Favorite Cave System/Mine?


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Are you specifically referring to caves with an interior? If yes, then the Ice Caves in Hushed River Valley have got to be my favourite. The ice rooms are so convenient, they're lit up 24/7! Misty Falls Cave with its hidden room would be a close second.

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HRV ice caves are always nr 1, they still feel like a real adventure (and maze...)

The BI-FM transition cave as it has some somewhat unique crouch and climb features

The Misty Falls cave, the location is very convenient for Deadman runs with the close proximity for TWM + crash site, has wind sheltered entrance, rabbit spawn and reishi spots outside and then the possible bedroll spawn. Also the mini waterfall section is something different even if the stuff there is rarely worth it

And finally the HRV-Milton transition cave just because it's so extremely, bizarrely short in comparison to other transitions

Most of the rest of the indoor caves and mines are pretty unmemorable. I mean the DP Fluffy-Scruffy cave is interesting but there is no reason to ever actually go there, so that drops it off from my list.

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