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My wife took these pics from our back yard last night. Being able to actually see an aurora where I live is pretty uncommon... In fact this was the first time I've ever seen it in my 40 years. These shots were taken at about 1:00 A.M.



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Ah! Such a magical thing to see!

Auroras are pretty rare in my area too, the last one I remember seeing near where I live was in the 90s while a large-ish group of us (cavers) were at Laurel Caverns for a yearly get-together. No cell phones to snap pics back then, but anyone who had a camera was trying to get shots of the unexpected sight of an Aurora in the sky over the Uniontown area.

No viewing for us this time- both nights we have had heavy cloud cover and thunderstorms, but it's neat seeing shots like this from people in places that rarely ever experience an Aurora. Great shots! Thank you for sharing! 

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quick pic I took at home with my old phone, camera was set to auto so no fancy filter or anything, it came out much darker that it really was. The forest woke up like it was dawn (this was around midnight), birds and frogs and our livestock started getting noisy. I could have read a book by the light, it was intense and covered the entire sky.


Now that I think about it, I should have checked our app for monitoring our solar panels (our entire south-facing roof is covered) to see if it was registering anything haha I wouldn't have been surprised!


[edit] Remote/rural British Columbia. I've seen Aurora here before, but nowhere near this intense.




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4 hours ago, Pyroxene said:

You can actually adjust "shadows" in Google Photos for free. Try increasing the brightness.

Nah, I'd rather not photoshop nature (I do have Adobe Photoshop). Looks fine as-is. More realistic.

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