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  1. "No guards. No walls. No problem" Holy cow I actually saw that movie back in the 90s! If it was any better it'd be unwatchable! Think of Mad Max meets Lost.
  2. I really wish the charcoal was active to fill out my map!
  3. Maybe the problem is not too many wolves but not enough tobacco. Mmmm yummy wolves!
  4. I finished my first play through and started my second. It is even MOAR fun the second time around! Hooray for Hinterland! Thank U Raph and Devs.
  5. I hear you but Will is the kind of a guy who values Warden Franklin's life over dropping the hammer on the convicts. If Will were a different man, who knows. My humble to cents.
  6. I know! Right? I am starting my second play through now! I am sure I can do a better job this time. Thank you Hinterland for taking the time to get it right the first time and caring enough to provide us with the very best.
  7. I love episode 3! I got to play doctor!
  8. I get it. Of course I think the focus of the episode is supposed to be Will getting the hard case back, to Dr Astrid and not getting all crafty. Still, it'd be nice to have the option.
  9. Make sense. Blackrock would have to be Will-dragging distance from the dam and on the other side of the collapsed tunnel in Milton.
  10. Oh if only we could have sent Molly to the prison first!
  11. Wait till you see next episode's burrowing bears!!!
  12. Maybe the Moose-a-saurus ate him!