Worth it to do Interloper with gun spawns?


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I`m about to start my next run, I don't know if I want to move it to Interloper. I don`t mind the conditions I just want to keep gun spawns, and I could make a custom game mode I suppose. I have heard the only issue is finding enough ammo. Has anyone else tried this?

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Gunloper (that is, interloper settings in custom just with rifles and revolvers enabled) is a popular variant.  You'll find several playthroughs on Youtube if you want to get a feel for it by watching someone else for a bit.

You can refill ammo using the ammo forges in Bleak Inlet and Blackrock, so it's not the issue it once was.

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Yeah I'd say go for it. Before the save wipe, I had an over 800 days run going.

 Didnt have any issues with ammo (and if you pick up the shells you can make more)

I like the harsh weather , scarce resources and having to make my own knives and hatchets.

But on interloper only I feel like I'm missing out on a lot of the games  mechanics.

Can't level all skills and milling machine is pointless.

But a custom interloper with guns enabled gives you the full experience IMHO.

Personally I would like an option to play interloper settings but with only the collectibles/variants spawning  and full loot in signal void bunkers.

Will have to wait and see if they add some new toggles/selections for custom setup

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I tried playing gunloper once and didnt like it. The whole point of having a gun just breaks the game for me. It becomes too easy. You can basically hunt bigger game from day 1 if your lucky. 

I like to use the milling machine. When im in BI or Blackrock i always use it. 

I have managed to lvl all skills to lvl 5 on Interloper except:

Carabine - 4,4

Revolver - 4 

You need to get all of the books for that tho and read them in correct order. 

Currently i stopped playing Interloper and play only Super Interloper and Super Interloper PLUS. I stopped playing NOGOA char on day 100ish and havent done it since. 

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Custom Interloper with N.O.G.O.A. settings but :

Super Interloper - Minimal day and night health regeneration / birch bark off 

Super Interloper Plus - Minimal day reg on. Night regeneration off / birch bark off

N.O.G.O.A. - is just interloper but with the worst possible weather conditions on ( so more wind and more auroras), animals smell you from miles away, they get scared easier so its harder to hunt them, the predator populations is on max, they bite hard, deer and rabbit, fishing - lowest, health bars such as stamina, water, food etc all maxed out, there is minimum loot and plants in the game, you start in a blizzard in the middle of the night. No perks ofc. 

There is a bit easier mode but still super interloper - i call it Vanilla - just  put birch bark on. 

Its hard. i mean if your not familiar with interloper to the point you can do it "blindfolded" dont try it. It requires more planning and patience. You can easily die a "death from 1000 cuts" fast if you dont change your playstyle. The health tegeneration os so low that you need to prevent ANY health loss and if you do you will have to stop and recuperate for a week to be able to travel again. So you cant just do it enywhere - you need food and water supplies and lots of it. You consume way more water. Also traveling is very limited and have to be planned. On my current Super Interloper run day 280 i have just returned from BI and visited the whole world and found all special items and recipes and took them to my main base. I did almost die a few times and this weekend i thought i was done for. 

I was in BI and was suprised by a blizzard in a very nasty spot. I had to navigate and finally i reached the ice and shore line. Unfortunatelly i went down under the ice (i was really heavy and thought i can make it in last second) and got Hypotermia and all clothes soaked. Now i was so heavy with wet clothes that i coudnt move almost so i had 4 coal on me and tried to make a fire using the little cover i could find. I have wasted all of my fuel but managed to dry up my clothes to the point i could wear them again and move faster. I have finally managed to see a fishing hut in the distance so i knew where i am. Before i got thru the door to workers residences i ate one wolf meet from the pile on the ground.....it was uncooked  (i was in a bit of panic mode). When i got inside i was already redlining so i drank reishi tea and water and went to sleep for 7 hours (max you can sleep on this difficulty). I woke up with parasites and 4 % health..... but alive. 

In the end i did manage to save the run and got out of BI to my main base in ML where i almost cured the parasites - 3 days more and im done but it was VERY VERY close this time. 


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