrowheads and on the way I'll find enough whetstones to last me "a lifetime". Not to mention even more knives and hatchets. If there were less knives/hatchets/whetstones - it would be easier to just craft knives and hatchets instead of bothering to look for them. I probably wouldn't even bother with a hatchet since hacksaws are better than hatchets anyways. Besides, forging is very se
  2. I think/hope with a next UI pass - or cooking overhaul - at the very least all foods - if not all items - should intuitively make it clear to the player their decay rate "state". When I started playing TLD I expected meat left outside to decay slower - which was not the case. In the same way a player, now, could wrongly assume that foods decay the same inside and outside since neither the tooltip ( or anything else ) doesn't give any info about the decay rate being different inside compared to outside. To make condition % and decay rate even more confusing, some items decay slo
  3. I think many of these issues will be addressed by other mechanics, like wellness and the cooking overhaul.
  4. Nice challenge. I propose this one gets a revision. It's a bit... short Didn't even try that hard
  5. When I said, I meant "what I'm about to say and describe next", as in, a new way for feats to work which I'm going to describe in general. And in this new way, all feats you would earn you'd do so just for the particular sandbox you earned them in and wouldn't apply to any other sandbox; and you have to earn them in each sandbox you want them in.
  6. Love the idea of feats for some of the most requested variations in gameplay. But I see it differently. I talked for the better part of the day with someone about this, trying to reach a common ground - and we kind of did. In the sense that we mainly agree the following is a good idea in principle but once you try to approach the particulars, how you'd go and do this, it becomes, well, very complicated. A few things though. 0. For me personally – how feats currently work just doesn't captivate me enough to make me have a feeling about what I’m actually doing. Feels like a “
  7. Excellent point. If I were to make paths and guides, I'd use tinder too. Wildly abundant, costs practically nothing.
  8. Coming back to TLD after a year-long hiatus, to see what's changed, what's new and what's not, I felt a need to ask myself some questions; questions which also touch on the matter of, you guessed it, tinder. After this year-long break I've mentioned, I come back, I want start a fire - I'll need tinder. I know this, because I've played this game before a bit. Then, after a while, level 3 fire starting happens - tinder is no longer required to start a fire. So I never need tinder, never again. "Ha", I said, "that's; interesting." Being terribly confused - and stealing a rating system from some g
  9. This rope is inaccessible from below once deployed from above ( ends on a ledge you can't walk up to ).
  10. Sorry mutedgrey, I no longer have any interest to develop this. I hope you and anyone else interested in this or something similar to this can make some use of the ideas I had back then and improve on them or find better ways to do it. Thanks.
  11. Yeah, the entire talk about bugs I had before and frankly I just don't have the energy, or the time, to open it again. At the end of the day when Bethany says you can just use the forums and see what's reported, fixed, what's by design and whatever, or that you can ask, I don't think she spent a day looking for bugs, checking if old bugs are fixed, checking for how bugs lead to exploits, checking how new bugs are just old "fixed" bugs, and doing all this by using the forums and the extremely awkward search function. She would know it's extremely tedious, and sometimes downright impossible. But
  12. An "easy" way it could be done is with NPCs. The idea would be, do you know how, at the dam, there a kind of "story" going on? With the corpse, the door, the arrows, the torch, the scarf. It's not really a story, but the prototype of a story. This could be done, organically. So you have a kind of NPC "sets" for which permutations are available, like with weather, just more complex. So for instance you can go to DP, and when you go to, say, PV, you find a scarf in the snow, one that wasn't there before, and the signs that "something happened" like for instance cartridges on the ground. It would