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Hi all! I'm Micah. I'm 55 and happily married to an amazing women. We're retired and live in Minnesota with our 10 chihuahaus and 1 iggy (lots of emotional rescue dogs in our house!) I've been playing The Long Dark since 2017. I don't know why I've never joined the forum til now lol just didn't know it was a thing even though I've visited so many times. I have 1332 hours in the game and all the achievements except the 500 day which I am working on NOW!! I'm on like day 50 or something lol so wish me luck! I'm also taking on the task of finding all the Cairns! I decided recently since I'm gonna be playing it, I'll record my journey and make a YT channel and it's been a blast so far. I'm learning so much about editing as I go. 

I came across the game after a devastating house fire 2 weeks before Xmas in 2016, where my wife and I lost everything including our pets 😢 and it helped me to find peace of mind that I had thought I'd lost. It helped me heal so much during that time. When emotions go high and stress was overwhelming I would escape into The Long Dark and it would take my mind off everything. It's truly my favorite game of all time. 

Here's my gaming "room" when I first decorated a couple years ago but it's evolved with other games since then and I'm actually in the process of redecorating and included other games as well as a more comfortable desk to sit at when I'm playing and recording. But I'm pretty proud of it. I put an old monitor into a cabinet so I had a "wood burning stove" because ..well, we don't really like fire in the house all that much but it's a great alternative to stick on a YT fireplace vid and on cold winter nights it's such a nice ambience to play the game and chill. 

(hope I posted this right lol I'm not used to posting on a forum type site 😁)

Thanks for having me! 



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