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Theoretically, gasoline can be used as fuel in lanterns. In the game, you can find cans of gasoline, but there should have been gasoline left in the tanks of the cars. Perhaps in the future we will be able to collect gasoline from cars, because we can open the tank cap!

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It has more to do with a lack of a proper fluid management system... and Raph has said as much in one of the previous Milton Mailbags.
Quoted from Milton Mailbag - Dispatch #34


Question from @Samwise117:


First off I just have to say (as an interloper/stalker players) I love the Revolver! You did a great job finding that right balance (in my opinion) for where it fits within the weapons already existing, so thanks! Loving it!...

My question is whether or not you plan to add a Fuel management system. For example allowing us to actually have Jerry Can's empty and allowing us to pour lantern fuel from one to another. I know it doesn't add weight currently but I think aesthetically it would look a lot better to carry 1 Jerry can with 4L of fuel instead of 3 Jerry Cans and 4 little bottles all semi full lol.  Can I hope for any such update/tweak? haha.  Thanks! 

Glad you're enjoying the Revolver!

Yeah, we do need not just a "fuel management" but a "liquid management" system/interface. We've discussed it a fair bit. Not sure where it sits in our internal roadmap but we'll get to it eventually.

Along with discussion of jerry cans and lantern fuel containers... it was also spoke of possible intentions for those gas caps/gas lids to one day be a potential source of fuel.  It just hasn't happened yet. :D 

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DIA is sounds like you might enjoy Project Zomboid. Zomboid is still in early access(which is nice since they're not lying about it) but it has much more of a true survival experience. It's significantly different in terms of setup though, having zombies, a seasons cycle, and an isometric view. Anyways based off of a few posts you've made there would be a number of things you appreciate in Zomboid.

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