Cannery sign!


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I do not recall the referenced Cannery sign nor do I recall every getting stuck on or blocked by snow on such a sign.  I assume the place is the Last Resort Cannery in Bleak Inlet?

A selfie (screenshot) would help just stay away from the bear and timber wolves.  They don't like their pictures being taken.  😁


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I have no idea how to take a screenshot! Or how to post it! Not technically minded I'm afraid!best I can do is try to describe where! On the obstacle course just before the wooden planks is  an  arch on the right  ( cannery sign)just as you get to that there's a tiny ramp with a little bit of snow on it ! Best I can do I'm afraid on description! Not enough sleep last night!


Wool pants????only PJ's for me!

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Well, if you can log onto the forums from that tablet, you should be able to upload photo here. Either way, best to avoid little bit of snow on top of cannery sign if your character gets stuck. There is probably little bit of questionable geometry that causes character to get stuck.

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The only place on the parkour course where there could be a sign would be where what I take for process piping goes up, right where the actual truck entrance/gate should have been, then the character drops down, still following the process piping, on the other side.  Shortly thereafter, the character comes to the end of the piping path and then has to jump down on to a trailer parked in front of the cannery with a plank bridge to the pretty destroyed building which is where the ground level access to the cannery grounds is.  The timberwolves use that opening to access the cannery grounds. 

If that was the spot, I do not recall ever getting stuck there ever.  At least not as I went along the route to get to the Cannery Pier.  Next time I am at Last Resort Cannery I will have to take a look.  


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