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  1. By the spear of Wotan: Thank you! This old kid with bad wrists can now play for more than 15 -30 min at a time thanks to the auto-walk! Thank you for caring for us with RSI/CTS issue so that we can play too. If I have any more kids I'll name them "Raph" and "Dev".
  2. I *FINALLY* got my "Faithful Cartographer" achievement thanx 2 the hotfix! :) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :)
  3. Paranoia mixed with a dash of OCD has been the secret to my success in TLD thus far. My biggest hobby in TLD is hunting bears for the purpose of making bedrolls (no accommodation thus far for making cloth ones). As I explore and find a cave or similar shelter I set up a camp with food, water, meds a butt-ton of firewood and a bedroll in the event I get pinned down by a lizzard. I now have scads of these camps set up all across the island in all the zones so I am never far from relative safety. This paid off as I was staging-up for my assault on the peak at Timber-wolf Mountain. This storm had me stuck in the cave in the deer clearing for THREE DAYS till it let up. No bedroll would have been a critical mission failure. My preps saved my ass and my game which I had been working on for a very long time. I never go to a new area without one! Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!
  4. I got my badge despite constantly freezing to death and getting wolf murdered. w00t!
  5. I wager 200 quatloos that Super Dave Osborne will land on top of the Quonset in a big red and white parachute after jumping from the International Space Station. Go Go SuperDave!
  6. I understand your response. My response to Ep3 is a bit different, though. I take into consideration that I have been lucky enough to be a supporter and early adopter of TLD since... has it actually been 5 years now? I understand what you are saying but this is an indy game being produced by a small group of renegade coders and story tellers not the pre-planed property of a multi billion, multi national mega-corp; I expect things to be a bit rough around the edges sometimes. I like to consider myself to be an extended member of the Hinterland Team rather than just a consumer of the product. The overall experience I have had of watching my now all-time fav game grow and develop with me has been far more fulfilling and gratifying than just buying the finished product of a corporate entity. My humble two cents -L
  7. I saved Gwen! I did NOT see this eventuality coming, being a rescue party of one. Knowing this map very well the prospect of carrying a survivor ALL the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back to the Rural Crossroads defying the elements and not getting wolf-murdered scared the hell out of me. It took all of the survival mode skills I had developed over the years but I got my patient to safety without a mark on either of us. w00t! It must have taken an 3p1k effort to achieve this degree of balance. Mega-congrats to Captain Raph-tastic and his merry army of Devs and contributors! Hinterland: Achievement Unlocked: "We love you, we REALLY love you!".
  8. I let the deer go, I did not have the heart to shoot such a magnificent beast. Finding my way back to my shelter in the middle of pitch black night... THAT was scary!
  9. I let both the Ghost Deer and the Big Fish go. I was not short on food and I can not bring myself to kill such magnificent creatures. They have earned the right to outlive us if they can survive and we cant. It would kinda be like breaking a stained glass window just to see what kind of sound it would make.
  10. It is getting cold here in the northern hemisphere so once again I'd like to bump an auto-walk feature for those of us with accessibility issues. On the one hand I can only play for a half hour at a time. On the other hand Episode 3 will last that much longer for me. So... silver lining?
  11. Oh my kingdom for just ONE more whetstone..
  12. Whetstones... My kingdom for just ONE more whetstone...
  13. Here here! Ep3 is such a worthy addition to this EPIC tale of the quiet apocalypse. The game rewards veteran players on account of us already knowing the lay of the land for this zone. At the same time there are some nice little differences to mix things up. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Hinterland for really taking your time and doing it right the first time rather than rushing it out to publish 'on time'. AWESOME!
  14. Happy pants fun-flounder factory! A.W.E.S.O.M.E! Raph and Devs: U should B SO proud!
  15. Like OMD this is like SO totally WOW and whatever!