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How about as an accessory to the technical backpack - which would mean the player would have to first acquire the technical backpack in order to attach the camel pack accessory (in one of the accessory slots, forcing the player to choose between wearing it and the other available accessories already in the game).  This would allow the technical backpack to be as it is - equipping automatically when found and not taking up any of the accessory slots.

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Camelbak bladders fit inside most modern backpacks. I routinely use one which came with my MULE pack in my Eberlestock hunting pack & also in my Gregory Baltoro 75L backpack.


I've posted this idea a few times, IIRC. Hydration bladders could be a cool addition. Needs a downside, though, perhaps it would take an accessory slot (moose satchel, crampons).

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Interesting idea.

Having carry capacity as one of the key resources we need to manage in survival games, it is understandable how items easing that are perceived so valuable (also in the most recent addition of food items).

I see the parallel between the suggestion and the holster, which reduces the gun weight.

at the same time I also see some key differences: while the gun is something we’d probably like to carry around, and we cannot carry just half of it, water is easily splittable, and being the second most abundant resource (after sticks) we rarely ‘need’ to carry 3-4-5 liters of it with us. I usually drink full in the morning, and have maybe a liter of it for the day on me, more at the (next) base. Whenever I stop to warm up and make a fire, I can just quickly get some more, if needed. 2 cans weigh a lot less.
If I had to bring more hydration along for a longer trip, (birch bark) teas are a great option, heatable and multiple times more hydrating than the same weight of water.

so, while it seems like an interesting idea, I’d probably choose to use development resources on other content.

(definitely would not sacrifice an accessory slot for it)


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