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Might be able to find some socks washed up on a beach somewhere. The key is getting out early enough to grab them before they decay, but they should last long enough with your settings.

On a interloper run I started, I found my second pair of socks at 1% on the crumbling highway coastline. I grabbed them, and immediately ran for a shelter to repair them, but about halfway there was a random tearing sound and the socks became ruined lol. 

If you find a pair in a container they'll likely be higher quality.

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On 9/25/2023 at 1:55 AM, Vinceofpyrenees said:

Custom settings, with minimal ressources (but high durability). The idea of improvised socks take its origin in my actual experience. Beyond that, I think it should be coherent to be able to craft them while it's possible to craft improvised bonnets and gloves.

I'd say that the improvised hand and head coverings were already made available because head and hand coverings are not starting gear items for Stalker/Interloper.
(*note: in my experience, Stalker does have a good chance to start with hand coverings and sometimes without, but Interloper will always be without either head or hand coverings)

Socks, on the other hand... are starting gear items at all levels. So, I'd say it's fine that an improvised variant are not craftable.
To my mind, if we start with socks and lose them... then it's just part of the challenge and struggle if we can't find them later on.
Also... it's been demonstrated that we can survive just fine on only animal pelt crafted clothing (meaning socks are nice... but we can do without).

I've never really liked the improvised head and hand coverings (which is why I choose not to make or use them), and as it stands... I'm not really in favor of the idea improvised socks, I feel like they only serve to make life easier for the player.   ...And I'm rarely in favor of anything that makes life easier for the player.  :D 


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1 hour ago, ManicManiac said:

Socks, on the other hand... are starting gear items at all levels. So, I'd say it's fine that an improvised variant are not craftable.

Honestly a really good point.  Maybe improvised socks are a little much, especially since getting frostbite on your feet is such a rare occurrence. I am down for a craftable pair of socks that are made out of hide or something, provide decent warmth, but are quite heavy compared to the socks in game. Something that doesn't make the immediate start of the game easier, just an item to spend those excess pelts you have. I can see some extremely fuzzy and cozy socks made of Timberwolf pelts.

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lol, I once made a charactor where I wasn't allowed to use anything from an animal source.  This includes wool and leather, meaning I still don't have shoes (I have a pair of destroyed socks though!).  Pretty sure the only shoes that aren't leather are the running shoes "lightweight shoes made of *nylon*" and Insulated boots "Insulated boots made of *synthetic* materials."

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