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The ability to create a makeshift smoker in order to smoke your meats and hang them up for further preservation remains a compelling idea, you could also use the forge in the game to forge the required materials to make a smoker, using scrap metal and other items found in the game.  

However, I would like to see added the ability to transfer fuel from one survival lantern to another, or transfer the fuel to one lamp fuel container (if you have one) or to a Jerry can.  This way, players can take advantage of the additional lanterns they can find in the game, and not have the fuel be totally wasted when you harvest the lantern, or leave it behind because you have a lantern in your inventory that is less worn out than the one you found.  

They could also add snowshoes, made from cured maple saplings or other wood items, and some thinner rope at a workbench, enabling you to move faster across the snow, but using the same amount of calories to do so.  

Any further ideas that come to mind will be added later.  

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I've been wanting this since day one. Currently the only way to transfer fuel from one lantern to another, or from a lantern to a jerry can, is to literally destroy a lantern.

Say I wanted to move 1L of lamp oil into a jerry can. I would need to first need to fill my sacrificial lantern with 1L of fuel. Then have the jerry can I want to fill in my inventory, harvest that lantern, and then I would end up with 1 scrap metal and that 1L of oil goes the jerry can.

I can understand those tiny lamp oil bottles not being refillable due to the shape of the opening, but I think that if we have a jerry can in our inventory, we should be able to drain lamps of their oil, or fill the jerry can from the smaller bottles. Edit: My preferred logic for transferring fuel would be a menu option centered on a Jerry Can, simply called "Fill Can". It would fill the can by drawing fuel out of every available source in your inventory, in this order of preference: Small lamp oil bottles starting from lightest to heaviest, Jerry Cans starting from lightest to heaviest, Lanterns starting from lightest to heaviest. 

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7 hours ago, odizzido said:

You could also have it so that you could just drag the lantern on top of the jerry can and it would move the fuel to there. Or drag the jerry can onto the lantern, or any container on to any other container to transfer liquids.

That would work too. And I also forgot to state, have empty jerry cans remain in your inventory and not disappear. .....come to think of it I'm actually not sure if they still disappear at 0L anymore because for the past few years I've been so fearful of losing them that I make a point to leave them with a smidge of fuel remaining. Having a shelf just rammed with full jerry cans is how you win the game, after all.

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