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2 hours ago, BugReportEnthusiast said:

A bus with like 20 prisoners in Tshirts with zero equipment or weapons crashes into a town of people and the prisoners just win and burn it all down?

Who says there was a town full of people?


The prison may have been one of the few places on the island still actively occupied by people, and only the worst of the worst still being held there, as earthquakes devastate the island and anyone who can get off the island (who isn't  a hold-out refusing to leave) does so. The earthquake damage, not really explained in depth in Survival Mode, is covered in Wintermute, especially Episode 3 *and* at the very beginning of Episode 1, where Will mentions it directly when looking at a brochure for the tourist industry there. The island does not appear to have been deserted the day before the First Flare, and there are far too few dead bodies to be found on the island in either Wintermute or Survival Mode to suggest every house or cabin was fully occupied, and every business was fully staffed and operational. The fictional economic collapse would have driven many people off of the island and shut down the tourist trade without earthquakes happening on a regular basis. ATMs with signs-- "No More Cash!", Buffer Memories in Survival Mode mentioning that supplies are no longer being delivered, Notes Left Behind in Survival Mode from people trying to get off the island, buildings all over the place with collapsed roofs and walls...

The island appears to have been mostly deserted long before we got there in Wintermute and Survival Mode.

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The prisoners did have the element of surprise. And the townspeople probably haven't seen a lot of outsiders in recent decades, and therefore might not have developed that self-defense mindset of "shoot first, ask question later".

So this aspect of the game's story is plausible on some level, I suppose.

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