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  1. Welcome home, Walker! Sorry, I am not sure what went wrong with your achievements, maybe going back and earning them again could be fun? I remember I got my Deep Forest patch in the cave by the Deer Clearing on my first attempt to assault the peak in Timberwolf Mountain. As I progress though a new zone I set up camps with Bearskin bedrolls, tools, meds and a metric F-Tonne of food and firewood. It was a good thing too because a freak lizard pinned me down in that cave for THREE DAYS! Wow! I was starting to get worried if the game had weather-glitched when the storm finally relented.
  2. I agree, they have a very immersive feel to them.
  3. Ash Canyon is the opposite of bad! Captain Raph-Tastic has a track record of taking as much time as it takes to get it right the first time. I keep checking back here regularly in hopes of finding info on new content so I get it. I also appreciate that the Hinterland Crue cares enough to give us the very best so I can happily wait till the time is right., If I had to wager a guess I'd say we are probably going to see something before the end of summer. We shall see.
  4. I have gotten very good at bagging wolves with the revolver. Ammo is more plentiful for the revolver and even if I miss it scares Ole Fluffy off. I lave the rile home unless I am going for big game. Mostly I hunt rabbits with rocks and deer with the bow. Ammo is rare and precious, rocks are free and everywhere. Happy hunting!
  5. I understand that stalking your kill can be challenging but I figured that it was just part of the game. I have lost a few but I have not had the kind of trouble you have had. Maybe there is something up with your settings or your installation. I hope you find a solution.
  6. Congrats! I probably spent MOAR time and mileage chasing after that achievement than any other. What an amazing feeling it was to put that one in the bag. In my case it was a hotfix being pushed that got me the achievement; it was famously bugged.
  7. I am also looking forward SO much to the next release. In the past Raph and DEVs have demonstrated that they are more interested in getting it right than 'on time' and I am so glad that they are. In the future I will not be interested in how long it took them to get the new releases pushed but I very much will care about the quality of the work. I understand, I am chomping at the bit as well but I am so grateful that they care enough to get it right the first time. Yay DEVs! :)
  8. Deer carcasses will show up on the map if you chart the area with a piece or charcoal. Sometimes you can use that to find your kill.
  9. Bears are great with tobasco!
  10. Hooray! Congrats! Remember: the summit is the half-way point. Now you have go get all that l00T down! Well done.
  11. Birb's bright orange typeface reminds me of the x-tra pretty Baltimore Orioles that sometimes visit us in the warm months. It makes me feel happy.
  12. Well done, Birb! I got my copy back in early access where the whole game was survival mode and Mystery Lake was the whole game. Since I have racked up almost 5k hours of play making this the best 30$ USD I ever spent. AWESOME!
  13. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray for Raph and DEVs! SOON I will conquer Blackrock prison, make it my kingdom and the inmates will make me their queen! Or maybe not! Thank you Raph and DEVs for once again taking all of the time you need to do it well the first time!