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  1. Is it just me or is the Switch a little smoother with some of the AA issues with trees etc. fixed? The wires still look a bit janky (oh the humanity!) but I'm sure it's looking slightly nicer and smoother. I could be imagining things, mind, as it's been a couple of weeks since I played. (Not the Long Dark's fault, somebody lent me Breath of the Wild. Crikey.)
  2. I asked this earlier. Apparently though Hinterland can publish direct to PC themselves, for console versions they send it to Microsoft / Playstation / Nintendo who publish it to their store, so there may be varying delays in the vetting process before it makes it on those platforms.
  3. Thanks for the link. Makes sense. I'll probably have to wait a little bit for the Switch update then. Happily I have it on Steam too! x
  4. Excellent! Ash Canyon looks like a cosy romantic getaway retreat. Can't wait to take a gander! The technical backpack and crampons look like worthy additions too. My PC Steam version updated quick, so good work there. Has anyone's Switch version updated yet though, and if not, does anyone know when that rolls out? I fancy curling up on the sofa under a blanket later with a cuppa and playing on the handheld, but I can wait.
  5. Seriously though, I had thought of making a thread for my own First Impressions but then figured yours is the perfect one to drop in on. So, after five hours play. and seven days into a Voyageur run on my favourite map, Pleasant Valley, here are my thoughts... It's still The Long Dark, through and through. At first I was a bit worried there'd be too much in the way of graphical compromises but aside from some shimmering telephone wires and the odd pop-up hummock now and again shifting shape too close for comfort, it completely allows you to sink into that art-style once again and become c
  6. Hey PrincessAutumn! Reassured by your words I took the plunge and bought the Switch version as well, though I'm not sure how much time I'd actually be able to get in on a lunch break! I'm primarily a PC gamer so it's going to take me time to adjust, I can tell, but as I like to give hostile wildlife a very wide berth most times I don't think I'll be too challenged on the aiming mechanics yet. I am thinking it'd be very nice to dig out the Long Dark on the Switch outside and chill out in the cool evening with the breeze on my face and let me just pick up these sticks and OH GOD IS THAT A
  7. Awesome! I bought the Long Dark way back in the alpha for a pitifully small amount - think it was around eight quid - so it's a good thing that I picked up a Switch at the start of lockdown back in March to see me through the isolation, and can now properly fling some more brass Hinterland's way. I'm going to enjoy playing this curled up on the sofa, or in bed, or huddled in an abandoned box-car someplace in winter with two layers of clothing wrapped around me by the flickering light of a fire-barrell. Reckon I'll stick with the PC exclusively for my story mode run, but I'm going to have fun d
  8. [Spoilers if you've not completed Chapter One...] I came home from work eager to play, and to my muttering frustration upon browsing my emails at home discovered I had to get some photo-editing done ahead of schedule for a client. That side-job might be good for the odd holiday, but it's not always terribly convenient. Still, I'd waited patiently a tidy period for Episode 3, I could wait a couple more hours. I've now played around half an hour or so of Episode 3, having just reached Chapter Two in the community centre and man oh man, was the wait worth it. When the Redux came about
  9. I'll be diligently in work here in rainy Wales, but I'm looking forward to enjoying the release trailer with a cup of coffee and a muffin when it goes live!
  10. By 'eck I can't wait to play this. The Long Dark is arguably my favourite game of all time, so having Episode 3 only a few hours away is giddy stuff. Plus a follow-up to my favourite ever camera the X-Pro 2 is being released by Fujifilm the day after, so that's exciting as well, what with me being a very keen photographer an' all. Oooh, plus-plus the BBC are shortly releasing a period mini-series of one of my favourite ever books, The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. Flibble, plus-plus-plus Utah is being released for American Truck simulator in November, a game I love for the
  11. Welcome Frosted Werewolf! If you've a good bourbon you could recommend, I'm always up for trying one. I'm usually a single malt Scotch whiskey drinker, but on a trip to Kentucky I did fall for a couple of nice bourbons. If you had only one drink you could bring with you into The Long Dark, what would it be? I think it would be the smoky, medicinal Scotch whiskey Ardbeg for me. I love going down into town myself and mixing with people; I shoot a lot of photography for bands, community groups, street stuff. But I do appreciate the powerful lure of the wild. I've got a pile of Jack London, H
  12. Welcome to the forum, hope you have fun here. Though I have to say I can't always relax to the Long Dark, in fact unexpected rabbits leaping into view still make me jump. I have to agree, The Long Dark is my favourite game of all time as well. It's just so easy to imagine yourself there, especially when that music kicks in as you trudge up the hill and sanctuary appears in the form of a cabin in the fog.
  13. Willkommen! I love Pleasant Valley. It's my favourite place, despite the cold. It's just so beautiful, and I can really picture myself trudging about living a lonesome life there. Have fun out there in the Long Dark!
  14. Plus he's keeping that dangerous rabbit population in check. Remove him and they'd be gnawing at your door in no time!
  15. My resolution is to finally climb Timberwolf Mountain. Would you credit it, 221 hours in The Long Dark and I still haven't done that. I also aim on completing some challenges and in getting a full crafted clothing set. One nice thing about Redux is that it has helped me get over my fear of wolves and bears a bit, due to more risk-taking in story-mode and forced encounters. I'm not sure why I'm so nervous in game, they're only polygons and textures, however masterfully animated and vocalised, but all the same I end up a jittery bag of nerves! So I aim this year in being a bit braver.