Double-Barreled Flare Gun


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What’s the only way to upgrade the most overpowered self defense weapon on the game? Add another barrel to it, like this WWII-era German flare pistol:0BD136D6-EE7E-4CE8-9B97-CAEA0F721462.jpeg.44a3eda84790af3fe926d7cff16bbf95.jpeg

Both barrels could fire in quick succession to help save your bacon if you miss your first shot. It might be a bit heavier than the normal flare pistol, and be an extremely rare item. Realistically, I’m not even sure where you could find something like this on a remote island like Great Bear…

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On 11/15/2023 at 9:27 AM, hozz1235 said:

While you're at it, please add the following MANPADS hunt crows with of course...


I’m waiting for hinterland to add an abandoned army base with a functioning tank and the ability to launch target missiles towards any region on great bear island.

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