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Hey guys. So the last time I ventured into ash canyon a few months ago, I kept getting kicked out of the game and only managed to make it to anglers hut before I gave up in frustration. ( I did report bug to hinterland and they told me it was a known problem and to play my switch undocked) I won’t play on that tiny screen when I have a big tv lol. I also have the same problem in bleak inlet 😠

Anyways, I plan on trying again in my current save to see if it has been fixed. 🤞

I’m wondering if there are guaranteed rope spawns on pilgrim up there? I have 1 rope left at the hut and I’m wondering if it’s safe to go and place it on my 1 climb that there is no rope yet, or to save it and bring it there? How many ropes do I need to place in ash canyon?

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I am currently recording a survival tutorial series on YouTube. So far it covers how to survive your 1st night, how do deal with wolves using flares, where to find clothing, and the basics needed to get started in Voyageur.

I have recorded the episode on how to get the Technical Backpack which does show where the ropes spawn, but need to edit, render, and upload that... it may not be out for a week or so.

In time I plan to record more episodes, such as how to find the moose-hide satchel, how to climb Timberwolf Mountain, how to craft ammo, etc.

To answer the OP's question: a rope usually spawns near a bearskin coat, just before the tunnel-cave after Wolf's Jaw Overlook. There's also a rope at the end of the wooden arch bridge near Miner's Folly.

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Thanks guys! I haven’t been there yet cause I have a month or so left on TWM ( I’m making myself stay 100 days everywhere), but I can’t wait to search that map.I’m going to try to do it without looking at the maps.  Hopefully that bug is fixed! 

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So, I just tried venturing into ash canyon to see if the bug was fixed before I hauled all my gear to the entrance. I went in , made it down to the lil waterfall and picked some cat tails... then I was kicked out... I’m not impressed!! I want to explore ash canyon! And bleak inlet. It’s not fair that I paid 50 bucks for this game and I can’t explore it all  because of a stupid bug that kicks me out 😥

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