No More Brand Monopoly! (Reskins for Found Items)


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Why does Running River have a monopoly on every single scrap of Oats on the entirety of Great Bear? Why is there only one brand of Pork and Beans you can find? Are there factories all over the island for each of these corporations like the Last Resort Sardines cannery down at Bleak Inlet?

In short, it'd be nice to see some occasional reskins for items you can find in game. Even if it's just another brand of Peaches, it'd help to break up the monotony of the game.

Maybe even adding some variations, such as a box of cereal instead of a box of crackers, or a can of chili instead of a can of pork and beans.

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11 hours ago, JackTrysGames said:


No, they've said they will, and while I know it takes a long time sometimes, Hinterland has been very good about getting there eventually. Also, I suspect the mod support is coming after they're done adding new game APIs to support their stuff (both Wintermute and the various Tales in Survival).

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