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I don't know if any of you remember me. I used to be a frequent member in the forum but then because of personal issues I was not able to add to the forum any longer. I did however continue playing TLD survival and all of Wintermute, of course.

I've been playing this game from day one. Literally since 2014, constantly. In all these years since, I have not taken a hiatus any longer than two months from the game. TLD calls me back. I've said it more times than I can count, TLD is my forever game. There is no other game out there worthy of forever.

TLD was like a light in the dark ⛯ when I needed refuge from the storm, of real life.

This is my, I guess not so quick, question: imagine my surprise when I notice that I'm missing Steam achievements. I've summited so many times. Maybe 10 - 15 times or more. I have forged hatchets and hunting knives countless times and I'm positive that I've finished the 3 day campfire one too.

I don't check my achievements often because I thought I knew which ones I had and which ones I don't have. Eg. I know I don't have Stone-Age Hunter, and I was also almost through to 500 days when survival got wiped for Wintermute and I've never had the heart to retry that one again. etc. There were only about five I didn't have. But now I've seen this (attachment) and it just doesn't make any sense.

I know it's no biggie but I wonder anyway, does anyone know what's up? What happened to my achievements?


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Welcome home, Walker! Sorry, I am not sure what went wrong with your achievements, maybe going back and earning them again could be fun?

I remember I got my Deep Forest patch in the cave by the Deer Clearing on my first attempt to assault the peak in Timberwolf Mountain. As I progress though a new zone I set up camps with Bearskin bedrolls, tools, meds and a metric F-Tonne of food and firewood. It was a good thing too because a freak lizard pinned me down in that cave for THREE DAYS! Wow! I was starting to get worried if the game had weather-glitched when the storm finally relented. Kept that fire burning for three days! I remember how great it felt when I rode that monster storm out and got my badge!

I hope you find what U R looking for too. :)

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Thanks guys. I don't know what happened either. It's so weird. I am going to do them again I guess but someone else said something about you have to be in a certain spot on the summit to get the cheevo but then someone else said it popped for him the second he climbed off the rope, anyway over the years I've been all over the top of that mountain so I can't see how I could have missed it. I've had this game in Steam since 2015 so I just don't understand. Do the devs never show up here anymore?

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I'm gonna have to agree with @Sito here and remark that it probably is a Steam error in that your saved game stats probably didn't sync up and then subsequent updates overwrote certain achievements.  I know it's a pain, but I've been playing since 2015 myself and this has also happened to me more than once.  The biggest thing I would lament is if certain badges, like  4 Days of Night, Escape the Dark Walker and Winter's Embrace were missing.  No way could you recreate those.  But at least with achievements, those at least can be "re-achieved" just by playing the game anyways.  Like you said, "no biggie" but definitely a pain non the less.
 At any rate, glad to see a familiar name back on the forums!  Hope your doing well

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