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  1. Nice fight! Scruffy didn’t even know what was coming
  2. Adding another transition to BR would be nice. To me it’s always been a secluded region.
  3. That would make sense. One of the main reasons for players not using the rifle is it’s weight
  4. The bunkers are where I got almost all my supplies🥣 They are usually placed on the mini map!
  5. I’m interested what future mod support could happen too!
  6. I agree! December seems pretty likely for the survival update 😄
  7. That’s awesome! Very excited 🎉
  8. Having a new animal to hunt would be awesome!
  9. Very cool! That’s one of the warmest days I have seen.
  10. It’s best to reach level 5 cooking before consuming too much. I have had to eat some on occasion and have gotten the affliction with 2%. The worst thing about the affliction is the time. It’s all wether you want to take the chance.
  11. NickBeast17


    I think I also know it! Just travelled there today
  12. Typically my playstyle is very nomadic. However, I could see the need for a long term base. A base like this would have to have a sustainable food source that wouldn't disappear. Trappers cabin and the camp office both have sustainable food sources being the ice fishing, or the rabbits and deer. Either one would be a good pick. As for mapping. I tend to not use the in game system. I find that better maps are available on the web that have more details. Since your on voyager, crafting is not really necessary. You can find supplies around and lots of good clothing on Timberwolf mountain. Good L
  13. Wolf encounters can be deadly. You should try your best to avoid them as often as you can. Crafting clothes is also necessary in interloper. Most players use bear skin coats because they are the warmest. Good Luck!