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  1. Welcome Frosted Werewolf! If you've a good bourbon you could recommend, I'm always up for trying one. I'm usually a single malt Scotch whiskey drinker, but on a trip to Kentucky I did fall for a couple of nice bourbons. If you had only one drink you could bring with you into The Long Dark, what would it be? I think it would be the smoky, medicinal Scotch whiskey Ardbeg for me. I love going down into town myself and mixing with people; I shoot a lot of photography for bands, community groups, street stuff. But I do appreciate the powerful lure of the wild. I've got a pile of Jack London, Hatchet books, old tales of frontier survival and my hiking boots are well-worn, even if you can't get too far away from civilisation here in the UK. Good movie list. Not seen Hold the Dark or Skin of the Wolf though, will have to investigate!
  2. Welcome to the forum, hope you have fun here. Though I have to say I can't always relax to the Long Dark, in fact unexpected rabbits leaping into view still make me jump. I have to agree, The Long Dark is my favourite game of all time as well. It's just so easy to imagine yourself there, especially when that music kicks in as you trudge up the hill and sanctuary appears in the form of a cabin in the fog.
  3. Willkommen! I love Pleasant Valley. It's my favourite place, despite the cold. It's just so beautiful, and I can really picture myself trudging about living a lonesome life there. Have fun out there in the Long Dark!
  4. Plus he's keeping that dangerous rabbit population in check. Remove him and they'd be gnawing at your door in no time!
  5. My resolution is to finally climb Timberwolf Mountain. Would you credit it, 221 hours in The Long Dark and I still haven't done that. I also aim on completing some challenges and in getting a full crafted clothing set. One nice thing about Redux is that it has helped me get over my fear of wolves and bears a bit, due to more risk-taking in story-mode and forced encounters. I'm not sure why I'm so nervous in game, they're only polygons and textures, however masterfully animated and vocalised, but all the same I end up a jittery bag of nerves! So I aim this year in being a bit braver.
  6. I don't blame you for your nervousness - it's scary! Here's a tip, when you click on the spear just hit Space right away and it'll put it in your hands immediately. You also might want to make more use of the little crawl spaces on your approach if you haven't already rather than going directly for the spear after dropping from the ledge, they sneak you round to the point where you're close to the spear and can sprint across and grab while the bear is still very much shuffling about. It isn't easy but managed it on my third try! x
  7. You've got a point in the big government secret ark thing being cliche, I was more thinking in terms of a small research group of government space-weather forecasters, who'd failed to convince others of the upcoming danger. I'll have to read up on the background info you mention, I can't recall it! Whichever way Long Dark plays out so long as it doesn't go fantasy or sci-fi I'm happy. I like its grounded realism. I also like the hint of 'Magical Realism' that Methuselah provides, which is different from fantasy and used brilliantly in the old Powell & Pressburger and Terrence Malick films. Everything is neatly summed up in the phrase "The Quiet Apocalypse", so I'm confident the overarching story is going to be my cup of rose-hip tea.
  8. I think having an affectionate tiger knocking me off my feet and out of my boots every time I return home to Pleasant Valley Farmhouse would just about finish me off.
  9. Merry Christmas Steve! I'm in Cardiff myself, welcome to the forums! Kind of hoping we get another big snowfall like last March here, so I can head off to the woods in the valleys and experience a flavour of the Long Dark. I'm a Voyageur player, with sometimes brutal weather and sparse loot settings in custom. The Long Dark wolves actually make me pretty anxious at times, I sink so deep into this game, that I can't handle the experience on Stalker and above!
  10. Summit Soda, and it's the Choice of a new Apocalypse.
  11. In another play through I might pull the knife and place a pack of painkillers next to him. Won't save him but would ease him out. It's going to be a pitiless new dog eat dog world, the more acts of grace you can manage, even for wretched scum like Hobbs, the less you'll succumb spiritually to this crueller, wilder world. In reality I don't think any of us know what we'd do for sure, with emotions and adrenaline pumping through us. There's a world of difference between theorising in a comfy chair and being on the spot, in the moment, and the uncertainty, fear and anger working on you. Maybe a self-proclaimed man of eye-for-an-eye justice would be moved by pity at the last. Maybe spiritual ma would be overcome with anger from what he saw at the schoolhouse. Anyway it's a great story beat, and just what I was hoping for, being in keeping with all those British 1960s catastrophe novels I love so much.
  12. I have a theory, it could be bunnies. No, wait. I have a theory. I think there's a bunch of folk who saw the geomagnetic storm coming along with the crash of civilisation, and they've prepared a refuge in Great Bear Island to ride it out. These people are scientists, perhaps some convinced government types, and are organised by an acquaintance of Astrid. The box contains something they need, not necessarily medicine, but something that might be life or death for the refuge. Astrid is a Doctor, but has fallen in with a group who know a new ice age is rolling in, along with the geo-storms. That's why its unusually cold. Thats why she's so tense. I don't think the storms are going away. I think they're all over the world. I look forward to being spectacularly wrong.
  13. Merry Christmas Hinterland! Hope you are all enjoying a splendid Christmas, and that the traditional post-Christmas dinner family walk isn't beset by wolves and freezing storm-force blizzards, much to your loved ones teeth-chattering chagrin.
  14. Good thinking! A nice perk of a slight earthquake would be if it spooked the animals too, allowing you a brief period of shy wolfies. The only issue would be that in overuse would be that we would question why items and furniture were still neatly ordered indoors, but I can see it working in and around mines.
  15. Nope, it can be done. Did it before redux. Hope you made an Arnie quip like, "What a hothead," or something.