Vanilla Loper - trying for new longest run.

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i'd like to get past my longest loper run of 280 days.

I had a decent run going before i began the deadman, gear tea fun so i am skipping ahead about 50 days.

anyway short recap:

Muskeg start - on the mystery lake where i go the hammer - back to FM and crafted a ton of arrowheads, hatchet and knife.

on the the dam, then pleasant valley where i picked up a second pair of underwear....!

summited TWM then on to Ash Canyon where i somehow didn't freeze to death climbing up to get the tactical backpack. i also used my flare gun to kill the really tough bear near the miners camp.

stayed in the hut by the ledge a little while which is where i started the custom run.

ended that run and got into this one again.

totally forgot where i had slept. Turns out it was a cave north of the hut on the ledge. no surprise there. i love caves like batman.

made it back to TWM and found that i already killed a bear and got his skin. Yay!

stayed at the mountainer's hut a few days till second bear skin cured and tried to fish. not too much luck but i was able to get enough so that i didn't starve completed the bear coat.

all set to head down the mountain, then left through PV on to Coastal but then i see this guy. too good to pass up.

his meat couldn't come soon enough but i really don't want to sit around and wait for his hide to cure to make up the moose hide satchel.

but then i got wolfed coming back to the hut with four moose steaks, his hide and near hypothermia.

still it was too good to pass up.



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Got that moose with 3 arrows and then promptly got attacked on the way back to the mountaineer;s hut.

Condition isn't as dire as on the dead man settings obviously but not great.

so healed up and cooked a bit. had to rush out in the cold to chop up wood but not doing bad.

then i got the cabin fever warning.



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here's a new one. tried some more fishing and caught once fish in 6 hours  which stinks.

then had to hustle back to my snow shelter with a wolf on me. Had my bow out in the shelter.

he charges like they all do and i decide to take a shot. arrow splinters and the wolf attacks me. Down to 35% condition.


this run was going great until i started playing it again.




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snow shelter chilling for a bit. Have some herbal tea to try and heal up. Food not an issue for now.

i went to go empty the containers by the wing, which i can't remember if i hit them  before. This is too good to pass up though, provided i don't do anything stupid.


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ok, took advantage of all that moose meat (got maybe 20KG out of possible 30) and a few choice cuts of bear while risky parasites.

made up the moose hide satchel at the crafting table at TWM. finally headed out of of there and then spent just one day crossing PV on to the dam. Since i am riding high with a +15 weight lifting limit i could carry the bear skins, a ton of cured guts and a bunch of other stuff. Spent a night in the dam crossing, made up a bunch of water at the dam after carving up the two deer laying around.

onto the ravine where the plan is to shoot any deer that appear and hopefully survive on them and cattails enough to make up my second bear skin coat before heading down to coastal.

i did pick up a 3 sharpening stones but since my knife and hatchet are at 20% and 30% respectively, i think i am better off just heading on to DP to forge some new ones.

the only problem is i left the heavy hammer at TWM. hopefully there's on on the train crash on the ravine or maybe at Coastal. I am not sure as i totally forgot which interloper loot map i am running.

in the mean time.






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i was going to chance it and head all the way back to the camp office and then maybe trappers bc i could swear i left a heavy hammer there. instead i am just going to chill here and see if i can make up up bear coat #2. i actually started back but then had a wolf chase that lead into a deer suicide which lead to an arrowed wolf and 9 KG of dear steaks.

too good to pass up. Tomorrow i go hunting for my one arrow.

i think i will end up chancing it that there's a hammer on coastal. there's only a few spawn points so i know if it isn't at point A or B i'll need to rethink my strategy. i can always sharpen up my tools in the interim anyway.


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day 82 now. oh and i got sharpening 100 because i realized that i am not going to be able to craft the bear skin coat with a 15% condition knife. Good thing i grabbed a whetstone and remembered to do it before the bear skins cured. dope.


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ok, finally got the second bear skin coat made. took forrrrrrreeeeevvvverrrr.

but well worth it. unless i find another ear wrap, this is about as much of a warmth bonus as i am going to get.

you know, it'd be cool as heck for late game players if you could make up bear and moose skin pants, shirts, undies, etc.





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anybody ever fall off this trestle?

i swear i only did once. a long time ago. and definitely not during a quality run.

anyway, on to coast highway and then DP to forge again. can't believe it's almost 100 days and i have been to neither of them yet.


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