Incremental book reading instead of 1 hr intervals


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Is there any reason for book reading to be only done in 1 hr increments?

Countless times I ve miscalculated how much calories/water/daylight remaining and have my reading session interrupted because it's too dark to read/im too thirsty/hungry/tired to be able to read. The interruption makes sense but why would my character re-read 1/5th of the book when interrupted? 

For example, in comparison to book reading, crafting can be stopped & resumed at any time and I don't see any reason for book reading to not work in a similar way. 

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That was the decision made by the devs a long time ago and they have not revisited that decision.   

I would suppose that their point of view at the time would fall along the lines of being careful and decisions have consequences including wasting time for no gain.  If you could get credit for any time spent reading a book, mending clothes, or crafting something, then the obvious course of action would be to just do it and let the game (darkness) shut you down because you would unilaterally gain, from the reading, mending or crafting, for the time spent so there would be just about no risk to just forging ahead.   I kind of think the devs didn't like that. 

That has changed to some extent over time for some new tasks.  Quartering is one of the first actions I became aware of where progress in the action was actually preserved.  I remember someone by accident stopped quartering a bear at literally 1:59 of 2:00 (hours) and came back the next day (he was in interloper) ready to spend 2:00 doing the quartering to have the task complete right after he started.  😲

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Our character has irreparable brain damage from the plane crash. Crippling memory problems are the least of our concern though. We also suffer from that disease which builds bone throughout your entire body, explaining why we cannot look around in a car and why we cannot lift our legs more than 2cm. It's a terrible disease to have, really. Like really. I feel awful for people who have it. I know we have other diseases in the game too, but I don't recall what they are. It has been a while since I played.

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