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  1. Bears are great with tobasco!
  2. Hooray! Congrats! Remember: the summit is the half-way point. Now you have go get all that l00T down! Well done.
  3. Birb's bright orange typeface reminds me of the x-tra pretty Baltimore Orioles that sometimes visit us in the warm months. It makes me feel happy.
  4. Well done, Birb! I got my copy back in early access where the whole game was survival mode and Mystery Lake was the whole game. Since I have racked up almost 5k hours of play making this the best 30$ USD I ever spent. AWESOME!
  5. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray for Raph and DEVs! SOON I will conquer Blackrock prison, make it my kingdom and the inmates will make me their queen! Or maybe not! Thank you Raph and DEVs for once again taking all of the time you need to do it well the first time!
  6. I'll second the Muskeg. I have some bad memories from THAT place...
  7. Amazing work, that must have taken a ton of effort! It it like a little look back to the before-time when people where there and things were still running. I wish I had artistic skills and could paint, say the Coastal Townsite back in 'the day' when Barbra Quincy was running the Quonset and people were having a nice summer day on the Coastal Highway.
  8. My imagination has formed a mental image of Perseverance Mills. "Mill" suggests that a river runs though it and "Perseverance" suggests that it is an outpost defiant against a hostile environment. For some reason I get the feeling that when Great Bear fell into the final stages of collapse, anyone who could, lit out for the last big town on the island in hopes that there would be safety in numbers. Maybe PM is where all of the survivors of Great Bear are holding up and our survivor will meet them in the next chapter. We know that there has to be someone there to receive Jeremiah's
  9. "There is a difference between a place that is quiet and a place that has been abandoned..." Milton has the story of despair written all over it. There are signs everywhere of how things progressively got more and more desperate. Little things like cash being left laying around and some of the home already having been scavenged to the bare walls. The bank and the post office are cornerstones of any town and it is obvious that the last delivery and the last loan were in the rear view mirror while people still clung to hope that things would get better. The Church and the Orca Station
  10. Muninn, my companion Raven laughs at your ravine! Laughs I tell you!